Turning Point?

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I’m trying not to get TOO excited about Mikki Moore’s double-double.  I mean… it did come against the Thunder, and they’re not setting any defensive records.

But considering how Mikki has been playing lately, a double-double against my rec league team is kinda big news.  And Doc says part of Moore’s problem, has been in his own head.

“Mikki’s starting to understand that when he’s open he should shoot the ball, because he can really shoot the ball,” said coach Doc Rivers. “Honestly, I thought he didn’t think he was worthy. When you’re on the floor, it’s an adjustment when you’re next to Paul and Ray [Allen], Kevin [Garnett]. You’re open and you think, ‘There’s no way I should shoot the ball.’ And what we’re trying to get him to do . . . that’s what you do, shoot the ball.”

Defensively, Mikki’s starting to catch on too, now that he’s breaking bad habits.

“Letting go,” Moore said. “Knowing that if I leave my man somebody will help me. That’s the biggest thing. When I got here my reaction time was slow. I was worried about leaving my man. Everybody was telling me, your man is not your man anymore.”

And let’s not forget Stephon Marbury, who seems to be catching on lately too. And believe it or not, the biggest problem with Steph is that he’s passing too much.

“Slowly, but it’s coming,” Rivers said. “The only thing I told Steph at halftime is I thought he had open shots and he was thinking pass. Even the one, you remember when he bobbled it out of bounds, that was a layup but you could see him. He was catching the ball to pass. He has great instincts and I thought he did that in the second half.

Finally… the quote of the night… courtesy of Doc on Big Baby’s awesome night:

“Once they hit him, he was a different player.  I’m going to start carrying a hammmer around”

Check out “Baby Frankenstein’s” postgame interview.  Pretty funny.

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7 Responses

  1. i dont think its much of a turning point, again, like you said we were playing the thunder…that and Mikki and Marbury will still be up and down

  2. Congratulations to Big Baby on his TRIPLE DOUBLE last night!

    19 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 stitches!

    Ahahahahaha. I kid. I kid. ;)

    Good game!

  3. did anyone else hear last night during the broadcast that Kevin durant and his brothers favorite player is Paul Pierce? haha thought that was pretty cool..

    Anyways, that Perk block on Durant was sick, and even Durant knew it…I love perks blocks!

  4. OKC last night looked very much like the celtics of 2005-2006.

    a bunch of young talent who come out of the gates blazing, but don’t pace themselves, and run out of gas in the 4th quarter – and get destroyed by veteran teasm who know how to play the full 48.

  5. Good call Danno. I can see those similarities

  6. When Big Baby first took that elbow I was immediately concerned it hit him in the eye. When he went down with all the blood, it was scary for a second. Until he got up.

    He really has stepped up with Leon hurt.

  7. He was stepping up before leon went down (starting playing starter minutes) then he got hurt, and leon stepped up and played his best basketball of the season with BBD out, and then leon got hurt and Baby came back the next game and has been stepping up ever since

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