Yep, That’s Paul Pierce On Twitter

There was some question of whether Paul Pierce was really on Twitter.  Well, he is.   He offered up free tickets to the OKC game on Twitter… and one of the guys who got a ticket to yesterday’s game is the proof.

When I arrived there was already a group of five fans, which quickly grew to about ten. Almost exactly on the dot at 4:30, a Range Rover with California plates and tinted windows pulled up. The window rolled down and Paul Pierced asked us what the password was. Everyone shouted “Truth” and he started dishing out tickets.

This is really cool.

Dammit… I should have gone.

Paul Pierce’s Twitter page

Red’s Army Twitter page


5 Responses

  1. Thats so cool how he did that!

  2. Haha I have the hat that the fan has on in the picture..makes me wish it was me there :(

  3. That is damn cool of Captain Pierce interacting with fans and giving away free tickets. Old School move for sure.

  4. i was there.. almost got the last ticket too!

  5. That’s awesome.

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