“KG Would Play If the Playoffs Were Today”

In a further attempt to douse the flames that followed the news about KG sitting out a couple more weeks….

Danny Ainge taped a segment for Celtics Now and declared that KG would play if the playoffs were today.

So it looks like the C’s are just being cautious.  Please everyone… step back from the ledge.


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  1. I almost jumped off the ledge after reading all 70 comments

    I am on the positive side of things or at least I will try….

    I still have faith in our Celtics even without KG!

  2. I uploaded this on my youtube account Chris Sheriden reports there is loose cartilage behind KG’s knee and a strained tendon behind the knee according to KG’s agent Andy Miller

  3. I love in the beginning of that clip when the anchor says Garnett couldn’t play more than 20 minutes per game. You have to love how ESPN will never let the facts get in the way of their need to be melodramatic. Those were predetermined minutes set by the Celtics coaching staff to ease him back into playing!

  4. yea but LA Native does it worry you KG has loose cartilage behind the knee. Hopefully KG doesn’t we seen before surgery has been needed before to repair loose cartilage

  5. Sure it worries me but I think everyone is a little too quick to write him off for the rest of the season. Let him sit out these next few games and see how he does the last few games of the season. If that’s unsuccessful then I’ll worry, until then I’ll hope he gets better.

  6. BINGO!–
    This makes perfect sense now, with what we know.
    When a piece of cartilage (or bone) gets loose in the knee, it can get stuck in the joint at any time, causing severe pain, and can even lock it up. That would explain why KG suddenly couldn’t use that leg, even though there was no apparent trauma or malrotation. It would also explain ongoing swelling and pain.

    If he also had tendon strain, I would think that would be better after 6 weeks… though he might have reinjured it. The key problem, if this report is true, is probably the loose body (cartilage) in the joint. Now this can be effectively removed arthroscopically, so I wonder why that wasn’t done right away….? Maybe KG didn’t want it, thinking he would get better. Problem is, this NEVER gets better by itself. That floating body will be there forever unless it’s removed.

    So there’s good and bad news here, ASSUMING this report is true, and it does sound true. The good: KG will be 100% OK someday (i.e., next season). The bad: if he hasn’t had the loose body removed, he is NOT necessarily going to be OK for the playoffs. At any moment, he could go down. And there’s no knowing when, because this problem can flare up whenever it feels like it, unrelated to any injury or clear causative event.

    This all sounds right. The mystery may be solved.

  7. How long does recovery take for something like that? If he had done this right away when the injury occurred would he have been available for the playoffs?

  8. Yes, assuming this is the right diagnosis, he would have recovered from arthroscopy in plenty of time for the playoffs. Why it was not done I don’t know.

  9. Is this the same Ajay from a while back? The Kobe lover?

    If so, I don’t trust his sources, even if they are legitimate.

  10. Tim — Here is the same report on ESPN.com’s site:

    Looks legit, and sounds right.

  11. Does make sense.

  12. This rest he gets now will be more significant anyways …Doc said he wasnt even going to “practice him” so the knee will get even more rest …i doubt they even have him riding the stationary bike right now …just let the body do its thing

  13. With this info this makes Leon and Scal that much more vital player.

  14. Unfortunately, rest won’t fix this. Nothing short of removal will.

    Here’s a little more info (from another post):
    It is hard to understand why they wouldn’t just do an immediate arthroscopic removal of the loose body. It’s simple, and he would have been completely healed already. The explanation that comes to mind is that this is either (a) not the whole story, or (b) not the right diagnosis. Loose bodies are often confused with meniscal tears, because the symptoms are so similar. And you can have both. If there is a tear (which is more common), that would be a much bigger surgery, from which he would not have healed so rapidly.

    If he has a tear (perhaps in addition to the loose body), then the decision not to do surgery makes some sense. If it’s just a loose body, it makes no sense at all. Either way, Danny’s statement that “surgery was never an option” (which he told the Herald on Tuesday) can’t be right. Looks like he was blowing smoke again.

  15. Celtics-relax you guys are starting to sound like us laker fans…….please beat LeHype and the cavs and lets have a rematch with everyone at 100 %. I’ll tell bynum to lay off the bunnies during June :)

  16. Hi Celtic fans.

    Laker fan here.

    Sorry to hear about KGs knee injury woes, as you know, our own Andrew Bynum has been battling knee injuries as well these past 2 seasons. I’m not posting here to flame, be condescening or rap on the Celtics for whatever they did or didn’t do lately.

    I was just wondering if you guys just could swing by and pick up a Celtic lost soul who is currently wandering about our Laker forums. He goes by the name of “Paul Garnett” and we just want to make sure he safely finds his way back amongst his friends:


    Thanks Green fans.


  17. Hey Dracul – how about no?

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