“Our goal is the last 3 games”

Doc had this on KG after practice today. (click here for video link)

“After watching him today we’re just gonna shut him down until the soreness goes away. Our goal is the last three games.”

That’s not going to put anyone’s mind at ease.  Neither is what Perk said:

“I could tell he’s not 100%, he was limping, but he’s a warrior. I’d take a 70% KG in the playoffs but we want him healthy.”

Chad Finn of the Globe has some additional information.

“I just think we’ve got to be smart about it,” Rivers said Sunday. “It’s just like when somebody says somebody is going to be back in a week or two, that’s not a guarantee. If a guy gets sore, do we play him because we say he’s supposed to be back playing? You just use your common sense.”


70 Responses

  1. saw this coming a mile away, and yet i’m still so scared… hold me…

  2. Agree. This is and has been completely mishandled. Dude shouldn’t be near a court till the knee’s 100%. Freaking idiots. And now where does that leave this team’s title aspirations? Just horrible. I can’t describe how furious I am as a fan of this team, that they’ve gambled with a potential championship this way. Seriously, what’s the thought process and decision-making here? “Uh, yeah we have an elite team with a legit shot at another title, but um let’s let KG loose before he’s ready, sacrifice the title for a few March games.” Honestly, as a fan who’s followed this team all season, with these expectations to have it undermined at the very end in this manner is plain insulting. No else feels this way?

  3. Gerry Callahan does.

    I know the Celtics doctors are very good. They brought him back with a specific plan to ease him back in. I’m not going to blame the Celtics for mishandling anything, especially since I’m not a doctor, and I don’t have any access to his medical records.

  4. I blame Ainge for not making KG sit out the Allstar game.

  5. I don’t like speculating from the outside at all, but just judge the situation, ultimate goal and the results. He went from apparently having discomfort to playing the all-start game to injury to 2 weeks to heal to a month, then came back and went away again (supposedly for a week, but now for three) and his playoff availability/effectiveness is in serious doubt and so are the title hopes. This is the same situation as a pitcher hurting his regular team because he pitched the WBC. Complete misplacement of priorities that could jeopardize the entire team goal. It’s astonishing that knowing what was at stake here, what had already been committed and sacrificed, that this situation would be handle without the UTMOST caution. And it wasn’t and everything is in jeopardy as a result.

  6. He didn’t get hurt in the All Star Game. He got hurt 2 weeks later. Playing 10 minutes in the all star game didn’t cause this.

    stop it, you sound foolish.

  7. All I know for sure is that the team is totally bullshitting us. It’s not now and never was a “muscle strain”. And this newest story line doesn’t make any sense either. Let’s see… he’s out for 6 WEEKS, comes back and is still not right, and now “oh, another 8-10 DAYS and he’ll be ready”. Sure… WHATEVER.

    It’s not clear to me that 50% of KG, or even 70%, is as valuable to this team as a 100% Baby/Powe combo. Our D takes a hit – but not a huge one if everyone does his job in the team scheme. And we lose 1-2 alleyoops per game. Oh, and a lot of chest thumping and mf bombs. What we gain is ENERGY, hustle, and recently, a lot of double-doubles.

    We better gets used to the idea that we may be going into battle without KG, certainly not with a 100% KG. If the Cs can still win it all… that will be something to see and remember forever.

  8. Fuck off Danno. You apparently don’t remember that when he was injured there was an admission that the knee had been bothering him since before the break. Get your facts fucking straight before you start laying into others. Foolish? You’re incompetent.

  9. Medicine isn’t an exact science. The doctors didn’t know how KG’s knee was going to respond. He rehabbed and rested and when they thought he was ready – he gave it a go. So the knee got sore. It’s not a matter of a conspiracy or incompetence. KG simply needs more rest.

  10. Danno, Ainge said in an interview shortly after KG was injured that his knee was bothering for awhile, (which was actually brought up in this site if I had the link I give it to you)thus me blaming Ainge. I’m not saying the 4 or 5 days of rest would have prevented the injury, but it wouldn’t of hurt. So stop sounding foolish.

  11. Everybody’s pissed off, understandably. Truth is we’re all correct… KG was wearing a knee brace from the beginning of the season. On the other hand, 10 minutes at the All-Star game almost certainly did not tip him over the edge.

    It is what it is, and we don’t know what it is because they won’t tell us. What we can be pretty sure of is that we’re gonna have to win this thing without a 100% KG.

  12. The only person on this thread who gets it is Chuck and DRJ.

    There’s nothing to be “pissed off” about. They are keeping him out to rest him, because he needs it. Last week everyone on here was bitching because he wasn’t getting enough minutes. Enough already. They are doing the best they can with the cards they were dealt. If they kept him out of every game where he felt soreness this year, he would have been out most of the season. 10 minutes of goofing off during the All-Star game had nothing to do with this. Nothing.

    You guys act like you’re losing something super important because he’s going to be out for a few more games to get additional rest, and you’re acting like it’s the end of the world and the sky is falling.

    Last time I checked, I’m the only one here who is actually a season ticket holder with more invested in this team than just a few T-shirts and a few tickets from the boss once a year. You have nothing to be pissed off about. If they win another Championship, Awesome. If they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. Lighten the fuck up.

  13. Yeah… everyone needs to calm the fuck down and stop sniping at one another.

  14. This like…. sucks, and stuff.

  15. I have a feeling he is much more injured then we know, and will likely have knee surgery during the off-season. They will probably fill him with meds to get through the playoffs. I think PP would play with muscle strain…

  16. I think AMP will probably be right. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they went in to clean something up later… or do something.

  17. “Last time I checked, I’m the only one here who is actually a season ticket holder with more invested in this team than just a few T-shirts and a few tickets from the boss once a year.”

    Wow you’re a dick.

  18. On a positive note, at least he’s not walking around with playboy bunnies on his shoulders while he rehabs that knee….

    and its march 31, we can survive round one (god forbid) without KG, just get Powe back and keep baby healthy. Paul and Ray provide enough offensive firepower for the short term. Here’s hoping KG is back by the first round and playing better than 70%..

  19. The news sounds a lot less ominous where you hear it from Doc directly. Check out the new video link I just posted…

  20. “Last time I checked, I’m the only one here who is actually a season ticket holder with more invested in this team than just a few T-shirts and a few tickets from the boss once a year.”

    Wow you’re a dick.
    dave – March 31, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Not really. I find it hard to stomach people who make this out to be the worst thing ever, when they don’t have nearly as much invested in this as others. It’s like someone getting all worked up over the stock market who doesn’t own any shares of anything. Yeah, it’s disappointing, but there’ no need to get all upset and lose your head over it.

    It’s just basketball. It’s not the end of the world.

    Of course I would prefer to win it all again this year, but I also have the realistic view that this just isn’t always possible, and we’ve had so damn many injuries this year – it’s kind of out of reach at this point, and has been for some time. This isn’t just about KG. Even if we get KG back 100%, we’re still down Tony, Scal, Leon, and have no clue how effective Billy Walker is going to be when the REAL basketball starts.

    Tony might be back next week, but I’m pretty sure the surgery didn’t cure the fact that he has hands like stumps.

    Scal is done for the year, and might call it a career.

    Leon may have re-aggravated an injury that basically ruined his college hoop career, and likely is out until at least the playoffs start.

    and we don’t have Posey.

    But even with all that, I’m cashing in my Playoffs tickets and giving up, or acting like someone just mugged me. It’s entertainment. It amazes me what short memories some people have. It used to be that fans from Boston knew what suffering on end for years and the misery of disappointing season was. now it just seems like a town full of frat boy douchetards who go to Fenway to “hook up” with chicks, and have this sense of entitlement that sickens me.

  21. Let’s just hope he’s okay for the playoffs and that the team will tread water til then. Pointing fingers at this point won’t help.

  22. that should read “I’m NOT cashing in my playoffs tickets…etc”

  23. Hey.. enough with the name calling.

    Jeez… am I gonna have to start acting like a parent and putting people in timeout?

  24. I hate it when people criticize others for their reactions.

    Some people (with no financial investment) are really into the Celtics. I think that’s cool.

    Sorry Danno – but you’re the one sounding like the douche.

  25. Oops…I called someone a name.

    John can you put me in the corner along with Natasha, Kassi, Jessica and Alison?

  26. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t talk about frat guys having a sense of entitlement when you drop the season ticket holder sense of entitlement on us.

  27. And I hate armchair NBA coach/GM wannabes who think they have the first clue what to do when injuries or other normal NBA headaches pop up.

    blaming KG’s injury on the 10 minutes he played in the All Star game is silly.

    It’s great a to be into the Celtics, whether you’ve made an investmentn the team or not. but when you make silly assessments of the situation, and then start dropping F-bombs on people when they disagree with you?

    c’mon chuck.

  28. Gerry Callahan says Cs can’t win without KG, no way. I disagree. You know, there’s another side to this story. Let’s say KG is out or severely diminished for the playoffs. What if Baby and Powe and Mikki step up in his stead, as at least 2 of them have shown they can do so far? What if we win with heart, and fire, and a Defense like nobody else knows how to play in this league? With Ray and Eddie raining bombs, and PP doing his thing in crunch time. Man, what if we win it all with Big friggin Baby as our starter? Now that would be a story for the ages… something nobody will ever forget… truly glorious.

    One could say this is an opportunity… to create legend.

  29. I really dont see anything wrong with going on a Celtics Blog and saying how you feel about the team… I’m pretty sure thats the point. Even with that being said I didn’t think anyones comments made it seem like they were on the verge of committing suicide. Lets let it go because we’re all on the same team “the good guys”. Hey Danno if you want to make it up, you could give me a playoff ticket.. Haha!

  30. DRJ – I like your style.

    I can’t really see it happening unless Leon is 100% and Tony comes back playing well, but I like your style.

  31. Aren’t we all armchair coaches/GMs? That’s why blogs like this exist.

    “Last time I checked, I’m the only one here who is actually a season ticket holder with more invested in this team than just a few T-shirts and a few tickets from the boss once a year.”

    That’s a bit pretentious – dont you think? I’m just sayin I can see why that comment set some people off.

  32. Oh, and Gerry Callahan is a racist piece of shit who doesn’t deserve the job that he has.

  33. I can see why some would think it was pretentious, but that wasn’t how it was aimed – honestly.

    I meant it more along the lines of “relax dude, look at me, I’ve got $3k sunk into this team and I’m not this pissed off, lighten up.” as if to say things could be worse, you could be bummed about the Celtics and that much lighter in the wallet for it….

  34. Not to go off on a tangent, but Callahan is not a racist. Far from it…

  35. He is a racist, and a complete Moron.

    Did you listen to the show the other day when they were going on and on abotu the salary of the CIO at Umass being too high?

    He thought the CIO was a marketing position, and was making fun of the fact that the thought the guy made too much money to send out press releases once a year.

    He didn’t realize the CIO is the Tech director for the whole university, and is in charge of all the computers, network, and technology resources for 26,000 people.

    The man is an idiot. A classless, racist, townie mook idiot. He’s an embarrassment to the City of Boston.

  36. Surgery was an option fellas…not good…flat out, not good.

    Theres no chance he’ll be 100% for the playoffs, and youre flat out kidding yourself if you think otherwise…theres a 50/50 chance he doesnt play at all, and if he does it will pretty much easily swell up and he’ll be limping (like he has been most of the season) and be ineffective..

    this damages our chances (or destroys them)…KG basically should be calling it a season, but he’s refusing too under the tiny chance he’ll magically be healthy…well he wont be…

    the celtics will be a tough out, but that is impossible to overcome, and we’ll be lucky to make the 2nd round (there will be some serious confidence issues, uregency issues and just issues with the play on both sides of the ball)

  37. I’ve got season’s tickets too Danno but that doesn’t make my opinion any more important than anyone else’s.

    People have other things invested in the Celtics besides money. The thing that makes Celtics fans, and Boston fans in general, so great is that they put their lives and all their emotions into the team.

    KG will be fine though. He will basically have 3 weeks to get back into the flow…. the last week of the regular season, and the first round of the playoffs which usually takes about 2 weeks. We only really need him 100% for the Orlando series.

  38. Danno I apologize. I’m resigning as an armchair GM. I will no longer root for my team as long as I watch the Home games on TV, This will be my last post ever. Thanks Redsarmy its been great!

  39. Danno…this is not about Tony allen or Brian Scalabrine..

    The only 2 injuries that matter are KG(mainly) and Leon
    And if KG could get 100%, we could overcome those miniscule injuries bro

  40. We’re emotionally invested Danno, its called being a Fan…and just because you have season tickets doest make your opinion any more important than anyone elses…youre also not the only one with season tickets around here

  41. I didn’t say my opinion was more important, because it’s not.

    I was SARCASTICALLY making fun of the fact that I do have season tix, yet I’m not as heated as Jason at the beginning of the thread was.

    That’s the thing that sucks about blogs vs. message boards. No stupid smiley things to indicate that you’re being sarcastic like message boards have. Humor gets lost on the internet when it’s only in text form.

  42. We were all a little frustrated with the news this morning, so some hyperbole is understandable.

    I have to say… my fanhood for the Cs was rekindled when the Big 3 came together, then grew as we watched the team play, with that awesome team D and the selflessness and incredible fire. I thought then that Big Baby was a joke (and he still looks like one), and was even more impressed when he actually played a role in the wins.

    So now, if this team could actually win it all without (or with less of) KG, then that would truly be amazing… one of the great accomplishments in this or any sport. A fractured team that won on heart and brains and determination. I wanna see “Stone Hands” Moore contribute. I love watching Marbury do his thing, and hope he shines in the playoffs and redeems himself while adding to the glory. At every position, there’s a great story…

    So for me, whatever happens is good. If KG comes back, great. If not, let’s go out and do something they’ll never forget.

  43. DRJ..that would truly be amazing, but it also isnt happening in reality bro…I can tell your fanhood was rekindled when the big 3 came together, because you think everything is always gonna go our way…well it doesnt, and it wont, and reality is we will not win a championship or get anywhere near it with BBD starting.. KGs presense makes everyone on the celtics better, he gives them more confidence they will not have with Glen starting, that and hes pretty good, a hall of famer and the anchor of the otherwise average defense

  44. Ok well the fact that everyone is acting like KG is completely done for the season is just people over reacting right now. Whose to say they know they are going to land the 3 seed and are resting him up 2 more weeks to make sure hes 100% and then start him up again right before the season ends. I don’t see how this means we are out of the playoff race. Garnett is a beast, and the guys body has never been prone to nagging injuries, yes he’s older but that is why they are taking their time with an injury like this. They know this window for a championship is very small and every year counts, why risk him on meaningless games in april before the playoffs, remember last season. Doc had the big 3 resting a lot these next couple weeks.

  45. Guys lets stop picking on Danno he’s one of us, just with season tickets (sorry I had to) haha. Honestly Lets move on. He’s not a freaking Lakers fan. He made a mistake and thats it!! LETS GO C’S!!!!

  46. I feel the opposite Double p…Im annoyed with people acting like this is no big deal and KG will come back 100% for the playoffs and we can still win a championship without KG…ha theres no guarnatee we’d win it 100% healthy, nevermind in this shape

  47. Baron– two responses:
    1) I completely disagree with your assertion that this team plays an “otherwise average defense”. Couldn’t BE more wrong. When motivated, this team plays the best D in the league, bar none. What they’re doing is great, not just good. And while KG certainly helps a lot in that, he is not essential to it. They can play virtually the same D with any of their main guys. It’s the defensive SYSTEM that’s unique and powerful, not the individual players.
    2) As for what will or will not happen — we will see. (But please note: if it were easy, it wouldn’t be glorious.)

  48. I’m not guaranteeing a championship at all even with everyone 100% healthy. What I’m saying is that this may not be nearly as bad as everyone is thinking just because they are shutting him down for 5 more meaningless games. Like this quote:

    Rivers said there’s more pressure on the healthy big men to produce with Garnett sidelined and that “may be a reason to cut their minutes a little bit as well. Bottom line is we’re going to be healthy when playoffs start and we’re going to do whatever we can to have the legs.”

  49. I’m also out. For the record, at first, all I did was assert that the Celts have fucked the KG situation up. This injury is tricky and he’s obviously had a set back. June is more important than March and they didn’t handle this with that in mind and he’s out even longer and is even more questionable. As a fan, no matter what you invest – time, money, heart – it’s perfectly valid to be pissed that after you’ve made that investment the team can’t manage its $500 million franchise properly. The team was set up this year to contend for, if not win, the championship. If KG (or anyone) blows an ACL, it happens. That this was an injury he could come back from (or maybe not even had in the first place), but they didn’t handle well and now that championship is in serious jeopardy (put me in the group that thinks KG is vital to a repeat), that’s DEFINITE grounds for voicing severe displeasure. Not according to Danno, though, apparently.

    I only got fuming on this list, though, because I was 1) called “foolish” for 2) stating the all-star game caused the injury, which I didn’t even come close to doing. I first voiced a strong opinion of Celtics handling of the situation. I then voiced a stronger opinion about a person because he was over the line for 1) telling other people how to behave, 2) being insulting and 3) doing so because he made up things I didn’t even say. Just ridiculous all around.

    I think others’ comments though have vindicated my stance versus his. Doesn’t matter, though. I stated in another thread recently that I was out after this season and that’s still true. I suppose it’s just wise I get out of these blogs now as well. Life’s too short. Thanks for helping make the decision.

    Good luck to everyone. Go Celts.

  50. DRJ

    KG is the defensive system, he’s not just an individual player.

    You’re wrong on this one. But it doesn’t matter because Garnett is far from finished this season. This is more of a pre-caution than a panic.

  51. Doesn’t matter, though. I stated in another thread recently that I was out after this season and that’s still true. I suppose it’s just wise I get out of these blogs now as well. Life’s too short. Thanks for helping make the decision.

    Good luck to everyone. Go Celts.
    Jason – March 31, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    So that’s it? Someone disagrees with you once and you’re “out” as a fan of a team.

    What the fuck is that?

  52. Tim– then we must agree to disagree. The D system lives with or without KG. It just works a little better with him, but that’s the extent of it.
    Jason– you seem like a good guy. A little thin-skinned, perhaps? You gotta expect some to and fro in a blog… if we all agreed, what would be the point? Don’t let one word change your whole outlook.

  53. There’s some ranting going on in here. Yikes.

  54. In another thread I stated I was out as a fan mostly because of the refs. Even as a life long Celt fan I’m getting out because even when they are winning 60+ games I’m still pissed 82 days a year because they are that incompetent every game and it’s not worth it. I take it too much to heart and since bottom-line it’s just entertainment, I shouldn’t, but I do. Others have expressed similar sentiments that if it weren’t for the Celts they couldn’t stomach following the NBA. Well, half way through this year I realized I couldn’t stomach it either, but since I was already invested halfway into a hopefully another banner, I decided to stick it out till June and then get out.

    As for being out now, I meant following and contributing to the blogs. I don’t need to wait till June for that. Blogs enhance fandom, sure, but at the end of the day, they’re also just entertainment. Not a sentence written has probably ever impacted the play on the court or an administrative decision, just like my screaming, cheering and caring never has either.

    I’m also not out because you “disagreed” with me. I’m out because I could be 100% wrong and you 100% right or vice versa and neither case makes one iota of difference in any scheme, never mind a grand one. They’re not going to win or lose a single possession based on anything you or I or probably anyone here has to say. Sorry, that’s the truth.

    I could come to this site and post that Marbury’s the final piece to land the ring. Or I could post he’s the antichrist who would cost the Celts the ring. Doesn’t matter because my opinion means absolutely zero to the Celtics organization and to the play on the court. None of this is any revelation that came up today, btw.

    But what do I get for the privilege of coming here to express my means-absolutely-nothing opinion? I have to put up with people like you who actually think their opinion is worth something, who can’t read properly, who infer things that aren’t there and use that incorrect inference to insult people and tell them they shouldn’t express an opinion that differs from theirs.

  55. While you’re out – get help.

  56. Wow… a lot of ranting is right.

    Oh well.. I guess this fire needs to burn itself out.

  57. Jason–
    I am one of those who has said that because of the refs I wouldn’t be following the NBA but for the Celtics. (I have a whole new rant/understanding of what has happened to NBA officiating recently… but that’s for another day.) So Jason, I completely understand… and actually feel exactly the same way. Too frustrating watching the refs screw up EVERY game… some more than others, but they are ALWAYS screwing it up.

    I cannot agree that our opinions don’t matter. I think they do, actually. I think the Cs READ THESE BLOGS. We are, after all, their customers. The team exists ONLY because we buy their product. No fans = no team, no NBA. And there have been times when I see stuff here (or write it), and the very next day I hear the same words coming out of Doc’s mouth. Maybe coincidence, but doesn’t matter… as their customers, and their entire raison d’etre, we do matter. A lot.

  58. Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? Whyyyy can’t we beeee friends? Whyyyyyyyyyy Can’t Weeeeeeeeeee BEEEEEEEEE FRIENDSSSSSSSSSSS!

  59. DRJ- I love your posting and out of the box thinking, Ive seen it on celticsblog and followed it here..and my comment about there defense being “otherwise average” was wrong…i know what you’re saying…the defensive scheme and plan and coaching is still excellent, way above average, and as you say even great….but without KG its missing its main cog…every celtics player to a man would tell you that, its so much easier to gameplan for and expose, and has shown signs of being pretty average (Bulls game comes to mind)

  60. “Get help.” Ha ha. You just want people to have as low opinion of you as possible I guess.

    Enjoy the run everyone. Even though I do think the C’s made this situation (much) worse than necessary, I am still hoping they are now being as careful as possible and KG can come back full-strength even if it comes after the first round. After that, I’m extremely doubtful they can win it all without him. It’s still a good, respectable team, but not a championship one. Not sure how even the greenest-tinted glasses could trick you into seeing that. Yes, anything could happen I suppose, but both the Cavs and Lakers are heavy favorites in my mind against a KG-less C’s. Still, I’ll be hoping and cheering.

  61. I agree with DRJ. There’s still the Truth, Sugar Ray, Beastondo AND the Ticket stub for the starting 5. Not bad.
    Without KG the defense and rebounding will slip but it can still be one of the best in the league. They can try and offset that slippage in other areas. For one, if they cut down on those damn turnovers that’s a few more possessions right there that they can use and the opponent doesn’t have. They could also work on the perimeter defense etc. I’m sure the coaching stuff can come up a bunch of better ideas than I can.

  62. You can’t blame the Celtics for letting KG play in the All-Star game. We may be blowing this out of proportion. We’re thinking “ok knee strain, should be back 100% in a few weeks.” As long as there’s no structural damage (which I think they said), I’m not worried. So what if its lingering a little more than we thought it would? If its just soreness that’s keeping him out, who cares? They are just trying to play it safe, I have no doubt that hes gonna play in the playoffs and hes gonna be fine.

    And if not, maybe DRJ is right, Big Baby/Animal/Beast/Frankenstein will cement his legacy as the worst starter on a championship winning team. Just kidding. He’s been solid, as long as he keeps his confidence he’ll keep being solid. Mikki is coming on strong, Starbury is hitting shots and I love how he sees the floor. There are a lot of positives that we are overlooking because everyone is so worried about KG. I’m more worried about the rest of the team continuing to play solid basketball down the strech, for Moore and Marbury to get further integrated, to see Pierce and Allen get some rest, and hopefully Billy Walker play well because we might need him for the playoffs too.

  63. I agree with your last post 100% Jason

  64. We are in agreement, Baron.

    And if they can do it this year without their main cog (or only part of him), that would for me be the apex of their greatness, something that we’ll be seeing and hearing about 20+ years from now. Whatever happens, I think these playoffs will be epic.

  65. Sounds like every1 is antsy for the playoffs.

  66. WTF? I miss the days when we used to just look at the pictures of boobies John and Chuck were kind enough to provide and talk trash about the Celtics opponents.

    ITS GOING TO BE FINE….Celtics will heal, look a little rusty in the first round pick up steam in the second round, beat the sh*t out of the Cavs in the ECF and of course beat the purple douche gang in the finals.

  67. “Not a sentence written has probably ever impacted the play on the court or an administrative decision, just like my screaming, cheering and caring never has either.”


  68. Wow, I think I need a DRINK, everyone go out have couple, kiss a fat girl you will feel better in the morning

  69. Sage advise as always Jester- I off to get some Jameson’s now. Safety warning for others taking Jesteroo’s advise, do not try to carry the fat girl around Andrew Bynum style.

  70. Where was this kind of outrage when Aminda was voted off?!

    On to tomorrow’s opponent then. Apparently the Bobcats were just invited to the NIT: http://www.theonion.com/content/news_briefs/charlotte_bobcats_seeded

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