Dancer Madness: Half The Final Four Set

I’m gonna quote one of Red’s Army’s charter members here, Tim, when talking about Natasha in our Dancer Madness brackets:

Glad to see Natasha making the comeback though…. she’s always been a second-half player.

That she was… erasing a comfortable lead by the Celtics Alison Preston.  BUT, the comeback fell just short.  Alison pulled out the win 283 votes to 272.   Wow.   Out West, the Mavs’ Jessica pulled out a slightly more comfortable win.  So our top seeds have moved on to the Final Four:


Now who will they face in the Final Four?


Nikki (Miami)



Alicia (Wizards)


In the West:

Kayla (Suns)



Alexis (Warriors)

Alexis Warriors Dancer


11 Responses

  1. If you go back to the last poll, it says Natasha is in the lead.

    I guess it was a case of too much, too late for her.

    Anyways, you know you have a special contestant when that person is able to blow out a talented competitor in Kayla. I think that’s exactly what Alexis is going to do in this round.

  2. Both are going to be blow outs!

    Alexis all the way.

  3. So we have to get these 4 girls on a podcast or something before we vote right? Like, they clearly know this bracket exists.

  4. I have Alexis’ number so I can call her to see if she’s interested. I can’t help with the others though, Chuck will have to get that done.

  5. The comments on this site are much more pleasant when we are voting on chicks.

  6. if alexis doesn’t win, it will be a travesty.

  7. Natasha was robbed-Allison’s hot and a local girl, but guys-how could you pick a pale skinny chick over a nice olive-skinned girl with a fuller, more plentiful body..?? Oh well..can’t win ’em all. Go Alexis!!!

  8. Just realized that this is shaping up to be blondes vs. brunettes. How about that? The final will definitely be a blonde vs. a brunette……. but which one?????

  9. KWAPT – I’d argue that Alison’s body is plenty “full”.

  10. Looks like Alexis is going to win this thing bra down.. opps I mean hands down.

  11. Agree with you KWAPT.

    But how could anybody honestly look at Alexis, and not vote for her. These people are borderline insane. There is a difference between hot, and beautiful. Alexis is beautiful.

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