Step Away from the Ledge

This from Doc Rivers via the Celtics Twitter updates:

“I would be absolutely surprised if Kevin Garnett is not playing in the first game of the playoffs.”

I’m going to take Doc’s word on this one. And I’m tired of worrying about KG’s knee.

Here’s the latest on Tony Allen:

“Tony’s playing tonight. He’s running, he just needs games under his belt. That’s what we’ll give him.”


12 Responses

  1. My wife pulled me back in from the Ledge last night. I thought she was going to push me off.. she had her chance… lol – I am over it. Lets move on, win some games and get into a good rhythm before the playoffs.

  2. Twitter is taking over the world! Can we find Alexis’s Twitter page please.

  3. 6 TO’s in 6 mins – Sloppy!

  4. I tuned in late… don’t see TA in the box score… whats the deal?

  5. Not sure…..I thought he was going to play.

  6. What is with Charlotte? They only show up against the elite teams. Imagine how good they could be if they showed up against everyone else.

  7. PERK!!

  8. Celtics woke the F up with 5 mins left in the 4th. Perk’s D and RR Rondo’d all the cats and almost got the game winner. Keep running guys and get stops!!!

  9. Games over… April Fool!

  10. The Celtics seriously need to get this mentality of putting their head in their ass until the final minutes. great win, but it shouldn’t have been ours. The Bobcats deserved to win, but they couldn’t close the deal.

  11. Santos… more like with 1:30 left in the fourth, but yeah.

  12. If a team does not win they don’t ‘deserve’ to win imo.

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