Sugar Ray!!!!

Nothing like a double-overtime thriller to get the blood flowing, huh? Ray Allen (22 pts, 5-13 3FG) hit two gigantic shots: a game-tying 3 with 12 seconds left in the 1st OT and the game winning 3 with 2 seconds left in the 2nd OT.

We’ve seen this act before, the Celtics play like crap for 3+ quarters and flip the switch in the fourth. It hasn’t worked in the past (two losses to the Magic), but it worked tonight.

Eddie House (18 pts) and Rajon Rondo (21 pts, 9 assists, 4 stls) each had 8 big points in the fourth quarter rally. Rondo’s two FTs forced the 1st OT.

Paul Pierce was steady all night: 32 pts, 6 reb, 4 assists

Perk (4 pts, 12 reb, 5 blks) had two huge blocks late in the 4th which ignited the Celtics defense. He had another swat on Boris Diaw in 2OT.

The Celtics regained the #2 seed in the East thanks to Orlando’s loss to the Raptors.

Gerald Wallace really pissed me off. Any time a Celtics made contact with him, Wallace acted like he’d been shot. What’s worse is the refs bought it. I was hoping Perk would pull a “Bynum” and deck him.

Boxscore | Recap

You ready for the bad news? Pierce – 47 minutes, Ray – 46 minutes


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  1. sweet game, great decision by doc to not call a timeout after the celts grabbed the rebound down 1

    glad to see ray hit another clutch 3 like he always does, after he almost blew it shooting a contested 3 instead of dishing to a wide open perk on the baseline after a bobcat fell down

    again, great game, the crowd was impressive, even when they were down 12

  2. Ray Ray is a Bobcat Killer! Everyone remembers the dagger 3 he hit on the Cats last year and jumped on Big Baby just like he did tonight. Props to Rondo, Perk, House, Ray Ray, and PP for this comeback double OT victory!

  3. Nothing like watching Ray play the drums on his jog back to defense either.

  4. Not to be a negative nancy after a great win and everything, but anyone else notice Mikki Moore and the bench going nuts during OT1/OT2 while Marbury stood there with his hands behind his back showing no emotion. Just looked like he didn’t want to be there.

  5. Ray Allen is a god. Pierce kept the team in this game and made great plays on both ends of the court. Rondo actually stepped up in crunch time and he and Eddie led that comeback in the fourth. Perk was an enforcer, he controlled the middle. It was looking to be one of the worst losses of the year after 3.5 quarters, and it turned out being one of the best wins. Awesome game overall.

  6. The face from Ray after he hit the game-winner was absolutely priceless.

    With 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter, I literally said to myself this might be one of the worst losses of the year. Next thing you know, it was probably one of, if not the best game of the year.

  7. I don’t care about the minutes in a double overtime game. Furthermore, rather than looking exhausted, Pierce and Ray looked like more energized than ever at the end of the game. The schedule is pretty light the rest of the season, so as long as no more double OT games come about, I think PP and RayRay will get plenty of rest leading up to the playoffs.

  8. @Mizzle: Way to be the kid at a really good party who comes in and starts lecturing you on how alcohol is bad.

    Marbury is literally insane…… it is a waste of time to even imagine what is going on inside his mind. Just judge him by his play and don’t even pay attention to everything else.

  9. I agree with JD and Tim on this being one of the best wins of the season.

    I nearly blew a gasket when the Celtics gave up 3 consecutive offensive rebounds and lost that jump ball in the first OT. I thought for sure it was over then.

    But never count out the champs!

  10. Well, this was the funniest, most ridiculous game of the year

    Fun – because it just DIDN’T MATTER, and yet all these people are screaming, and the team is fighting… and I’m sitting home laughing, because WTF?… what’s all the fuss about?

    Ridiculous – lots of ways: turnovers, offensive rebounds, Ray for 4 quarters, Perk on offense, and of course, the refs, who once again tried mightily to achieve the title of Worst Crew On The Planet. Don’t they retire these guys when they get to be Bavetta’s age? What is he, 98?

    And let’s not forget Doc, who played PP 47 minutes, Ray 46, Rondo 45… uhh, and WHY?

    I do feel bad for Charlotte. Those guys actually had a real reason to win. And for 3.75 quarters, they deserved to. Like that kid DJ.

    You know, it does seem that Rondo can hit those FTs when he sets his mind to it. He needs to focus like that on EVERY FT in the playoffs.

  11. How about the play Doc drew up on the final possession in the 4th? Use Pierce as a decoy and get Rondo to drive to the hoop. It almost worked.

  12. Btw, I think Marbury might be one of the nicest guys in the NBA. It’s a fact that he does more charity work and gives more real $$ away than anybody else. I think he’s been much maligned. I like the guy, a lot.

  13. I think Doc went for the win tonight….knowing Orlando lost and they could gain a game.

    The Celtics schedule is so light the rest of the regular season….its fine for Doc to play them extended minutes tonight.

  14. DRJ, what the hell is Doc is supposed to do, throw the game? He’d be getting shit if he didn’t play Ray, Pierce or Rondo enough and lost the game. Minus the overtimes, Pierce and Ray get 37 minutes apiece and Rondo gets 35 in a tightly contested game. Those are the three best players we have currently, and you play to win the game. Those three looked fine anyway, they certainly had more energy by the end of the game than in the beginning. You can’t fault Doc for minutes in a double overtime game.

  15. One last thought; this game might not have “mattered,” but it gives us a game on Orlando (who lost), and it gives the team confidence. This seemed like a game that they were destined to lose, and they fought and fought and came back and obviously won. I think this win is going to put the team in a real good mindset for the last month of the season.

  16. Yeah, I understand JD… you’re right. But for me, this game just didn’t matter much, so what the hell??

  17. Well, I don’t want those three guys playing big minutes as much as the next guy, but I’m just saying Doc didn’t have much of a choice.

  18. Thankfully, to the guys in the tank-tops and shorts, all these games matter.

  19. After Friday’s game…the Celtics don’t play until Wednesday. Like I said before, the schedule allows them to rest.

  20. I dont mind Doc playing the guys the minutes he did (although I thought rondo and ray were awful for 3 quarters) but dont go into postgame and say “you couldnt care less about the seedings” otherwise you wouldnt be playing them those minutes…

    eddie house played great, was the inspiration of why we ever even got lucky enough to make it into double overtime, and of course Pierce (although he was rather sloppy througout) and then ray FINALLY got hot late in the overtimes and hit some huge shots

  21. someone want to explain to me what that dude sitting down in this photo is doing? this is why courtside exec types suck. clearly he’s a c’s fan, he’s clapping… yet he’s sitting down!
    it would be physically impossibe for me to be sitting down at that moment. (see: the guy behind him)
    i hope pierce starts giving out courtside seats to real fans everygame possible.

  22. Man! what a great comeback i loved when ray allen delivers the swagger…

    number 2 seed baby!

  23. Wouldn’t pulling a “Bynum” be if Perk put him on his shoulders and carried him around?

  24. “Never underestimate the heart of a champion…” -Rudy T.

    Jeff Van Gundy gave Ray a great nickname on an NBA telecast last week…”Pure”.

  25. […] – Bobcats Giddens plays well in Flash loss Celtics 17 Celtics updates Red’s Army Liar  liar Sugar Ray!!!! Worcester Telegram Allen 3 wins it in 2nd OT The Exception Celtics succeed where Lakers fail ProJo […]

  26. I’m just laughing at that dude on the right in the picture. The man’s got dedication.

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