Dancer Madness – Final Four, West Bracket

Since we’re down to the Final Four, we’re going to let everyone focus on just one side of the bracket from here on out.   We’ll start out West.

Jessica – Mavs



Alexis –  Warriors

Alexis Warriors Dancer

Doesn’t that “Sunset” poll theme go nicely with the ladies bikinis?


17 Responses

  1. Yes-the sunset theme is cool. Alexis kind of looks like that smoker that Lonie Paxton dates…

  2. Jessica FTW…those eyes, and that body…Alexis is hot but not as hot as Jessica…

  3. Jessica has closed the gap…but still trails Alexis. This is an upset…

  4. Lets go Alexis (clap clap clap clap clap)

  5. The secondary photos have decided this one, in my opinion. Jessica’s is less flattering and makes her seem older whereas Alexis’ proves just how hot she is. To me, it’s Jessica by a landslide.

  6. Actually, it’s Alexis by a landslide. I’m not smart, sorry.

  7. Jon, you reversed the names in one place or another in your post. My guess is you think Alexis’ additional photos are not as good as her main pic, which is true.

    But Jessica suffers from what I consider a fatal flaw. Her boobs are just RIDICULOUS (which does not in this case mean ‘real good’). Total plastic, impossibly unnatural, and it makes her a FREAK in my book… even though the rest of her is prime.

  8. That first picture of Alexis has kept her in my number 2 spot to Nikki. But those extra pics you now have up have hurt her. Jessica all the way this round.

  9. You guys are crazy if you think anyone is even in the same league as Alexis.

  10. Exactly Jessicas 2nd picture brings her way back down to reality whereas Alexis continues to meet our expectations.

  11. Wrong…Alexis’ other pictures make her look goofy. I wouldn’t touch her….

    Jessica has made a major comeback….I can’t wait to find out who wins in the morning.

  12. Jessica looks like a barbie doll in her second picture. Thats a little too fake for me. Alexis is just straight up smoking.

  13. […] the way, we’re going to keep the voting in our Dancer Madness West Bracket open until 11:30 am.  At this very minute, 7:01 am, ONE vote separates Jessica from Alexis.  A HUGE comeback for the […]

  14. only 15 minutes left…jessica still down by 50 votes…not looking good….guess i will have to console her.

  15. The middle two pics of Alexis ruin it for me…in the righthand one she looks mannish, like Lisa Marie Presley…

    Jessica’s eyes are amazing…

  16. Jessica’s the winner 617 votes to 565. Wow

  17. Yes!

    How is this an upset, though? Both of them are stunning…

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