Liar Liar

I’m a little confused.  I could have sworn that this:

Doc in pregame: “Tony’s playing tonight. He’s running, he just needs games under his belt. That’s what we’ll give him.”

Would mean we wouldn’t have seen this:


Yeah, I’m happy that we won last night.  It was exciting and I enjoyed it.

But it didn’t mean a damn thing.  What’s the big deal, we’re now alone as the second seed?  Who cares?  There is almost no difference between the #2 and #3 seed.  It doesn’t matter if we play the Sixers or Bulls.  It doesn’t matter if we have home court against Orlando.  And it doesn’t matter when it comes to home court after the second round.

I like Doc Rivers.  I might have been his biggest defender in the “Fire Doc” days… and I think he’s the perfect kind of coach for a veteran team like this.  But I can’t get past him saying one thing about how he’s going to play players, and then doing another.  First, it was how he’s going to limit Ray and Paul’s minutes.  That never happened.  Now it’s how Tony Allen needs game reps, and that didn’t happen.

He was clear:  Tony Allen needs to get ready for the playoffs.  Doc has said that the rest of this regular season is about getting healthy and ready for the playoffs.  He had a chance last night to get Tony some time so he can start getting ready for the playoffs, and he didn’t do it.  I’m not even saying Tony should have gotten overtime minutes.  They could  have come in the first and second half.  It could have been 10-15 minutes or so, just to get him back into it.  Something.

Couldn’t the Celtics have won even while giving Tony some minutes?  Didn’t the rest of the team suck for 3 and half quarters… would it have been worse with Tony in there?  Don’t we need Tony’s defense against a young, athletic team like Charlotte?

If Doc never said anything so definitive about Tony Allen playing, this wouldn’t be an issue.  It’s like Doc agrees with what I’m saying… until the game begins and he gets too wrapped up in things to give Paul or Ray an extra 2 or 3 minutes on the bench so Tony can get in.  He needs to get past that for the next couple of weeks so the team can be ready for the playoffs.

For those of you came here this morning to bask in the glow of a double overtime thriller… we’ll end this on a high note.

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13 Responses

  1. Last nights game didnt mean much, because most of us have embraced just going in as the 3 seed…but it was an entertaining 2nd half, the most entertaining basketball game ive seen in a while…and quite frankly, for those of you still hoping to get the 2 seed…it was pretty big

    and who cares if tony allen didnt play…its tony allen…they played bill walker instead of him, and probably didnt like what they saw in shootaround, and in the heat of the game didnt go to him

  2. LOL…Perk played 48 minutes and only took 3 shots…wow…he couldnt care less if he ever scored again he just like banging, playing defense and rebounding…gotta love it….he had some SICK blocks last night

  3. gotta love Ray’s sleeves on both hands lol

  4. one more thing:
    The Bobcats are much better then there record, that mid-season trade was great for them, and they would definetly be trouble in the playoffs for anybody, theyre gelling and playing at a very high level and are obviously very well coached..

    I think theyre better then atlanta, miami, detroit or any of those teams, and are playing better right now…they deserve to be in the playoffs

  5. Tony made it to the scorer’s table in the 4th….but a red hot Eddie kept him on the bench. I have to agree with John though – Doc is terrible at managing minutes. He’s very good at talking out both sides of his mouth though.

  6. And with KG’s health more of a question mark – I think the 2nd seed becomes very important. Not sure we can beat Orlando without Garnett and home court.

  7. Criticize doc for his minutes management all you want, but the fact is, this is a winning team with a winning culture right now..and they play and coach to win every game…and to do that he has to play his two top guns more minutes..
    If rondo makes a layup off a perfectly drawn up play, we dont go to 2 ot’s, and therefore spare PP and RA the extra play..

    when it comes down to it for me, this turned out to be one of the more entertainng games of the season, and thats what its all about…Im not so sure the celtics win it all this season, so im gonna enjoy them in moments like this

  8. Anyone else here gonna try to meet pierce tomorrow for those tickets?? I’m all over that!!!

  9. Can we believe anything Doc says? is assurances of KG being back in time for the 3 regular season games or the playoffs? I have said this before but why can’t the team just be upfront?

  10. While I am just as worried about the minutes that Paul and Ray are playing I think this game was more important than you guys realize. If god forbid the KG and Leon issues keep them very limited in the playoffs than this game was a momentum builder.
    We all know the heart that this team has but you can’t always just flip the switch. From the second part of the 4th till ray hit that shot in OT2 these guys really dug down and proved that they can do it when their backs are against the wall. A game like this leaves a lasting feeling with a team.
    Great win!

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  12. @double P reppin the B:

    Absolutely… I don’t have classes tomorrow so I’ll be there all afternoon. My only question is does he mean you just have to have a Pierce jersey, or a game-worn Pierce jersey? And does and Inglewood high school jersey qualify? Regardless, I’ll be there taking my chances.

  13. LOL maybe Doc was playing an april’s fool joke on TA and the fans

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