Dancer Madness – East Finals


In an amazing back and forth battle, it was Jessica who overcame a late deficit to win 617 to 565.  She was down with 15 minutes to go, but rallied to pull ahead.

So one top seed is advancing.  Will another?  This East battle promises to be epic. Who will face Jessica?  Will it be our local girl, Alison Preston?





Or will it be Nikki from Miami?



19 Responses

  1. Alison’s stock might improve with those additional photos…but then again…so will Nikki.

    Great work John – you must be commended for this.

  2. This is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

    Man… this is a tough choice. Nikki is just blazin’ hot… but so is Alison. Jeez

  3. Yep, the extra pics don’t hurt either girls chances this time. I hate rooting against a Celtic-especially a super gorgeous one, but Nikki is off the charts HOT.

  4. I predict Nikki in a blowout….

  5. I would vote for Allison, but then I’d worry that she could lose to Jessica (who I consider a freak with that ridiculous malformation she has where her boobs should be). Nikki’s not gonna lose to Jessica, no way. Gotta be Nikki.

  6. Why Alexis?? I haven’t felt this bad since the Patriots lost the superbowl, haha! Well, theres only one thing to do now, VOTE FOR NIKKI!

  7. Alison’s new pics are red hot… the chair pics.. oh yes!

    Nikki looks younger and blazing hot college girl look…


  8. Alright this tournament was the best idea you guys have had in a long time until you guys decided to fix the voting. I know for a fact someone fixed it so that Allison beat Natasha.

    And there is absolutely no way Alexis could lose to Jessica unless it was rigged.

    I’ve lost interest in the tournament from here on out…. no point in voting since people are just voting 50 times each. I mean, Jessica in the finals? That is awful. That basically means that if I paid enough money for plastic surgery, I’d be in the finals too.

  9. LOL Tim…

  10. Don’t blame us. We just post the pics and let you all vote. Maybe some people are pulling the old “clear the cache and vote again” move… oh well.

  11. I didn’t mean to say that you guys are fixing it yourself. What I meant is that basically it is fixed because people are abusing their vote. You think Jessica really had about 75 votes in 15 minutes?

  12. Tim is upset over voting on cheerleaders on a blog? Pathetic…

    I personally think Jessica is more beautiful than Alexis so I was glad to see the win…now this one is tougher but I think I have to go with Allison…

  13. Allison needs a nose job
    Jessica needs a time machine, so she can go back and kill her plastic surgeon before he deformed her
    Nikki wins by default… and she’s hot

  14. DRJ no bull shit straight to the point – I like that.

    I have a confession to make – I was one of the guys that voted 50 times (vote return to poll vote return to poll… LOL)

    Sue me!

  15. The Jessica surge was strange…and for the record…I had nothing to do with it. And our web site stats don’t show any traffic from a Mavs site.

    And you shouldn’t be able to vote more than once without clearing the cache…Fsantos you are full of it.

  16. But when you do that, it says “thanks, we already counted your vote.” repeat voting is blocked, unless you clear your cache and cookies… which seems like a crazy effort for something like this.

  17. Meanwhile… how about Alison taking the lead as of 3:30pm?

  18. Just pulling your leg – I wasn’t able to vote that many times.

  19. BD… apparently you’re new around here. I post on everything regardless of whether or not it’s important.

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