That’s Balance


Gotta love that box score. Five guys in double figures. Four guys with at least 4 assists. Perk had 7 blocks and Big Baby with one gigantic swat on Solomon Jones.

Sorry for the short post, but I had trouble staying awake through this one. It’s tough getting old.

Celtics 104 – Hawks 92 |Box Score

Orlando absolutely destroyed the Cavaliers.


13 Responses

  1. GBBD’s block at the end was beast, even if Russell wouldn’t have been so proud.

  2. GBBD’s block at the end was beast, even if Russell wouldn’t have been so proud.

  3. Sorry for the double post, it was a mistake . . .

  4. thjat’s cool chuck too drunk to read a long post thanks

  5. Tommy said: “That Marbury’s a pretty nifty defensive player. He works hard.” How do ya like THEM apples? From all-offense locker-room-cancer non-team-player to hard-defending ball distributor. Never did believe those media stories. Believe what we see.

    One note: Paul played with exceptional energy tonight. That’s the 3rd time he’s mentioned the hyperbaric chamber and each time he’s had extraordinary energy. I say put the whole team in there!

    Wyc did brown-nose the refs saying he saw a foul that nobody else by the equally delusional ref saw. Paul was right, there was no foul. O well, you’re forgiven Wyc. Just don’t do it again.

    Loved Perk’s reaction to Baby’s big block on Jones at the end. He’s thinking “First the kid takes KG’s job, now he’s after mine!” Lotta fun.

  6. Nice feeling from the team tonight, especially the third quarter. Everybody had that energy. And give me more of GBBD’s post-block trash talk. I think people in the league see his clowniness and goofy smile, but the smack and steely gaze after the block may make ’em think (before he started checking the jumbotron for his own replay that is).

  7. Well, Doc did a good job handling the minutes, except for Ray, who got 39. But PP and RR had about 30 each. I’m hoping Doc can keep those three guys below 35 mpg from here on out.

  8. Tried to find a clip of Baby’s block-nothing yet. Baby has really stepped things up. I’d put money on it that KG has been in his ear alot since being injured. Perk also has been a defensive dynamo lately. Would be nice to go into Cleveland for that big game on a nice win-streak.

  9. “Whenever Jordan Farmar sees Kevin Garnett coaching up Rajon Rondo he probably feels like the kid with the alcoholic dad who looks out the window and sees the kid next door playing catch with his dad in the front yard.”

    Just found that hilarious quote on some random blog, thought I would share it.

  10. That, my friends, is the greatest quote of all-time.

  11. Thats what I thought.


  13. anyone else sick of hearing about the Cavs and Lakers potentially meeting up in the finals? and the fight for best overall record? who gives a flying fuck, and fyi national media assholes, it isnt a foregone conclusion those teams will be in the finals, or that whoever gets best overall record will win it all…wake the fuck up and realize last year was an abberartion

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