Eddie House: Unsung Hero


You know for a Lakers fan, Don over at With-Malice has some pretty good ideas.  One of them is unsung player day.  It’s a day for the guy who doesn’t get any real attention otherwise.  He’s a role player who flies under the radar.  Ideally, it’s a guy who gets only about 10 minutes a game, but I’m gonna bend the rules a little here to give some well deserved credit to a man who has come off the bench to flat-out carry the Celtics at times:  Eddie House.

I don’t think people are purposely ignoring what Eddie has done for the Celtics this year.  I think he’s a victim of circumstance.  Obviously the Big 3 split a big share of the spotlight.  Then Rondo gets some.  And now with KG hurt, guys like Leon Powe and Glen Davis have stepped up and become big story lines.

But throughout it all, Eddie has been there, drilling three after three.  He’s been unconcious.  He’s never hit this many threes in his career.  With the Celtics down 12 with 6 minutes to go, Eddie House banged a couple of threes to cut the lead to single digits.  He hit another jumper with less than a minute to go to cut it to 2.  In the overtime, when Charlotte came out and took a lead, Eddie hit another three to take that lead right back.

And that, in a nutshell, is what Eddie does for the Celtics.  It almost feels like they’re never out of a game.  Even if you’re down 20, Eddie can get hot, hit a few threes, and next thing you know, you’re down 11 and within striking distance.  If you’re nursing a single-digit lead, Eddie turn it into a comfortable lead in just about a single minute of play.

There are 5 games left in the season, and if Eddie can just get a little bit hotter, he can replace his boss’ name in the Celtics record book.  In 1986-87, Danny Ainge hit 44.3% of his three pointers.  Eddie is at 43.8%.  But what makes it really impressive is that Eddie is currently 139 of 317.  Danny was 85 of 192.

We all know that Eddie has been awesome for the Celtics this year.  He’s had some unreal games.  And without him, the Celtics might have lost a few more games this year.  And without him, some of the blowouts the Celtics have had would have been closer games… forcing our stars to play even more minutes.  Eddie’s had a huge impact on the team this year, and he deserves much more credit than he’s getting.

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10 Responses

  1. He got mad fire in the belly as well….love to watch that man get fired up, face-wise, on the court.

  2. Good stuff… House is fantastic, and gets no where near the kudos due to him.

  3. You know what I really love about Eddie?

    He’ll look a guy like Ray Allen in the face and say “I don’t care who you are… I can out-shoot you”

    He’s got a TON of confidence. He knows he can shoot.

    On top of that, and I should have included this in the piece, no one in the world has a quicker release. Not even close. That ball is in and out of his hands in a blink.

  4. House is the only real reliable bench player the Celtics have had all year. We’ve had plenty of injuries but House has always been there and you know exactly what he’s gunna bring to the table. I’m glad to see everyone else is noticing it as well.

  5. He definetly fits the bill for this teams unsung hero, no question about it.
    Hes only missed 1 game
    He hardly ever gets credit
    Hes the king of Momentum and comeback and evren dagge 3’s
    Hes an awesome teammate and leader from the bench who never complains
    Love eddie house

  6. Man is it a love fest in here or what today. Group Hug?

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  8. Eddie’s the man. Clutch shooter, always motivating his teammates, tells it like it is and will actually pass up a shot if a teammate has a better one. Thank God we resigned him as if we would’ve lost both he and Posey, and don’t believe this team would be where they are now. House is an unsung hero.

  9. 5 games left, averaging 4.2 3 attempts per game, puts him at about 21 more attempts. Here’s a chart of minimum success to achieve the record (43.27%).

    3A 3M 5G % Final % Record
    1 1 100.0% 44.03% FALSE
    2 2 100.0% 44.20% FALSE
    3 3 100.0% 44.38% RECORD
    4 4 100.0% 44.55% RECORD
    5 4 80.0% 44.41% RECORD
    6 4 66.7% 44.27% RECORD
    7 5 71.4% 44.44% RECORD
    8 5 62.5% 44.31% RECORD
    9 6 66.7% 44.48% RECORD
    10 6 60.0% 44.34% RECORD
    11 7 63.6% 44.51% RECORD
    12 7 58.3% 44.38% RECORD
    13 8 61.5% 44.55% RECORD
    14 8 57.1% 44.41% RECORD
    15 8 53.3% 44.28% RECORD
    16 9 56.3% 44.44% RECORD
    17 9 52.9% 44.31% RECORD
    18 10 55.6% 44.48% RECORD
    19 10 52.6% 44.35% RECORD
    20 11 55.0% 44.51% RECORD
    21 11 52.4% 44.38% RECORD
    22 12 54.5% 44.54% RECORD
    23 12 52.2% 44.41% RECORD
    24 12 50.0% 44.28% RECORD
    25 13 52.0% 44.44% RECORD
    26 13 50.0% 44.31% RECORD
    27 14 51.9% 44.48% RECORD
    28 14 50.0% 44.35% RECORD
    29 15 51.7% 44.51% RECORD
    30 15 50.0% 44.38% RECORD
    31 16 51.6% 44.54% RECORD
    32 16 50.0% 44.41% RECORD
    33 16 48.5% 44.29% RECORD
    34 17 50.0% 44.44% RECORD
    35 17 48.6% 44.32% RECORD

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