KG To Russell: Say What Now?

That’s a sneak preview of Bill Russell’s interview with Tim Duncan that will air today on ABC.

Now… we all remember Russ interviewing KG.  It was awesome.  But Big Russ drops a line on Tim Duncan that might have KG doing a double-take today.  Here’s the transcript, from NESWSports:

Bill Russell to Tim Duncan= When Jackie Robinson died “his wife called me and said I want you to be a pallbearer at Jackie’s funeral. I said… Of course. I said but could I ask why? Why me? And she said, ‘You were Jackie’s favorite athlete, and because the way you conducted ( He is interrupted by Tim Duncan saying ‘that is pretty cool’, then Bill looks at Tim and says ) And I feel the same way about you

In all fairness, Timmy is probably the closest modern basketball player to Bill Russell as far as demeanor.  I’m sure some of KG’s theatrics turn Bill off in some respect.  I get that.  I just don’t want to be in the same room with KG when he hears that line.  That’s all I’m saying.

Be sure to keep voting in our Dancer Madness finals.  Nikki currently leads Jessica 261 votes to 199.  Close contest.  We’re keeping the voting open until tomorrow.  We’ll announce the winner in the morning… so as not to upstage the NCAA tournament.  Plus, I want to give the Mayors or Miami or Dallas time to plan their parade for the winner.


13 Responses

  1. I have to agree with Russell. I prefer Duncan to KG myself.

  2. I agree with your comparison “the closest modern player” but i wouldn’t be afraid to be in the same room as KG when he sees this interview. KG knows better than to step to greatest of all time. I can’t wait to see if any “fans” disagree and are willing to take Bill to task for this one.

  3. Russ is an old man….you can’t hold anything against him.

  4. I think he can have more then one fav. player. Tim Duncan is a great player and I don’t think KG would mind sharing that distinction. I do wonder though if Bill says to every player then there might be a problem. :)

  5. Of course you do Rqaps fan you Raps fans are mad at KG still we get it.

  6. Raps fan I also don’t recall Russell saying to Duncan’ I prefer you over KG’. He has called them both his fav. players.

  7. He can have 11 favorite players if he wants.

  8. to keep this in context he was comparing his feelings toward duncan to those of one of the greatest baseball players towards himself. There is a difference between athlete and basketball player.

  9. Bet russ only gets a high five next time KG walks by. Then Kg Goes and Robert Parish, who is standing next to russ, and says, “you were always my favorite player!”

  10. KG’s game is much closer to Russ’s (I’m too young to have watched Russ play, but having watched the NBA Dynasty Series DVD with the fourth quarter of Game Seven of the 1969 Finals, the resemblance of their games is uncanny). High-post, help defense, etc.

  11. Diehard celtics fans here that thinks…no, i Know that Tim Duncan is better then KG, and thats no slap to KG, but Tim duncan is the best PF ever, and he also carrys himself the complete opposite of KG, very calm, cool, humble…and an all time great who basically is the modern day bill russell

  12. Duncan has only one thing KG does not-mutilple rings. What’s a raps fan? Is that like a cat scan..?

  13. I took it to mean a Toronto Raptor fan who are probably still mad at KG when he ‘taunted’ Calderon I guess.

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