Dancer Madness: And The Winner Is…


In a final tally of 811 votes to 808, It’s Nikki that has won our Dancer Madness challenge.  Nikki Sapp is officially the hottest dancer in the NBA.

After the jump, some as-yet-unseen photos of the champ in action… including one of those little school girl-type outfits that we guys seem to like so much.

Congrats to all of our competitors.  I know there is some debate over all of this… but in the end… we gave you a week and a half of hot chicks wearing very little clothing…  so shut the hell up.






19 Responses

  1. Nikki is so hot!!

  2. Wow-what a sudden spike in votes since 11pm last night! This reeks of Florida circa 2000..jk

  3. I think it reeks of people realizing that Jessica is too tubby, and that fake tan she has makes her look like an oompa loopa.

  4. Whoa.. wow… don’t hate on Jessica. She beat some pretty good competition to get here.

  5. Is it weird that I’m sitting in class looking up pictures of Alexis even though she was eliminated like a week ago?

  6. I find nothing attractive about her, and still don’t understand how she got as far as she did.

  7. I’d have picked Alexis or Aminda to go further than Jessica.

  8. Hold on…. let me look into the crystal ball here….

    …. I see Tim… getting a restraining order

  9. When you say look into a crystal ball…. I think you mean to say look into my past.

  10. Its impossible to discuss this tournament with Tim anymore. Everytime I discuss any one of the matchups and it always leads to him saying “Alexis is a goddess”

  11. She is though.

  12. @Danno-I respect your opinion, but you cannot call a girl with 6-pack abs “tubby.” Unless we’re using Kate Moss as a All in all, a hot chick won-that’s all I really care about. When’s the next Celtics’ game…? lmao

  13. Its kinda funny/sad that all we’ve been doing these past 2 week is talk & critic cheerleaders… Thats why I love

    Oh and redsarmy I think the crystal ball mistakenly looked into my future.

  14. haha funny i came to post in here that Alexis should have won this competition and it seems I’m not alone as I’m reading through the comments. I thought she was the best looking by far, dont understand how she didnt make it

  15. I saw you wrote that Redsarmy is one of the fastest growing Cs blogs. Don’t know if growth is what you want, but if so, you should do a little more SEO. Specifically, the search term anybody looking for this kind of blog will likely use is “Celtics blog”. A Google search on that term brings up Redsarmy buried on page 10. Bring it up to page 1 and you should see a surge.

    But what kind of site this will become then is another matter.

  16. What’s even more interesting is that we even voted for a girl that’s not even in the Heat’s 2009 dancer roster (yes, I even checked that – how could you not, these girls are something else!). But I have to say that Alexis was hotter.

  17. what are you talking about? This has been an exhausting research project.

    Once again…. hot chicks…. bikinis. What’s the goddam problem?

  18. Chill out bro…just a bit of trivia. No complains here.

  19. She’s so freakin hot, and there is zero problem. In the lycra/leather outfit. The chic in the background is Pats Football Weekly’s very own Kristina Akra isn’t it?

    (yes, I feel I deserve some sort of prize for that)

    Great work guys. A very enjoyable contest. I shudder to think about the amount of google image searches you paged through, but we appreciate it.

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