Ginobili Done for Year

So much for the Spurs knocking off the Lakers:

Manu Ginobili is out for the rest of the season and the playoffs.

The Spurs guard underwent scans on Monday that showed his troubled right ankle has gotten worse. Ginobili missed 19 games after the All-Star break before coming back late last month.

The Spurs said tests showed Ginobili had an increased narrow edema and stress fracture in his right distal fibula.

Say what? He can’t play with an increased narrow edema? What a bitch.


36 Responses

  1. Its the year of the ankle!

  2. As a basketball fan I hate to see anyone get injured even if it works to our advantage. Calling him a bitch is wrong and its probably gonna come back to haunt us….many rejoiced in Bynums knee injury and what do we get KG’s knee and the MVP SM.

    Thanks for making us all look like a$$holes

  3. Lay out the red carpet for the Los Angeles Lakers.

  4. pretty sure it was a joke, bigbad&green

  5. There have been way to many ankle injuries this year. Once you tweak it,its never the same. Manu always plays hard and I hope he fully recovers.

  6. Tasteless joke Red. I dont think anyone one here would think it was funny if they read the same joke about KG, Rondo or any other Celtic.

  7. its sarcasm bigbad&green and it was obvious sarcasm at that….lighten the f-up.

  8. Seriously man… can you not detect sarcasm? I think it’s pretty clear.

    If someone wrote “Rondo can’t play on a broken leg? What a bitch”…. I’m pretty sure I could figure out that it was a sarcastic remark.

  9. ehh.. ginobili flopped

  10. lol KG is out for the rest of the regular season? What a bitch.

  11. Ginobli is the guy that you hate to have on the other team, but would love to have on your’s. Does Michigan St actually think they have a chance

  12. Ginobili playing in the Olympics cost the Spurs very dearly this year, including a shot at the title. Bogut is similarly liable, though of course no one would argue the title was in play for the Bucks. How about Boozer?

    I’ve never been behind stars playing in these “exhibitions” (that includes MLBers in the WBC, especially pitchers). Imagine being the Spurs owner and you pay Ginobili millions of dollars a year, invest in him as a part of your organization to bring wins and a legit shot at the title. Then, even though he already goes through 100 games (pre-season, season, playoffs), he decides to go play for another team for free (never mind it’s his home country, it’s ANOTHER TEAM THAT DOES NOT PAY HIS MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR SALARY) and gets hurt and all of your investment takes a major blow. I would be irate. This is not much different than going and crashing your motorcycle when your not even supposed to be on one. When your employer pays you that kind of money and your responsibility is to be as absolutely prepared as possible to perform at your very best and you go and undermine that IN ANY OTHER KIND OF ACTIVITY, you have screwed your employer, not to mention your teammates and their fans.

    Even if he didn’t get hurt, there’s an offseason for a reason, he should be resting not putting more mileage on his body. Playing for your country is nice, but your major source of income, especially when that source is massive, should come way before national “glory.”

    Even before this incident, I would never begrudge an owner who said “You want to play for your country? Sure. Sign this that says if you hurt yourself and it impacts our season (however you might define that), you will forfeit half your salary for the year. No? Didn’t think so. You don’t want to put your money on the line? I’m not risking my investment in you either. You’re #1 priority is to be ready to play our games to the best of your abilities, regardless of how much I pay. You want to risk being at 100% for some other cause? You assume the risk. Don’t expect me to.”

  13. Not the same, Anonymous… not the same.

    For fuck’s sake… can you look up sarcasm before you pull that shit?

  14. Okay so calling it sarcasm makes it better. Forgive me but my public schooling taught me that sarcasm is:

    1: a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to CUT or give PAIN

    2: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on BITTER, CAUSTIC, and often ironic language that is usually directed AGAINST an INDIVIDUAL b: the use or language of sarcasm.

    There is nothing ironic about calling someone a bitch especially when at his age could/may be career ending should he get surgery.

    Should have left it alone as a bad joke.

    Red it wouldn’t be sarcastic if Rondo actually had a broken leg and it was written by someone that was clearly not a Celtic fan. Sure some Celtic fans may think its funny but no one else will. Laugh at the old dude that injured whatever make you sleep better but don’t get all angry when it god forbid happens to a Celtic

    BigMck you wrote it and defending only shows you understand that it isn’t as simple as being funny.

  15. @bigbad&green: You’ll come to expect this kind of behavior from Chuck. Truly classless individual.

  16. (sarcasm)

  17. Kinda.

  18. I enjoy watching Manu, and it’s unfortunate that we won’t get to see him be the thorn in Kobe’s side in the playoffs.

  19. For anyone still confused over sarcasm:

  20. Every post I have seen from BigBad&Green has been so damn annoying holy shit talk about debby downer shut up if all your gonna do is bitch about things.

    on a much lighter note, news on KG:

    Meanwhile, Rivers said Kevin Garnett was making improvement as he rehabs his sprained right knee.

    “I’m just really happy with what we see,” Rivers said. “A week ago there was more concern. This week, less concern. He looks great, he’s moving great. You can just tell the difference.”

    Rivers said he expected Garnett to accompany the team during the final road trip of the regular season to Cleveland and Philadelphia. He ruled out Garnett playing against the Cavaliers on Sunday, but said he could play April 14 against the 76ers.

    “He won’t play this week, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. But he’s going to go on the road with us and start practicing,” Rivers said.

  21. John did you cry during “One shining moment” I know you are sensitive about it.

  22. Or was that Chuck? One shining moment….

  23. KG out with a torn muscle? What a bitch.

    Ben Wallace out with a broken leg? What a bitch.

    Manu Ginobli out with a narrow edema? What a bitch.

    Andrew Bynum out with a torn MCL? What a bitch.

    Don’t see how there’s any sarcasm in making fun of people’s injury. Classless post RedsArmy.

    I wouldn’t be happy if anyone called our players bitches for their injuries.

  24. Btw… there’s no such thing as “narrow edema”. Which made the “bitch” reference even funnier :)

    It’s “marrow edema” (as in bone marrow), which indicates stress. (…as if the fracture were not enough. Bitch.)

  25. @WestCoastCelt: totally disagree. I think you can’t understand what the national team means outside the US. For a non-American player, being chosen for the national team is still one of the greatest honors, the rest comes behind. Not to mention the honor to go to the olympics.

  26. I forgot: NBA owners still have the last word for the players going to the national teams (for example Raptors didn’t let Bargnani join the Italian team this summer) so I figure the Spurs knew what they were doing.

  27. Oh man.

    It’s like when I say to Chuck “hey Chuck, wanna head into Boston and watch the C’s”

    Chuck says “I can’t tonight, I’ve got to take my son to something”

    And I say “Oh sure.. blow me and the Celtics off for your family. You know, your priorities are so far out of whack, it’s scary”
    See… I don’t REALLY think his priorities are out of whack. I’m just trying to get a laugh out of him. It’s a sarcastic remark.

    So, CelticPride, I’m not making fun of Chuck. It’s the opposite of that. That’s what sarcasm is. We’re not making fun of the injury or the player. It’s supposed to be funny.

    I can’t believe I just wasted time explaining that again. If you can’t understand a simple sarcastic comment, then you’re beyond help.

  28. I was wrong, completely wrong. Manu Ginobili is not a bitch. The only bitches around here are CelticsPride and bigbad&green.

  29. Tim the jab at chuck had me laughing out loud……. “kinda”… great timing !!!!!!!

  30. People, It’s totally ridiculous to make fun of Manu for not playing through the serious injuries he has! That would go for any player that is out with legitimate injuries, but goes double for Manu. He’s one tough dude, even if he does flop. Anyone seriously think he’d rather watch from the sideline than help his team try to win another championship? A reasonable interpretation would be that BigMck intended no disrespect but instead meant to be ironic to inspire some laughs. I laughed. It was ironic, not sarcastic, in my book. Sarcasm carries at least some meanness and bitterness and there was none of that in what BigMck wrote. If he said that about me I’d take it as a compliment. I’d think he was implying that I’m a tough dude since he was trying to get laughs by calling me a name for not playing when I’m seriously injured.

    I have a degree in English from UC Berkeley so anyone wanting to debate this better bring the heat. BTW by “heat” I mean a good argument, not a gun or a 95 mph fastball. And also I don’t mean to be a pompous jerk about my degree, I just want to make a joke. I don’t really think I can necessarily make a better argument than anyone else because of my English degree from Cal.

    Okay, now I have to say: why does Rondo keeping hurting his ankles? It seems to me that he might not be getting them taped fully. Last year in the playoffs, after he hurt his ankle in a game, and later came back in the game – I think it was vs. the Pistons – he told a reporter that after getting hurt he had gotten his ankle fully taped for the first time ever. Does he have something against tape? Is he not getting his ankles fully taped even after all these nagging ankle problems?

  31. You guys who run this site have a lot more patience that I would have. I’d have responded to bigbad (and Pride’s) posts with a big fat “blow me”.

    Anyway, let me suggest that bigbad is a troll. Every time he posts, it’s to draw trouble/argument. Last time, he even specifically asked for it. Besides, it’s not really fathomable, or believable, that anyone could not understand the intended humor in calling someone a bitch for not playing on a BROKEN LEG… ferkrissakes.

  32. Sarcasm & the internets.

    not friends.

  33. lol shitstorm. I was trolling.

  34. 11 rings- I thought bring the heat meant bring something to light my doobage with while we chain ourselves to trees and refuse to bathe while conducting a hunger strike at UC Berkeley.

    sorry, I was being sarcastic.

    ps – Manu is a bitch, not because of a percieved lack of toughness to play through pain, but because he flops and whines for calls like a bitch.

  35. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Lakerhater. Actually, I don’t need a cause to refuse to bathe. And don’t forget Powe is a Cal man, too.

    Varitek home run baby!

  36. Speaking of whining for calls, what if the Celtics sign ‘Sheed this summer. Is that even a possibility? Should we try to sign him?

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