Rondo Limps Off Practice Floor

Both Scott Souza and Mike Petraglia of WEEI report Rondo turned his ankle in practice today and limped off the floor.  Said Doc:

“He sprained his ankle,” Rivers said. “It wasn’t anything bad, I don’t think. So he’ll be fine.”

“He just twisted his ankle, nothing bad but instead of keeping him out on the floor, easier to take him off”

Relatively minor, apparently… but considering his recent ankle issues… it’s worth mentioning.


12 Responses

  1. Translation – Broken Ankle. I don’t believe anything Doc or Danny say to the media anymore especially about injuries.

  2. Hah…

    I just saw the video. It’s probably nothing. He never even went to the floor.

  3. more fodder to get the paranoid people all riled up?

  4. I blame… Oh wait I shouldn’t start that again huh?

  5. video?

  6. I saw it on TV. We’ll see if they post any of it online. I’ll update this post if someone does.

  7. Ah ok. I was surfing news channels during dinner – but all I caught was the weather and the postponed sox game. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

  8. nah… like I said… he never even went to the ground.

  9. Do we have trainers, conditioning coaches or anything resembling a medic? WTF?

  10. Maybe if he didn’t wear low tops….

  11. CSN SportsTonight has the “video”. Watch the 10:3opm rebroadcast-the segment is about 8 minutes in…

  12. He never ties his sneakers right, doh

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