Proof LeBron Gets Star Treatment

Sam Smith of makes a great case proving NBA referees treat LeBron James like no other star player… past or present.

In 12 of the 20 games since then (March 1), James has been called for one or zero fouls in a game. James had a stretch of five straight games to conclude March averaging 36.8 minutes per game without being called for one foul. Not one in five games! In the last nine games, James has been called for three personal fouls. It’s really amazing given the involvement James has in the action of the game.

“It’s impossible,” said one team executive.

MJ averaged fewer than two fouls per game only in his last two seasons, and never as few as James’ current 1.72. Among some of the great perimeter players in history, at a time when substantially more perimeter contact was allowed, Larry Bird averaged about 2.5 fouls, Magic Johnson 2.26 and Jerry West and Oscar Robertson well above two per game.

In the game now, Kobe Bryant has a career average of about 2.7 fouls per game and is about 2.3 this season. Dwyane Wade has a career average of 2.67 and is about 2.2 this season.

It simply defies explanation how James, who is an aggressive player, can be whistled for so few fouls per game, and especially at a time his team is saying he never has played better defense and when the rules are more stringent regarding perimeter contact. Can he truly be that perfect?

The answer is no. It sickens me that David Stern allows his referees to do their job with such a blatant bias.

For those wondering, here are the avg fouls per game for the Celtics starters – the team with the best defensive field goal percentage in the league:

  • Pierce – 2.7
  • R. Allen – 2.0
  • Garnett – 2.20
  • Rondo – 2.50
  • Perkins – 3.40

Looks like it will be 5-on-8 in the Eastern Conference Finals.


23 Responses

  1. Yep. Everyone knows it. Everyone has always known it. And it will never change. Oh well.

  2. This was really quite obvious.

    I guess the Bulls writer has nothing much to talk about. ;D

  3. 5 on 8 I like our chances!!

  4. It wasn’t so obvious to me. Offensively, yes, he gets all the calls. But I didn’t think it was on both ends of the floor.

  5. Of course this is the way the NBA has been ran for years. The comedic irony here is that a writer from is complaining about this. The Chicago Bulls were poster children for NBA preferential treatment… hell they may have invented it. They damn sure perfected it.

  6. Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

  7. Oh well, Jordan The King Rules. Just the way it is. Is it tip-off time for C’s and Nets yet..??

  8. haaaa yea that sounds about right, what a fucking joke

  9. David Stern on his knees – Sell James Sell!!! Cha F’in Ching!!!!!!!!

  10. Ya the Bulls were not complaining when Jordan was pushing Utah gard B.Russell out the way to get his jumper off. What a f-in joke.

  11. Orlando lost to the Rockets. Hooray!

  12. There is something we can do about it. We’re doing it. The more everybody talks about blatant ref bias.. especially if it gets into the mainstream media… the better.

  13. When was the last time Lebroad fouled out of a game? Just curious?

  14. trust me …they want a lebron…kobe…finals.!!with both teams having home court, it’s gonna happen.!!remember the nba is a business……

  15. Name one star that doesn’t get “star” treatment.

    Please don’t start playing the refs are against us card already…

  16. […] Sam Smith’s tears are forming a river in Chicago: “Do the referees consciously protect James knowing he is perhaps the league’s top marketing figure and he is featured more than any player on the nightly sports highlights? I always doubt that knowing the integrity of the refereeing corps as a group and believe NBA officiating is the best in sports.  Still, we’ve never seen anything like this. Especially at a time when it is generally agreed with rules changes it is the most difficult time to defend on the perimeter without committing fouls.” [ via Red’s Army] […]

  17. haha you guys are a bunch of babies. bron has to practically beg for fouls called on his drives to tha basket. refs even said that its very difficult to determine when he is fouled becuz he is so strong and almost nothing throws him off his course. even IF bron was called for more fouls it wouldnt impact the outcome of the game. the cavs commit just as many fouls as the next team and play the BEST D in the nba this year.

    watch out in the playoffs cuz Boston doesnt stand a chance. that is if you get past orlando in the second round. What are you gonna do with that corny banner when the celts are no longer the reigning champs? people who complain about the refs are losers… especially since you got every call in game 7 last year against the cavs. it all evens out you and i dont understand that then go cry like glen davis

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  19. Adam, you are totally blind if you think Lebron has to beg for fouls. LOL

  20. Hey adam, if queen James is so strong, why does he whine like a bitch for calls anytime anyone brushes against him? This crap is impossible to justify, let alone the fact that he travels at least 10 times a game and is RARELY called for it. Crab dribble? Are you sh*tting me?

  21. begging for fouls on the way to the basket has nothing to do with the issue here which is being called for fouls when he’s defending
    and you’d bet it’d affect the outcome of the game if he was called for fouls especially if they gasp! actually decided to call some of those bogus blocking fouls charges like they should

  22. […] LeBron gets the Star Treatment < Red Army […]

  23. […] LeBron gets the Star Treatment < Red Army […]

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