Scal is Symptom Free

Via the Celtics Twitter page:

Scalabrine cleared for non-contact 5-on-0 drills today. He called his progress “Baby steps” and says he’s been symptom free for 8 days.

Another piece of the puzzle is rounding into form on the defending champs. Soon Scal will be able to take it to the next level and give 110 percent. I’m running out of cliches….


18 Responses

  1. You think he will even be ready that soon? How long we talkin here? Hope this doesn’t throw off the chemistry with the new guys…

  2. he should where a helmet Like john olerud

  3. Scallie shouldn’t be playing. Brain injury ain’t no joke. It doesn’t heal like an elbow, knee or ankle. For your own good Scal wait till next year bro.

  4. I hope he is truly healthy enough to come back, I miss seeing him on the court.

  5. and whose minutes would he be taking? BBD’s? I think i would rather see big baby playing than scal but it sure is nice to have the insurance of him there to use if needed

  6. I will be scared to watch if Scal tries to come back – All it takes is one more knock to his head and say good night.

  7. Non-contact shootaround, no problem. Game play is not going to happen, no way. His doc actually wrote the guidelines which say that 3 concussions ends the season.

  8. SCAL_A_BRINE..clap clap..clap clap clap. I hope I’m at the Garden when he come onto the floor-that place is going to erupt. Shows you how crazy us C’s fans I’ll believe Doc’s comments on KG when I see KG play consistently. Sorry Doc, but we’ve heard this before, and he was yanked off the court pretty quickly last time…


    oh wait…scal didnt play a second in last years playoffs and wont this year either. We needed him the last few months to be a utility guy in KG/Powe/TA’s abscense…better late then never? no not really, who knows if he’d play in the playoffs at 100%, nevermind now

    Happy for scal the person that hes feeling better, but why would the garden erupt with him coming back? thats pretty corny

  10. Haha for some reason I can actual picture Scal wearing a helmet out there.

  11. Helmets will be the new masks!! Instead of Rip Hamilton and Sczerbiak in masks, we’ll have Scal and TJ Ford in helmets..How ’bout a Scal-helmet photoshop contest..? Or is that going too far…

  12. All jokes aside…. I would really be scared for Scal if he came back.

  13. Scal is a class act!! He does not let anything get him down and he’s a loyal Celtic. Even when Doc was not playing him he was positive. We need more guys like this in the league unlike Iverson where he thinks he can play with one arm and no legs. Take what you get your lucky your still in the league AI. My advice to Scal is to come back next year I would hate to see his injury get worse.

  14. Too many days without a Celtics game on. I might have get my Celtics Fix and slap in the Finals DVD tonight.

  15. Fsantos, you’re telling me. Thank God at least the Sox were on today, but still.

  16. This all started when Scal foolishly fouled Dirk Nowitzki’s elbow with his jaw in the Dallas game.

  17. you have the actual Finals games on dvd..? I have Games 2 and 6 that I bought off internet…

  18. Fsantos… I did that over the weekend. Excellent decision. Good reminder of what it takes to win a championship, and just how worth it winning it is.

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