Caption Contest


Courtesy: Barstool Sports

According to Barstool sports, that’s a Pau Gasol truck on the road in San Diego.

Have at it….


24 Responses

  1. Win or Lose, it doesn’t matter?

    Of course winning matters.

    I guess that sticker is used to calm down the depressed Laker fans that saw their team get rammed up the… behinds… in the 2008 NBA Finals.

  2. Honk if you look and smell like a billy-goat. BAAAAAAAAAAA!!

  3. I know, I know, the cage thing is ugly….. But how else do you expect me to drive around with all of my baby lamas???

  4. Is that the pussy wagon?

  5. I call this my Gasolmobile…because it always runs out of gas when you need it

  6. Ugliest eyesore ever known to man.

  7. Is the frame made of tissue paper? Does it crumple if it bumps into something?

  8. Haha… Phillip wins, no questions asked.

  9. I like BD’s caption…

    FYI…John wants me to tell you all that he will buy t-shirts for each and every one of you who submits a caption.

  10. and a case of beer…

  11. BigMckmobile?

  12. I bought this truck just incase Kobe needs me to pull an O.J. friend freeway chase

  13. ….”If loving Llamas is wrong I don’t wanna be right”….
    …”I brake for sexual predators”……

  14. Beer i’m in lets go with

    The Definition Insecure and/or extra small penis.

  15. Starter Laker Stickers package $145

    Funky Llama cage $375

    Tool box with homo Erotic Toys $450

    Getting owned by the Celtics in finals and being forced to drive the Trannymoble $Priceless$

  16. What do you think Pau’s mom keeps in the tool crib? Shears? Flea powder? Pau’s backbone? It certainly isn’t full of soap and razors.

  17. Haha I think BD is on to something!

    But I was thinkin something like…

    “The Gasolmobile, no tune-ups necessary, enough grease and oil to last a lifetime.”

  18. Mi Trucko es bonito – mi gasol familia es ostriches – Takeo mi mama, Senior Jackson, Kobe e Sasha for driveo en backo de trucko

  19. The Gasolmobile…crumples on contact, no horsepower, and drives like a much smaller car…

  20. Built Ford Soft

  21. You know that driver is crying whiplash if you get anywhere near the truck

  22. Wheres those Operation Repo Guys when you need them.

  23. G4L is the winner in my opinion…

  24. Same G4L should win.:P

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