Scal Returning Tonight… Sort Of

Update via Celtics Twitter page:

Doc Rivers pregame: Says Leon and KG may play on Tuesday. Scal is dressed tonight but there’s “zero chance” he will play tonight.

Brian Scalabrine will probably be in uniform tonight when the C’s host the Nets.  But it’s not some kind of miraculous recovery… I think Doc did it just to take a shot at him.

“He is able to work out with us,” said Rivers about Scalabrine at today’s shootaround. “Nothing live. Just skeleton offense. Other than that, that’s it. But I may put him in a uniform today just to have 12 guys and because I’m tired of seeing his attire. It’s safer to put him uniform.”

Hey Doc… if you’re just looking for some stiff with zero chance of playing to fill out your roster… I’m free tonight.  Just think about it.


10 Responses

  1. I take it he won’t be joining in the mosh pit during intros

  2. Boy… that would be a shitty way for him to get re-injured, huh?

  3. Bust out a New England Patriot Helmet Scal!!

  4. Maybe he can take Lucky’s place and dunk off the trampoline…maybe not.

  5. Doc can definitely be a funny guy.

    It’ll be reassuring (I can’t believe I’m saying this) to see Scal in uniform on the bench.

  6. #44 in the program; #1 in your heart

  7. Jonh and Chuck – Requesting for Live Blog on Sunday vs. the Cavs. Well, let us know… we know you are busy guys.

  8. It’s Easter Sunday…I won’t even be able to watch the game. Maybe John…

  9. I feel yea bigmCK, my wife takes the baby to church around 11am, (I start drinking) Because her whole family comes over at 2:30 including her uncle that makes me drink. so i will be lucky see around tip off time hopefully the trailer doesn’t burn down!!!

  10. Drink one for me JesterOO

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