Second Unit Surge

How about that bench?

The Celtics started sluggish and found themselves down 31-21 after one. But the second unit stormed the court and dropped 37 points in the 2nd quarter. The Nets fought their way back from a 7 point deficit and tied the game late in the 3rd. Cue the bench again. Eddie, Steph, Mikki and Tony Allen continued their hustle play and stretched the C’s lead back to 7. The starters came back and held on for the 106 – 104 win. That was a wild final 50 seconds, huh?

Here’s a quick look at the bench production:

  • Eddie House – 15 pts, 3-4 3FG
  • Stephon Marbury – 4 pts, 5 assists
  • Mikki Moore – 9 pts, 9 reb
  • Tony Allen – 5 pts, 6 reb and one sweet reverse jam on a lob from Ray

Rajon Rondo (31 pts, 9 reb, 5 assists, 3 stls and an inexplicable -13 plus/minus) was brilliant. Perk (12 pts, 9 reb) had a solid game too. But Pierce and Ray were so mediocre. John and I could have equaled their production.

Rajon may have been the star of the game, but the bench impressed me the most. I love the way it’s rounding into form for the playoffs.

Box Score | Recap


7 Responses

  1. I think we should recognize Mikki Moore’s improvement. He’s been playing much better than when he first came on board

  2. ^I’ve been hoping someone would acknowledge this. He’s making great progress at the right time.

  3. I agree-Mikki has gotten much better-he should peak in the playoffs. I still think he leaves home for the Garden each night with a personal foul in his glovey though. In the immortal words of Chris Webber: “Rondooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. Mikki Moore is definitely “Getting it”. Playing calm and collective. Proud of him. Keep it up M & M!

    John and Chuck we need to acknowledge Celtics best home record in NBA history 40 – 1. It would be F’in Sweet to blow it for the Cavs on Sunday! That’s our record for keeps don’t want the Cavs to even tie it.

  5. Lots of people say we need to win Sunday’s game to show the Cavs they’re beatable at home or for the Celts to prove to themselves they could win in Cleveland. I think the exact opposite. The Celts don’t need to win this game to prove that to themselves and I’d rather the Cavs have a false sense of invincibility at home in the playoffs. All the easier to deliver a crushing win when they are at their most confident.

    I was hoping someone else would give them their second loss so the Celts don’t have to (normally, I don’t care for records, but that home record is a damn impressive and personal one for the entire franchise).

    So I’m torn about Sunday’s game. First, I always want them to win. Second, I don’t want the Cavs tying the record. Third, I want the team to start getting into 100%-effort, playoff mode. But, fourth I also want don’t want anyone getting crazy minutes (or injured, of course) and fifth winning in Cleveland in the playoffs would be much more important than winning this game. Ok, I guess I’m not torn. Kill ’em C’s!!!!

  6. “Ok, I guess I’m not torn. Kill ‘em C’s!!!!” WestCoastCelt

    That’s what I am talking about!

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