Kobe Bryant Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me

I don’t give a damn about Kobe jumping over an Astin Martin.  Can he get up over a guy on tricycle while registering for a conference on a very expensive laptop?

No, he probably can’t.  But I can.

Yep, that’s me…  in a promo for Blogs With Balls.  What’s that?

Blogs With Balls is a series of regional social sports blogger and new media gatherings featuring speakers and panelists specifically focused on sports fans, writers, sites, teams, athletes and companies; and their ability to maximize new media outlets for promotion and advancement.

Our first event, Blogs with Balls 1.0, is set to take place on June 13, 2009 in New York City:

Click here to register.  I didn’t risk my life for nothing.


11 Responses

  1. hahahahahahahahaahahaahaahahah
    well you sure know how to get your point across

  2. Wow, that wasn’t you bro… it was a stunt man your body double… Jumping over a tricycle with a laptop in your hands, awesome. Poor kid on the bike I hope he got some candy for it.

  3. No candy… I just took his money in the post-shoot poker game.

  4. Funny Stuff!

  5. Damn Jon Barry’s career has gone so far downhill.

  6. Put the shoes you wore in that incredible demonstration up on Ebay!!! BIG BUCKS-WORRRRRD!!!

  7. Haaahahahah! Nice!

    I noticed you grabbed some ass there….

  8. Those shoes are classics too… sort of. They’re Garnetts from back when he was with Nike.

  9. was that supposed to be funny? honestly, i think that was the worst post this site has ever had

  10. Oh come on…. we’ve done worse than this.

    Oh well. There’s a hater in every group

  11. that was funny, but u look like jon barry.

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