Light Load

After four full days off, Ray and Paul had a relatively light work load last night:

  • Ray Allen – 34 min
  • Paul Pierce- 30 min

Had the Celtics played better in the 4th, there could have been more rest. Doc explains…kinda:

“I thought they hadn’t played well enough to sit,” coach Doc Rivers said of the starters. “I thought they needed to play. Usually, when you play extremely well and you get a lead, you sit them. And when you don’t, you look at it two ways – well, they’ve got to give you something or you just sit them. So, I tend to lean toward Paul and Ray, no matter if they’re playing well or not – they’re pretty good.”

Let’s look at the big picture. Ray and Paul are rested. Rondo is playing out of his mind (he’s averaging 24 pts, 6 assists, 4 reb, 3 stls in last 3 games). The bench – specifically Mikki and Stephon – is playing much better. The Celtics have won five straight and 9 of 10. While the media is hyping Andrew Bynum’s return to the Lakers, we do them one better by getting KG and Leon back.

As for the #2 seed, the Celtics hold a one game lead over the Magic with 4 games to play. 3-1 gets it done even if Orlando wins out. I like our chances.

Click here for last night’s highlites – TA’s dunk at the 1:15 mark.

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10 Responses

  1. I asked myself when I saw the Bynum story on the ESPN website last night if KG’s return will be covered quite as extensively.

  2. I hoped the starters would sit in the 4th and rather show the second unit more confidence by leaving them in the game. See if Marbury, House, Mikki, and TA can win the game for us. On the other hand if Captain, Rondo and Ray Ray didn’t come back in the game we would’ve probably lost the game. Who knows

    Playoff picture isn’t set yet but we do have an idea who will become Celtics first victim.

    If we get the 2nd seed (1 game up on Orlando) We will play either Chicago or Detroit (They are currently tied). I don’t want to jinx the Celtics but I would rather roll the dice with the baby Bulls rather than the much experienced Pistons. Either way I know we can beat either one of them but Detroit might get lucky by winning couple of games and push the series longer. We don’t want that to happen. Bulls on the other hand can get lucky like the Hawks did last year but we’ve learned our lesson and its not going to happen again.

    Slip to 3rd seed? If we get the 3rd seed the opponent could be either Miami or Philadelphia. Avoid these two teams in the first round.

  3. As for Bynum getting the headlines…. Media is horny they love to blow the Lakers and Cavs this time of year. It is what it is.

  4. There’s a lot of concern about playing the Pistons. They have quit and will quit in the playoffs. I’m more concerned with a young fearless team than a bunch of has-beens with a lame duck coach.

  5. Really, we have quite an opposite take on Det and Chi.

    I get your point with a young fearless team like the Bulls with nothing to lose. Comparable with the Hawks of last year and the Golden State Warriors of two years ago (Knocked out #1 seed Dallas in the first round.)

    So you really think the Pistons are completely washed up huh…

  6. Yes, the Pistons are completely washed up and they are all fighting with one another because of Iverson.

  7. What a joke Iverson turned out to be. So glad Celtics pursue for Iverson didn’t happen two years ago. Can’t completely blame it all on AI but his unwillingness to change styles is costing him and damaging his reputation. I think he is washed up.

  8. One thing I noticed last night – after coming back from thumb surgery – Tony Allen’s hands seem a lot less like they are made of stone than they did before.

  9. You know what I noticed the same thing too. TA looks different.. not sure what it is but just different. He had couple of helpers and the dunk. Something calm about him.

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