Steph’s Getting Comfortable

Last year, the Celtics’ bench was a big key to winning the championship.   This year, it’s being looked at as a bit of weakness.  But we might be hitting a turning point.

The new guys, Mikki Moore and Stephon Marbury, are starting to get it.  Moore looks worlds better than he did at first.  He’s starting to trust the defense, which means he’s not fouling as much.  And he’s making the baskets whenever that opportunity is there.

But Steph is really starting to make some great progress.  He’s attacking without forcing things.  He’s finding guys in their sweet spots, which allows the offense to flow.  And he’s getting his own shots within the offense.  And it’s all because he’s getting more comfortable.

“The last two practices I’ve just been getting it, getting into a rhythm of what they do offensively,” said Marbury. “Defensively it’s kind of simple because all you have to do is play hard and the setup and the concepts are pretty much the same. But offensively you’ve got to learn what you want to get out of the offense, knowing when to be aggressive…I’m learning that, I’m adjusting.”

I asked him about it after the game on Twitter.

@starburymarbury I’d say this was your best game as a Celtic. Feeling more comfortable with things?

@RedsArmy every game i’m getting better, learning the offense makes it alot easier

Another Twitter user asked him about being a bench player, rather than a starter.

@StarburyMarbury U r def making an impact, but do u find it hard to “find your groove” as Iverson complained about coming off the bench?

@NajaB its hard. i understand what he is saying but you have to look at tbhe big picture

I know Steph has said if the Celtics want him, he’ll be here next year… but I think he’s going to be much happier next year as a starter.  Regardless, he’s getting it on the court right now.   And if this bench is clicking when they head into the playoffs… watch out.


4 Responses

  1. Awesome, must be pretty cool to get direct access of players after a game. Wouldn’t it be cool if Doc signed up for Twitter. It’s not going to happen but it would be nice.

    @DocRivers – How come you played Pierce 48 minutes on fan appreciation day? It was a meaningless game, Celtics already secured the seed.

    @RedsArmy – For the Fans baby for the Fans!!!

  2. The big question is “if..” Marbury will be under alot of pressure to perform in the playoffs. With T.A., Leon and KG basically coming in “cold”, it’s going to be huge for him to contribute. I’m very excited about E.House-he is clicking on all cylinders and just at the right time. What a 1-2 punch scoring wise he and Star can be off the pine in the playoffs.

  3. It is a big “If” but that’s all we have to work with. I get your point… When was the last time Marbury and Mikki deeply involved in a playoffs? (Forever) I think Tomorrow’s game vs. the Heat and Sunday’s game vs. the Cavs will be a big test for them. Big game on Tuesday vs. 76ers too there is a slim chance we might face them in the 1st round.

    Love to see Doc play the Bench more.. Show them confidence… They need it for the playoffs. Show they can DO IT!

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