Varajeo Funny, Flabby


Give Anderson Varejao credit, this is one funny joke:

Apparently Varejao has a pretty good sense of humor as he showed up at practice with this fake tattoo on his back to tease Lebron. King James has a big tattoo across his upper back that says “Chosen 1″, so Andy takes off his shirt at practice to reveal his ‘new’ tattoo on his upper back, similar to Lebron’s that says “Chosen 2″.

What’s not funny is the absence of muscle on Varajeo. You’d think an NBA power forward would bring some muscle to the court. Those Cavs sure have a sense of humor – remember this killer fart from the king?

(Courtesy – HoopDoctors, Cuzzoogle)

Another picture of the hijinx…after the jump.



16 Responses

  1. Looks like an episode of “Locked Up” Lebroad and Varajunk got marked by “Big Daddy” in prison as Chosen1 bitch and Chosen2 bitch.

  2. who cares how flabby varejao is..i mean really…BBD or pierce ring a bell? Varejao gives all our bigs fits

  3. How obnoxious is Lebron actually having a tattoo saying ‘chosen 1’? His obnoxiousness is one of the things I can’t stand about him.

  4. Pierce’s arms aren’t cut, but I fairly certain he’s rather fit otherwise. Regardless, Pierce’s physical strength is unquestioned. BBD’s got some baby fat for sure, but his muscle mass is even more evident.

    Varejao is certainly one of the biggest pests in the league and I despise him, but it’s not because he’s a pest. It’s because refs let him get away with hacking all over on defense while also buying his girl-flailing on offense. And he doesn’t rebound; he just back taps. Jumping for the ball and just whacking at it with one hand has an advantage of trying to jump and secure it strong with two hands. I’ve never seen him actually secure a rebound in traffic. Not saying what he does isn’t smart. If you can’t secure it, at least keep it alive, but he bothers the F$#@ out of me with almost every move he makes on the floor.

  5. Pierce also has chosen stuff on his back…

  6. I find it obnoxious.

  7. chuck come remember mchale he was not cut at all and he was one of the top PF’s ever

  8. Once again some of the best commentary on the Internet.

  9. At least he isn’t a stick like Mikki Moore.

  10. Classy, nrvoje…you must be really proud of that comment…

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  12. What happened to all our care free readers? Seems like everyone has a stick up their a$$ these days.

    Its a joke people…loosen up and have some fun.

  13. i liked it not angry

  14. BigMck – maybe cause when your posts are epic failures you attack those that tell you that they are. You should loosen up and take the criticism like a man. I bet Anderson V can out run/play you anyday.

  15. Are you for real? Of course Andy can outrun/outplay me any day. Are you 12?

    You are a one trick pony bigbad&green….

  16. You sure that’s not Joe Kim Noah?

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