KG, Powe Could Return For Last Two Games

Frank Dell’Apa reports

Kevin Garnett could return for the Celtics’ final two games of the regular season. Garnett (right knee) will miss the Celtics’ game against Miami Friday night, the 19th game he has missed since being injured Feb. 19.

“If we can run him 10-15 minutes, we will, if we think that will give him better rhythm,” coach Doc Rivers said of Garnett’s status for a Tuesday visit to Philadelphia. “For us, we’ll use it as practice. Same for Leon (Powe).


10 Responses

  1. WHAT is the point of this??? Just give him all the rest he can get before the playoffs. Jesus what is the DEAL?

  2. The Sunday game against Cleveland will be nationally televised on ABC. The Celtics need to beat the Cavaliers in Cleveland, just like the Lakers did, if they want respect and momentum heading into the playoffs. The Celtics need to maintain their slim lead over Orlando, as well. I hope Garnett plays on Sunday!

  3. We don’t need “respect” heading into the playoffs, we already get none anyway. One win in Cleveland will not help that and playing Garnett in a game that will not change a thing for the playoff matchups. He knows the system, the team etc. We do NOT need to be playing him in a game that means nothing. There will be literally no difference between the 2nd and 3rd seed anyway and “respect” aint gonna help us win in the playoffs.

  4. Wow must be getting delirious at the end of the day, that whole 2nd sentence made no grammatical sense at all. But, you get my point…

  5. You HAVE to get him some reps before the end of the season just so he can start getting his legs back. there is nothing wrong with 10 to 15 minutes of game action to get him re-acclimated.

  6. the C’s win over the Cavs in Boston last month minus Garnett was proof they can hang with them. they don’t need anymore “respect.”

    I expect KG to play Tues or Wed

  7. The best solution to having too many healthy players is to turn up the tempo of the games, especially on defense and keep the players fresh.

  8. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue

  9. surely you can’t be serious

  10. John have you ever seen a grown man naked?

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