Baby Dunks On J.O.

Baby has really been getting up lately.


4 Responses

  1. I can see Big Baby’s skills improving game after game. Jumper check, rebounding check, defense check, taking charges (Call doesn’t always go his way but check), even dunks check, finally his big heart and soul check.

    He is becoming one of my favorite players on the Celtics. If he can lose a few more pounds over the summer I think he can be even more agile and faster. For a guy his size and weight he is amazing. This is his contract year so it gives him more reasons to showcase his game.

    Refs aren’t giving him the respect yet but in time they will. Keep up the great work, we need more of it in the playoffs.

  2. Let me tell ya… I don’t know how many more pounds there are on baby to lose. He’s a big solid guy. Some people are just big.

  3. Lose a few more pounds he’ll be dunking like LeBronze without the arms and legs flaring out. lol

  4. Baby is huge-not fat though-just country strong, kind of like Steve McNair. Baby has been getting more and more confident each game. KG being out has been positive for 1 thing-Baby’s development.

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