Let’s Just Pretend This Never Happened

Copyright 2009 NBAE (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)

Copyright 2009 NBAE (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Celtics couldn’t hit squat in the 1st quarter… and this thing was pretty much over when the Cavs put together a 15-1 run to end the first quarter.  The C’s did manage to outscore the Cavs slightly in the second quarter with a small  lineup of Pierce, Ray, TA, Rondo and Baby… but they never got it going beyond that.

But none of that matters… and neither does this game.  I said earlier that we shouldn’t get too worked up no matter what the final result was… and I still think this is true.  The C’s got rolled107-76… their worst loss of the season.  Wake me up when the playoffs start.

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  1. This game made me sick, I don’t care that it doesn’t matter. When the C’s enter Quicken Loans Arena, Ray Allen can’t hit the broad side of a barn, Rondo plays like a rookie, and the role players play like they want to be off the court as fast as possible. Very, very frustrating game.

  2. This team has to much pride not to redeem themselves in the playoffs after that epic beatdown. im being optimistic here and saying that game was the best case scenario, book it…this team wins in cleveland in the playoffs when it matters most, especially after that drubbing..

  3. Cavs dancing on the bench, taking air photographs, Lebron playing the air guitar while the Celtics were down by over 30 points. Celtics walked the ball up the court every single time, no energy and the Cavs simply out played us on both ends of the court. Celtics got so frustrated even Ray Allen lost it and tried to elbow Varajunk in his coochie. Out of character for our top guns where was Captain Pierce? Very disappointing shooting performance. He had good looks just didn’t fall today. Joe Smith clearly out played Mikki Moore (Joe made an effort to show the world he was the better free agent pick up. (And he was). We should be fine once KG and Powe comes back healthy. Just a tough lose to swallow today.

  4. Cavs were way too cocky today on the bench. Similar to TMac and Orlando that year when they were up 3-0 in the playoffs. The footage of the Cavs goofing off today on the bench will be replayed when they are knocked out of the playoffs in April or May.

  5. That’s it. We’re not going to win at Cleveland, We wouldn’t have been able to win there even with KG. We have NO hope of repeating.

  6. as if the game wasn’t worse enough for us this posts title is gonna be the laughing stock of the nba blogs tonight. Red did BigMck write that one for you?

  7. well, at least no one else got injured.!!

  8. I’m happy to pretend it never happened.

    The Cavs, though, can remember it and be over-confident to the point of recklessness.

    And the Celtics can remember it and be motivated by the complete and utter humiliation.

    There is NOT this much of a gap between these two teams. I’m glad that this fluke-blowout happened in a meaningless regular season game and not during the ECF.

  9. i hope lebron gets poisoned by his gross munching of fingernails!!

  10. I don’t think the Celtics have been bringing the urgency or energy lately in any of their games. This time it bit them big time in the butt. Orlando gift-wrapping the two seed and handing it to us before the game, didn’t help. Missing shots happens, but where was the defense? I’m most disappointed by how far the defense has fallen off since KG went out.

    As for the Mo-Lebron-Delonte show on the bench, it pissed me off too, but I don’t think its any worse than what our players do sometimes. It’s just infinitely more annoying when the shoe is on the other foot.

    The playoffs will be the final say. Let’s just hope we’re the ones doing all the talking.

  11. I can understand if they celebrated like that on an elimination game but this game? Its hard to take. It’s definitely bulletin board material if the two teams meet in the ECF.

    KG must have punched some holes in the wall while watching this bull shit game in the locker room today. He traveled with the team but decided to watch the game in the locker room??? Even if KG doesn’t suit up to play the game I still think his presence and leadership on the bench would make some difference. Whatever man, wake me up when the playoffs start too.

  12. What stopped Rondo from running today? Walked the ball up every time.. WTH. Was it the Cavs D’ that slowed RR down? Just like what inanemusings said no good C’s D, no urgency, and no energy.

  13. I know there is alot of love for Delonte from most Celtics fans but imo he’s a huge tool.

  14. I’m sitting in Cleveland, Ohio right now, where I’ve lived as a Proud Celtics fan my whole life. And let me tell you, these fans here have really smoked the kool-aid. This LeBron-as-Jesus thing has gone too far. But, I however realize that Cleveland blows it every time, in every sport, in every civic decision, in everything that matters. This town is cursed.

    Does anyone remember the beating the Cavs took in Orlando last week? A game that actually mattered?

    CFH is right. We were not playing for anything today. How about Pierce and Allen finally getting some rest? Remember how determined the Lakers were on Christmas after they wet the bed in Game 6? They wanted revenge.

    And now so do the Celtics.

    This is just what the Celtics needed today. They are not going to let that happen again. That was truly a fluke. I got a text from a friend and Cavs fan which simply read “Statement game.”

    I replied, “Statement: the Cavs can win games that don’t matter. Wait until it does, and remember this is Cleveland.”

    Here’s another plus?

    I must have watched Ray Allen (of all people) bust Varejao right in the vag at least 50 times. Will someone please post that on youtube!?

  15. haha no comment.

  16. hey, you guys think we can beat the cavs or la with this kind of basketball? c’mon!

  17. hey GreeInCleveland, bottomline, you lost. BIGTIME! Los-rs! haha

  18. do not worry. We looked like we had cashed the check, and were ready for the playoffs already. the cavs will woe this day, for it will be their undoing in the end. how many tv’s do you think KG destroyed while watching this game. I can see him just smashing the screen in with his fist when he saw them making fun of his team.

  19. I want #18 more than anyone… but this doesn’t give me hope.
    Cleveland’s defense was incredible and Rondo looked absolutely helpless.

  20. for all the realists out there..all the cavs did today was beat a depleted celtics team..no scal(he does make a difference) no powe..no kg…they missed a lot of wide open shots.!!the pressure is on the cavs to uphold the home court.!!there is no guarantee either team will make it that far.!!i think it will be easier for the celtics to win in cleveland than the cavs winning in boston.!!besides boston is the only team that can match up with the lakers.!!

  21. Quick reminder to everyone – KG did not play in this game. Last time I checked – he’s pretty damn good.

    I didn’t see the game so I can’t speak about the claims of excessive celebration but I guarantee the C’s will take note.

  22. 1985 NBA Finals – Game 1
    Boston 146
    Lakers 114

    Lakers go on to win NBA Championship in six games.

    Blowouts happen. This game means nothing. As a matter of fact, if history shows us anything, this drubbing may benefit the Celtics down the road, as it did the Lakers in 1985. To wit:

    QUOTEFor such a highly anticipated showdown, the first game turned out to be very anti-climactic: in what became known as the “Memorial Day Massacre,” the Celtics routed the Lakers 148-114. Six Celtics scored at least 13 points, paced by 26 each by Kevin McHale and Scott Wedman, who shot 11-11 from the field, including four three pointers. Bird had 18 points, nine assists and six rebounds, while Magic had 19 points and 12 assists but only grabbed one rebound. The 38 year old Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had finished fourth in the MVP voting but he looked like he had aged about 20 years as he slowly moved up and down the court while the Celtics raced past him; he finished with just 12 points and three rebounds and later personally apologized to each of his teammates for his poor performance. Lakers Coach Pat Riley later said, “He made a contract with us that it would never happen again–ever. That game was a blessing in disguise. It strengthened the fiber of this team. After that, Kareem had this look, this air about him.”http://20secondtimeout.blogspot.com/2008/0…akers-1985.html

    Ray Allen tonight:QUOTEAt the other end of the floor, the Celtics sat stoically while watching the Cavs’ clown around.

    “I’m always going to remember that,” Ray Allen said. “If I beat a team, as happy as I may be in victory, I’m always going to stay humble and always remember that there’s another day. We play each other too much. Those are great motivational thoughts for me.”

  23. We learned one thing today, although it wasn’t really that surprising.

    Anderson Varejao doesn’t actually have any testicles. Ray Allen hit him square in the babymakers with a clean, fast elbow, and Varejunk didn’t even flinch.

    Must be one of the Brazilian he-she trannys with a vagina.

  24. Danno you are correct – Varefuck’s coochie sucked in Ray’s elbow… his coochie was actually sucking it in. Poor Ray will have nightmares for weeks.

  25. wtf is kg doing watching in the locker room? dont you think his presence just on the bench would add some confidence to this team? just a very flat game for the cs.

  26. This game showed nothing Cavs showed up, Celtics did not. If Cavs had beaten down Celtics playing their best that would be different but that clearly was not the case.

  27. Cavs should not be celebrating too hard. I recall them getting blown out (maybe not quite as badly) against the Celtics earlier without KG.

  28. Hey “Thatguyovertheocean” you sound like a troll not a true Celtic fan!! Every team has off nights and the Celtics are without a couple of “good” players ;) they were up against a good team. What do you think the Cavs record would be without LBJ? Fans like you PISS me off!! YOU ARE NOT A CELTIC FAN, your a band wagon fan so I’m going to do you a favor and push your sorry ass of the wagon. I think this was the best case for our team. They are pissed off and when they get there full roster they will be ok. The Cavs were dancing and taking their pictures but the only thing they did was win another game wether it was by a point or by 40 it’s still only counts as a loss. Fuck the Cavs and FU “TGOGO”

  29. Like most C’s fans, I didn’t particularly enjoy the excessive celebrations from the Cavs who, a week ago?, got dumped on by the Magic by 40 on national tv. I would think that would be a humbling experience. Sure, the Cavs had every reason to celebrate, but it seemed like they went above and beyond to play up to the (national) tv cameras and fans to the point that it turned into a side show for the entire fourth quarter. Mark Jackson kept reminding us how the Cavs love to celebrate each others success to justify the excess. The only problem is that the Cavs aren’t the only team who likes to celebrate each others sucesses–the Celtics do just as much minus the air guitars and sideline to baseline sprints.

    The C’s didn’t even celebrate like that last year during the clinching Championship game, in which they had every right to celebrate excessively because they actually won it all. For it to be a regular season game like that, I just thought it was contrived just like the pregame planning that goes into the Cavs imaginary photo shoots. I was waiting for a synchronized team fourth quarter backflip.

    I had no problem with the dancing on the bench and jumping but whether the C’s want to admit it or not, they all took notice, especially KG, and they’ll remember when the rematch presents itself. Ie: Mo Williams running from the sideline down baseline like he was having a heart attack followed by Lebron getting on his knees doing an air guitar (I’m laughing as I’m typing this at how ridiculous it sounds even saying it, nevermind watching it) or Delonte West collapsing on the guys on the bench. It just comes off as too much ego from an entire team that has yet to go the distance. Although the halftime interview with Lebron…wearing a t-shirt with “Lebron” plastered on it should have prepared us all. Mike Brown seemed like a coach who would reign in guys from being overly cocky, especially after getting trounced by the Magic, guess he forgot what a difference a week makes too.

    Whew, I just read that back. All I have to ask is, did anyone ever think that in the 2009 NBA we would be talking about pre and IN game imaginary photo shoots and kneeling air guitars? What would this Cavs team do without Lebron? Who would hold the imaginary camera? Can you imagine if they do go all the way, which is very much a possibility, what comes next? Maybe they’ll shoot themselves out of cannons or jump through flaming hoops on the sidelines.

  30. Hey everyone we lost get over it. You guys all sound like bitches tripping about the cavs dancing. Are y’all serious? To quote my favorite redsarmy author “we’re number two, we’re number two!”

  31. C-if you took your finger out of your butt and paid attention you’d see “Green In Cleveland” is a C’s fan dumbass. Go back to your troll cave.

  32. NineSevenEIght – I enjoyed your commentary man – Well written.

  33. kobewearsapurplrthong- yeah i know he’s a C’s fan mor-n. that only made him one of you. Los-rs.

  34. Hey C – How long have you been a Cavs fan? Just making conversation if you want to talk basketball. No need to call one of my boys Los-rs.

  35. I trust these guys…
    just remember March 6.

    Go Celtics!!!
    From Argentina.

  36. will someone please actually beat the shit out of varejao?
    maybe mikki moore or bill walker? doesn’t make a difference if they get suspended. varejao has a vagina. wnba is the place for her!!!

  37. Kurt I could not agree with you more!! I would love for one of our players to put him on his ass and then if he tried to go after the player the refs would let them go at it. He is all talk and no BALLS he would turn around and shit his pants. He’s nothing but a joke!

  38. Thanks Fsantos33! Just one thing, I’m a girl :)

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