KG Won’t Return For Regular Season

Frank Dell’Apa reports

Kevin Garnett will miss the Celtics’ final two regular-season games, at Philadelphia Tuesday and versus Washington in Boston Wednesday. Garnett is scheduled to return when the Celtics open the playoffs, Game 1 tentatively scheduled for Saturday.

“We just being careful right now,” coach Doc Rivers said. “I don’t see the benefit of playing Kevin right now, with the practice we’re going to have.”

I assume that means the workouts are going to be pretty hard, and there’s no point in pushing him any more than he needs.

Maybe we can get the real story on KG after the parade.


25 Responses

  1. Damnit, I really am hoping Kevin Garnett is okay.

    Everytime his return gets delayed, I keep thinking that in the Playoffs, his knees are going to explode into pieces when he lands on the court after a jump… (Haha, South Park reference… except he doesn’t have balls for knees).

  2. Bad news, if he was healthy, he wouldve been back a while ago to get rhythm and chemistry going, this just tells me, he cant play, isnt anywhere near ready to play, and will never be 100% this year..

    See you in training camp KG

  3. Sorry-I have to agree with Baron-I have this bad feeling that come Friday we’re going to see a press conference with Doc and D.A. saying “KG will be out until Fall of 2009. We’re just not going to take any….” I really really really really really really really really really really REALLY hope I’m wrong and on Saturday I am watching him bang his head off the stanchion in front of me while he tying his shorts…..

  4. *is tying his shorts..

  5. I fear he won’t play in the playoffs either. And at that point, it would be bye bye banner 18.

  6. I don’t like this one bit.

  7. Yeah, I’ve given up hope.

    KG isn’t coming back.

    Shame… We had such a great run.

  8. My first reaction was the same, not good news, this continually pushing back his come-back time. I mean, what else could this mean but that he isn’t healing?

    Then I got another thought, and its kinda playing devil’s advocate here, but what if there is a bit of psychological warfare going on here? Its very likely all the other playoff teams are going to feel like we are, that KG isn’t healthy and will be a shell of his gnarly self.

    But…KG might be fully 95-96%…and capable of being his old self. Maybe Danny is counting on our opponents reading into the situation like we have been above and deciding to hold KG out, play him sparsely in the early rounds only as needed, and then let him RIP IT UP when we play the Cavs.

    The benefit of getting KG in two games at the end of the season would be neglible, I feel, the dude has so many seasons of NBA hoops under his belt, and he will be able to get some serious running done in practices.

    I know, not likely, but ya never know…ya never know.

  9. I don’t know… this doesn’t really worry me. I keep hearing how he’s running and working out. It’s not like he’s on the sidelines doing nothing.

  10. Hey, at least my monthly payment for tickets will go down due to getting bounced out of the playoffs early.

  11. Man, is Garnett THIS fragile right now? I’m having my doubts about seeing him at all, and if we do, and he’s got a glass knee, then what help will he be? I don’t buy the psychological warfare angle. I mean, after one good game all the opponents will know he’s healed.
    I think he is in worse shape than they are letting on, and I get a very queasy feeling about our chances this year…especially after that heartless performance on Sunday. We sure didn’t look like a team with fire in the belly to win another championship.

  12. Honestly – I’m thinking that after resting him, and bringing him back for a couple of games and getting it re-diagnosed, they went ahead and had the minor arthroscopic surgery to remove the loose cartilage, and it’s just taking longer to heal than they hoped.

    Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve lied to us about someone’s health, and the treatment of it.

  13. KG will play in the playoffs this year, who’s gonna stop him? He’ll brace it up and give it a go at the very least. We need Powe and Scal back too. He can use the 1st round to shake off the rust, and then get us past Orlando. But I hate to say it, Cleveland may beat us this year even with a healthy KG. Maybe Detroit can pull off a miracle for us?

  14. I’m with you redsarmy. This doesn’t bother me at all. He’ll be playing in the playoffs.

    plus if leon comes back it would be nice to give him some of the minutes KG would have taken.

  15. Will we ever get the ‘real story’? Ugh.

  16. I’d be more worried if he practiced today and then they said he couldn’t go. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case. It seems like they’re going to have some pretty intense practices coming up and that he’s going to participate. I wonder if they expect Ray to be suspended one or two games and don’t see the purpose in playing him without all the starters together.

  17. Nora, I think we will after the Playoffs.

    Honestly, I worry less about KG’s desire to help the team and play injured than I do the mindset of the rest of the team right now. Can we really not play defense without KG in the lineup?

  18. Danno, That’s an intriguing theory…and you may be right. I’m just getting tired of waiting for the Messiah to return. We need to prepare to go for it without him.

  19. I hope he will be able to return but considering BigMck poked fun at Manu’s injury im sure he won’t. I told you making fun of someones injury could come back and bite us thus unwise to do. Good job BigMck!

  20. This doesn’t sound F”IN good at ALL!!!! F&%….. What is really going on?

  21. Sounds like Big Bad & Green is being sarcastic.

    Not a big deal, meaningless games, gives BBD (who is impressing the sh*t out of me lately) and hopefully Powe more minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see KG back now, but round 1 will work too.

  22. I’m with redsarmy and G4L

  23. Lakershater – I did take issue with BigMck making light of Manu’s injury and absolutely believe BigMck’s tasteless attack could very be the reason KG is having hard time recovering. This a sport where you will find some sort of superstition in every locker room and mostly every sports bar. BigMck may end up the reason we don’t win the title. Most will blame the ref’s if we don’t. I on the other hand will blame him. His “goofy” attempts at being an “author” may actually be the reason redsarmy’s NESN deal went bad. That remains to sen but I wouldn’t doubt it.

  24. […] notes that Kevin Garnett won’t return during the regular season. Garnett, who has missed 23 games this season, was originally expected to return for the […]

  25. i bet they will do good and
    all boston fans pray that we
    will get banner 18 next IF
    we don’t this year

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