Leon Could Play Tomorrow


I just love that picture.

Mark Murphy has another Doc quote on KG… and the tidbit that Leon Powe might be ready to go tomorrow night in Philly.

“It’s just the feel of Eddie (trainer Lacerte) and everybody else that this is the right thing to do,” Rivers said today of Garnett. “I just don’t see a good reason to play him in these next two games. So the plan is simple. We practice Thursday, we practice Friday, and then from what I’m told our first game will be Saturday, so we’ll go from there.”
Garnett accepted the news with relative calm.

“It wasn’t a big deal for him, especially after watching us yesterday,” Rivers said of Sunday’s 31-point loss in Cleveland. “I don’t think Kevin was surprised by this news at all. But let’s hope everything else goes as planned, and Leon can play.

“Two weeks ago I would have told you that Leon was the one who wouldn’t be ready for this, or maybe even the whole playoffs,” he said.

I know… my head is spinning too.  The Celtics are in this weird world of trying to be like the Patriots and not tell anyone what’s REALLY going on with the injuries… but still yapping away and answering questions.

So my advice to Doc would be either pull a Belichick and just not say anything… or just be honest.  Please pick one.


7 Responses

  1. I think they are even confusing themselves.

  2. Leon has sexy arms. ;x

  3. but really are they healthy or not? enough with all this bullshit gueswork we are having to do

    Hopefully they will both be back at full strength at least by the second round

    if not we will have to rely heavily on big baby….no pun intended

  4. I see it from four sides (Management, Coaches, Players, and Media) It’s all weird just like Reds said.


    Why hasn’t KG spoke to the media at all?

    Come out and tell the fans KG. Celtics are acting like the injuries are equal to life and death or something man.

    Stop bull shitting us and tell us the truth that’s all. Thats all.

  5. the fact they are willing to play leon and not KG just goes to show how bad KG is feeling…it would take something quite serious to keep that guy off the court this long

  6. Actually, this is good, get leon some minutes against the sixers and don’t show your 1st round opponent very much. I hope he dunks on dalembert and breaks that twig in half.

    Note to Ray – Ray: watch out for reggie evans, he invented the nut check and doesn’t like being upstaged on his only claim to fame.

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