Thanks For Your Support

Chuck and I are overwhelmed by today’s show of support.   We would like to thank everyone for their comments and backing us up.  If Chuck had human emotions, he probably would have gotten a little choked up.

Now, in an effort to move on, we have removed the body of this post.  We feel this is the best course of action.

Thanks again to everyone.  This has been a very energizing day for Red’s Army.

We now return you to actual basketball coverage.


63 Responses

  1. Go get em guys! I would LOVE to see their feeble Celtics blog crash and BURN! NO ONE MESSES WITH THE ARMY!!!

  2. I am both disappointed and relieved…

    Don’t worry, I don’t visit stale blogs.

  3. They have just lost alot of traffic to their site by trying to screw Red’s Army.

  4. NESN really, really lost out in this – not smart at all

  5. Oh man, that’s what you guys had in your back pockets the whole time and at the end NE$N puss’d out. Sorry they wasted your time and ours. Looking forward seeing the development and growth of RedsArmy. Thanks guys keep up the great work!

  6. This is the first time I’ve commented, but I’ve read every single post you guys have done over this season. Just thought now would be the right time (I was gonna wait till the season was over, no matter how it ends) to say thanks for all the good work you all have done this season. Your consistency in producing top-notch content and analysis has made reading you all an absolute pleasure. NESN is really missing out, and keep it up….


  7. Wow. Thanks guys for the support. This is really energizing stuff to read. Awesome!

  8. Don’t mean to change topics but quotes from Cavs Coach Brown and Lebron after the game in regards to their over excessive celebrating and how the Celtics are taking it the wrong way. Lebron’s last sentence sounds like fighting words to me. Got it from Boston Herald.

    But the Cavs considered their fun to be relatively harmless.
    “You do worry about those things as a coach, but I have not said anything to them this year about that stuff,” said Cleveland coach Mike Brown. “If they back up what they are doing then so be it. We all know that if you do that stuff and you get beat, people are going to make a big deal of it.”
    LeBron James shrugged it off.
    “We’re out there having fun,” he said. “When we are on the court we don’t disrespect anybody and we don’t fear anybody. It is no disrespect to any team, but we have our own thing. We’re all professionals and if you take it as disrespect then you have to do something about it.”

  9. I could sense that there was something going on behind the scenes ever since you took the forums down.

    Just remember that gaining exposure and money isn’t all glamour…. it brings a lot of complications and problems. So maybe this was a blessing in disguise.

    Maybe this will allow for you guys to grow within yourself, at your own rate, and ultimately be bigger and better than what you would have been with NESN and still have 100% ownership and control.

    Hey, you’ve come a long way over the past 3 years. And I mean a long way. Just keep doing things at your own pace and you’ll keep expanding and helping more fans.

  10. Hey John and Chuck – NE$N just lost out big time. How stupid can they be? They could’ve tripled their traffic by teaming up. Better opportunity will come your way in the near future. One of these days you’ll end up buying NE$N out and run their shit.

  11. hell yes kick their ass!!

  12. in negotiations you threw out a very hard X card, well played. you had to. now Screw NESN

  13. What??? no low level assistant called and told you that they would no longer be retaining your services? well it looks like NE$N does not nearly have the class or dignity of a company such as comcast lol

    haha they’re all assholes you (and us) are better off without them

  14. or bust

  15. Screw NESN I just checked out their crusty blog and it was terrible. Their coverage of the cavs game had one comment and they didn’t post their story until this morning. I left the second comment with a link to redsarmy. anybody that reads that stupid thing will get the chance to check out a far superior blog now that they may not have known about. Keep on truckin John and Chuck

  16. John…. I think there is one option you may not be seeing yet.


  17. Their loss. Red’s Army, to me, just might be the most enjoyable Celtics blog to read out of all of them, along with

    NESN doesn’t care about content and viewership. That’s what Red’s Army will always have.

  18. There are pros and cons to “dealing with the man”. I see you guys as renegades who say whatever you want and this is probably for the best so you can keep your message true with no PR sanitization. If the Celts org is smart, they’ll give you the access without NESN. I love your site and look forward to whatever changes you’ve been holding back. Down with the man! Go Red’s Army!

    Ps. Lebron James can suck it! Go CELTICS!

  19. Wow, what classless pricks. They are the ones who are miss out but, this site is GREAT as it is now so I can only wait for the growth.

    Does NESN have any rivals you can team up with… like NECN or comcast.

    Either way we all here at Redsarmy got your back.

  20. NESN’s celtics coverage is laughable. They only care about the Sox and the Bruins (for obvious reasons). They cover the Pats a bit, but again.. who turns there for Pats coverage??

  21. We’ll just take ’em out.

    Maybe we’ll start a Red Sox blog :)

  22. This is the only site for true Celtics fans! I check it several times a day without fail…then again, I do bleed green.

  23. Wow….I am blown away by the support. Thanks everyone!!!

  24. I follow every Celtics related web/blog/forum but this is the one I like more. Don`t know why, Redsarmy is special for me.
    Go Celtics, Go Army!!!
    Argentinian #1 Celtics Fan & redsarmy fundamentalist!

  25. Take out the NE$N advertisement ASAP please. It’s like a nail in my eye.

  26. NESN sucks!

    Red’s Army is the best!

  27. selling out is for losers anyway, …oh wait, nevermind

    looking forward to the changes that you’ll make on your own

  28. You serious about that Celtics blog?

  29. *Red Sox blog

  30. Well… not right now. I only have enough time for the Celtics. But we’ve got a few ideas. That could be something we do down the line.

  31. Screw NE$N. Keep up the good work guys.

  32. I am not a huge Baseball fan but if the Red Sox Blog goes up then FSantos becomes the Oakland A’s Troll… LOL

  33. Ha…I just noticed that NESN ad is still on the site. Shows how much we pay attention to advertising.

  34. Yeah.. I’m going to take it down when I get home tonight. We’ll have to stare at that thing for a few more hours.

  35. Or we can keep it up…just put one of those big red circles with a line through it over it.

  36. Hah. Maybe.

  37. Sorry to hear that guys. I never think of NESN as a Celtics outlet anyways. I think NESN and I think Sox-which if some of you don’t already know, the Sox own NESN. You guys have nothing to worry about-this site rocks and you guys do a great job considering what you have to work with. I will always be a loyal RedsArmy reader. They will have to pry my laptop from my cold, dead hands before I stop reading RedsArmy…..

  38. they really do have a terrible blog, one that none of us will visit anymore….but if they did this to you, why do you advertise/ link to them on your site?

  39. I’m with you guys all the way, Screw nesn

  40. Redsarmy= the only source for all things Celtic on the west coast. I don’t even visit the Globe or the Herald anymore. You guys report stuff here waaayyy before I hear about it through ESPN or others. If you hadn’t mentioned NESN, I wouldn’t have heard of them. Bottom line- you guys are national, they are local at best. Besides, if you’ll go to the trouble of posterizing a kid on a tricycle, how could we ever go anywhere else. F*ck NESN.


  42. Ted’s Army?

  43. Hmmmm…. fantastic suggestions. Maybe we’ll go off the beaten path a little. Something Yaz related maybe.

  44. Mixed bag here. I echo most all of the sentiments, you guys are the best. Not only for the C’s, but for sports blogs in general. The un-cut responses and emotions are right on. One of my favorite things about the army is the authenticity and there is no ‘corporate-motivation’ feel to it. I was worried the NESN move would have cost us that raw emotion either for cleanliness or for some other agenda because of an advertising dollar. No offense intended to you guys, it just seems like an inevitable result.

    So it sucks you have not had the chance to cash in on your efforts. You deserve it. However I am selfishly pleased that we will continue to read the real deal, or more appropriately, “The Mother Effin Truth”.

  45. keep up the great work and kick some corporate media ass. you guys are doing it the right way, and your readers are with you to the end.

  46. i can’t really say anything new, except that the quality of this blog has ruined lots of other sports blogs for me (I’m looking at you, all the Patriots blogs I’ve tried to read).
    It seems to me you’re better off without NESN, although I’m sure you could have used the money.

  47. I’m an everyday reader, but this is my first ever comment. Just want to say thanks. I’m out west (in Oakland CA), and I read a lot of news/stories on Boston sports. For a town with a so much sports coverage (and highly paid sports columnists) you guys might be the best read. Sorry to hear the bad news.

  48. Thanks again everyone!

  49. I am a Lakers fan from The Lakers Nation, but I stop by this site a few times a week because I like to stay informed about all other teams and I find this site to be very informative as far as celtics news goes. So obviously, our favorite teams clash, but I would like you to know that I hope your site not only survives, but destroys the other site. With that being said, please punish the cavs for their immature antics.

  50. I echo Nate, sorry for you individually, but happy for us. Plus, it all went down in flames BEFORE the playoffs. Now redsarmy can all focus on getting healthy for the second season and on to #18.

  51. Wow, I am so happy for you both…it is so great to see all of the support you are receiving for all of your efforts. It’s nice that your readership recognizes it and lets you know how they feel. It was very powerful to read…brought tears to my eyes…or, could be from all the hormones from the pregnancy! ha! Keep up the great work!

  52. Hmmm… a little breaking news for the Red’s Army readers.

    On the downside… Chuck has procreated again. Hopefully this one takes after Mrs. BigMck too.

  53. This is usually the first site i visit when i go online (except when the youngins are nearby). Redsarmy is consistent and kickass, even in the off-season. And I echo Michelle and Lakerhater sentiments above. Many thanks from Portland OR.

  54. Don’t worry, Redsarmy. We wont quit on you. (Unlike our team against the Cavs yesterday.)

  55. Long live Reds Army!!!! Great stuff!!

  56. Poland is with redsarmy!

  57. Chuck, are you going to name him LilMcK?

  58. reds– It’s arguable that this site would not be the same, would have to change its character, if it had fallen under NESN’s wing. Would have perhaps lost its freewheeling character, which is what sets it apart from all the other boring, super-tightly controlled yawners out there. I.e., maybe it was all for the best.

    As for the Cavs… they’re an excellent team. I am most impressed by the chemistry and comradeship they seem to have. That goes a long way to achieving success… it’s why the Cs made it last year, and why the Cs are still a great team, even without KG. Bottom line… it will be tough beating the Cavs, but I believe we will fight through our obvious deficiencies this year (i.e., the waning of KG, mostly), and get to #18 the end.

  59. Congratulations Chuck! I see a Redsarmy name the baby contest coming soon.

  60. LOL that would be funny, don’t think Mrs. Chuck would appreciate that.

  61. I read your blog daily. It is far and away the most creative and entertaining Celtics blog in the land and that’s saying a lot (and no disrespect to my colleagues and friends at those other venues), as there are several very good ones.
    You got big ones to publicly out NESN….. they might have come back to you with tail between legs…. but FREEDOM can’t be bought and sold….
    Keep up the great work….

    PS…. loved the cheerleader bracket thing. I voted 3 times (on different browsers) for Ms Miami in the finals…………. LOL

  62. manila is reds army country.
    nuf said.

  63. thank you both for producing such a quality blog. im a diehard fan and i only read your site and perkisabeast. your passion clearly shines through in your writing and i love your ideas. my favorite piece was written right after they won the championship, looking back at all of the important people and players who had something to do with banner 17. also loved your thoughts on bill walker against kedrick and my favorite dissapointment, mr. gerald green. keep on truckin’.

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