Bulls or 76ers?

The Celtics (60-20) play the 76ers (40-40) tonight in a game that will directly affect who will be their first round playoff opponent. Detroit locked up the 8th seed last night and will face the Cavaliers who clinched home court.

The C’s are 3-0 against Philly, 2-1 and Chicago. The Sixers have lost 5 straight, the Bulls have won 5 straight. The Bulls are the bigger and deeper team. With that said, the Celtics will likely beat the Bulls in 5 and the 76ers in 4.

KG is out for the final two and we might see Leon and/or Scal in either game. And there’s a good chance Doc will rest some of the starters.

The NBA is reviewing the Ray Allen – Anderson Varajeo incident from Sunday. There’s a chance Ray gets suspended one game for the elbow. Big deal.

Mike Fine of the Patriot Ledger says KG’s knee injury reminds him of Larry Bird’s back problems in 1991. I think it’s a big stretch but worth reading for the nostalgia.

The Globe is dreams up a scenario in which the Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots all win titles this year. I know – not such an original idea. But check out the pics of Pierce in a Bruins sweater and Chara in a Celtics jersey.

Today’s Links: Herald – KG in Holding Pattern | Globe – Garnett’s Return Awaits |Sam Cassell to Coach with Saunders in DC | Isiah Thomas to ruin mold young minds |

A good morning greeting from the Sixers dancers…after the jump.


10 Responses

  1. I don’t give a shit whoever it is… I just want a healthy KG and a healthy team in the playoff. we’ll bring back our tenacious D and that boston swagger!!

    Anything is Possible!!!

  2. I think we are going to see Leon tonight. As far as our 1st round opponent, it doesn’t matter-the only team that can beat the Celtics is the Celtics. If you understand that, than you feel me. If not, oh well…

  3. oh yeah..thx for the gratuitous cleavage shot…nice.

  4. Mess with the Bull ya get the horn. Well probally not, but much rather start with Philly.

  5. The only thing about the sixers is that they cant shoot, that could either work to our advantage or our detriment

    the advantage would b is that there is absolutely no chance they get hot from 3 point land and beat us; and because our interior defense is so good we shoudl be able to make it extremely difficult for them to score in the paint

    the downside could be is that because they are such an athletic, drive centered team, it is not likely they settle for many jump shots but rather try to score every thing off of layups

    this could hurt us because of the physical nature and reputation of the C’s, games become significantly harder for us when the refs start calling the game tightly- something i could definitely see happening , especially on the road in the playoffs; much like what happened last year when the hawks had almost a 30 shot advantage from the free throw line in their building

    this could hurt us that much more if either powe or garnett is not back by then, seeing as how we still would only have 3 posts, and probly the 3 most foul prone players i have ever seen in perk, mikki, and baby

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  7. Nesn.com ad is still up.

  8. It is. We are aware of that. And while we’re not at liberty to discuss anything beyond that… I will say that we’re going to move forward pretty much like we said we would yesterday.

  9. I’m hoping the Celtics can win this one, so the Bulls will play the Magic on in the first round if they win tomorrow.


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