And the 7th Seed Goes To….

Paul, you gotta check out this blog called

"Paul, you gotta check out this blog called"

UPDATED UPDATE: The Sixers beat the Cavs in OT.

UPDATE: Apparently, I published this blog too soon. The Cavs/Sixers game is tied and headed to OT.

The Bulls. Yup – Chicago choked hard against Toronto while Philly beat a Cleveland team that dressed Brad Daugherty, Craig Ehlo and Larry Nance. Looks like I have to rewrite the Celtics/Sixers playoff preview I wrote today for

I believe the Bulls will be a tougher out for the Celtics. This series could go 5.

For a meaningless game, the final 5 minutes of this 4th quarter was very exciting. Eddie House scored 17 of his 20 points in the final quarter to lead the Celtics back from an 8-pt deficit. Eddie finished 6-9 3FG and beat Danny Ainge’s team record for three-point field goal percentage for a season.

Leon Powe (18 pts, 13 reb) is back. As you can tell by the above photo, Ray and Paul sat this one out. Rondo and Perk played a total of 20 minutes.

Box Score


11 Responses

  1. Good call, Chuck.

  2. C’mon man….Boobie Gibson nailed a 26 footer with the clock winding down…it didn’t look good. Not to mention, I think Gorman prematurely called the Sixers win too.

  3. And congrats to Eddie House. For a guy that took 340 three-pointers, .444 is a remarkable percentage. Ainge only attempted 193 three-pointers in the year he set the original record.

  4. Paul and Ray is looking real smooth on that picture.

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  6. LOL @ pierce and ray


  7. And the Cavs CHOKE on tying the NBA’s best regular season home record. I think the Bulls will be an easier out, Deng is hurt, Gordon is hit or miss and Brad miller is old. Rose is there only weapon.

  8. I was sitting near them, they REALLY were saying that. Hey, EHouse was great tonight, but how about those Bill Walker dunks!!??! That kid is NASSSTY!! And I told him so afterwards! PLAYOFFS BABY!! YEAHH!

  9. Are the bulls gonna try to pull out their green jerseys for this series?

  10. i dont know why everyone thinks the bulls will be an harder out than the sixers

    the sixers played us tough all year

    the bulls only even competed with us when we were down to playing bill walker against brad miller

  11. I’m happy that the 40-1 record is still ours, but on the other hand… we won 62 games and we’re only the third best of the league. Ain’t this a crazy year?

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