FIU Welcomes Isiah Thompson

Check out the introduction Isiah got at his Florida International University press conference:

“We are excited to have Isiah Thompson join the FIU family,” said FIU President Modesto A. Maidique. “This is bigger than basketball and bigger than athletics. Having a nationally-recognized coach like Isiah at FIU will have a positive impact on our university as a whole, helping us achieve additional national exposure.”

A fitting slap in the face for one of the biggest douchebags to ever play, coach and manage in the NBA. I give him one year at Florida International.

I don’t care that he’s giving up his salary. The Knicks still owe him $12 million. He wanted back in the spotlight so badly, he probably made a huge donation to the school to get the job.

Editor’s Note: If you can find the video online, please post link in comments. I saw on Sportscenter but could not find anywhere else.


4 Responses

  1. He’s chomping at the bit to get to those co-eds. You can see it in his beedy, creepy little eyes!! lol..Wake the kids, phone the neighbors and lock up your daughters!!

  2. one of my favorite photo shops

  3. one of the best posts ever about Zeke down below

  4. Who the hell is Isiah Thompson?

    His name sounds like Isiah Thomas, so I wouldn’t expect much outta this guy.

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