KG Gone for Entire Playoffs?

Everyone bow your head and pray.

Dammit.  Kevin Garnett will NOT play in the first round of the playoffs… and maybe more.

Update via the Globe:

An NBA source confirmed to the Globe this morning that Garnett was only about 70 percent healed from the knee injury, which occured during a Feb. 19 game in Utah, and that the Celtics All-Star would likely miss the entire postseason.

Garnett worked out his injured right knee this morning, Rivers said, after which the coach made the radio proclamation: “After watching him run, there’s no way. So, we’re going to move without him. And the way I saw him move today guys, I don’t know if he’ll be ready.”

Rivers added that Garnett would continue to get treatment in the hopes that he would be able to return at some point.

“At this point after going through all the rehab and looking so good last week … to where he’s at today if he can’t get through biking and working out without swelling and stiffness … I just don’t know how he can play in the playoffs,” Rivers said.

Garnett’s reaction?

“He was frustrated. He was mad at me, mad at everybody. Then he understood,” Rivers said. “He put up a fight. He’s really frustrated, but that’s Kevin. That’s why we got him, because he cares so much.”

Avery Johnson offers his take of the situation on ESPN.

We’re really looking forward to the REAL story of what’s going on here.

The inspirational comment of the morning goes to DRJ:

We can do this thing, and now if/when we do, it will be the greatest story of all.


75 Responses

  1. This is bad news, but not unexpected.

  2. I KNEW it. WTF. This is no Belichickean trick. There is something seriously wrong and there has been something wrong since before the All-Star break. I’m not sure who said it in a previous post, but this is the WORST management of an injury I have seen in a while.

  3. What are you all talking about??? worst management of an injury?? whast does that mean? some fans get so annoying at times….

  4. 1st Round will last almost 2 weeks probably. We just have to hope KG can be better by then… nothing else we can do.

  5. With that said, the C’s will still win this series in 6.

  6. The Globe just announced it.

    He’s out for the season.

    Game Over.

  7. Damn this sucks. We can take Chicago out without KG but we will need him against the Magic. And Matty S I agree. Earlier in the season Danny Ainge said his knee was bothering him since before the all star break and yet they manage to let him play in the all star game. I hope the celtics are trying to pull that patriots bullshit and hiding everything and fucking with everyone. I am so pissed now.

  8. @Hrvoje

    Seriously dude? I don’t know if you actually follow this team but Ainge admitted he was feeling something in that knee BEFORE the All-Star break. They didn’t shut him down, let him play the All-Star game and many other games that he probably shouldn’t have. How is that NOT bad management of an injury??

  9. He will probably have surgery… I’d just like to know how long will it take to heal, and what is the REAL injury.

    It’s season over for us anyway, best we can hope is a 4-3 loss to the Cavs in ECF.

  10. Alright. He’s out.

    Now there are still games to be played. This team without Garnett will surprise people. The championship is extremely unlikely now, but no one will take them out easily.

    Give em hell.

  11. says he’s done. I knew it as well. Everytime his return got close, they postponed it. I was at the game last night and each player presented a fan with a pair of sneakers in recognition of Fan Appreciation night. He didn’t even come out of the locker room for that-he had Big Baby do it in his place. That was when I knew something was really wrong. KG normally loves doing stuff like that. Well..Leon and Baby, time to earn your keep boys!

  12. Ok so for the playoffs, the Big Three refers to Pierce, Allen, and Rondo…

    Unlike last year, no one’s doubting Rondo in the playoffs. But I’m not sure how comforting this new Big Three is…

  13. Now we are officially screwed.

    It was Tom Brady that gets injured. Now it’s Kevin Garnett.

    Looks like Lady Luck isn’t on the Boston side.

  14. Is it okay if I delude myself into thinking that leprechaun magic will unexpectedly heal his knee in time for the ECF, and he’ll be back even though it’s been announced he wouldn’t?

    Too bad.

    I need to stick with that delusion for now.

    Baby and Leon, give ’em hell. Win a round or two… and don’t go out easy.

  15. Cross your fingers that in some crazy way, the Cav’s get knocked out in the first or second round. Although I think with some determination and guts, we can still get to the finals. But to do so, like everyone here has already said, Baby and more notably POWE needs to step it up big time.

  16. Where’s DRJ? We need one of his patented pump-ups.

  17. Wow.

    Guys, meet me at the Tobin Bridge at 12pm.

  18. The truth about KG has been known for weeks. It was posted here several times, and elsewhere. KG’s agent has said that he has loose cartilage in his knee. That condition CANNOT get better with “rehab” or time. It can only be fixed by arthroscopic surgery to remove the loose bodies floating around in his knee.

    If they never tried to get the cartilage out of there, that would stand as a totally idiotic decision. Most likely they DID try, early on, but either they missed some piece(s) or the problem recurred. By then it was too late to go in again and expect him to heal in time for the playoffs. (He will certainly need arthroscopy in the off-season.)

    We’ve known these facts for weeks now. For some strange reason, the major media has not really reported it, though the original story was posted by an ESPN reporter. Doesn’t matter. WE KNOW what’s wrong with KG. And the fact is, and has been for weeks, that whenever he exercises that leg, he takes the risk of having it lock up on him at ANY MOMENT, which would instantly and completely incapacitate him. Even if it doesn’t lock up, the loose cartilage causes ongoing pain and inflammation. So that’s the story. KG will not be 100%, and could go to 0% at any moment. From the sound of things this morning, looks like we will have to win this thing with 0% KG.

    All the more glory if the guys get it done anyway. Yeah…. with Big Baby, and Leon Powe, and guys like Mikki Moore and the rookie stepping up. Maybe Marbury will fly high. We know Paul and Ray will be stepping up.

    We can do this thing, and now if/when we do, it will be the greatest story of all.


  20. call me crazy but i’m still confident we make it to the ECF no problem, and then who knows how KG is feeling. I remember KG’s first home game after returning from the injury this year (clippers) and although he was a step slow he still had a huge impact out there on the defensive end. if he could give that 16-20 mins in the ECF just like he did a few weeks ago I really believe the C’s can still make a run at the Cavs and possibly #18. i’m pretty sure KG is still “cleared” medically isn’t he? I think it would take a small army to stop him from getting on the court in the ECF even if he is only 70% despite anything that Doc tries to say.

  21. I agree with you DRJ.

    If we win the championship this year without KG, this team will definitely remind me of the USA team in “Miracle on Ice”.

  22. Sorry guys… been traveling.
    Just wanna say… when the Cs play at their best level, we can beat anybody. The toughest challenge will be Cleveland, because they play tough D just like we do, and they have great chemistry too.

    It’ll come down to the mental thing, and health. We can’t afford to lose any more guys (KG and Scal is enough, don’t ya think, Red?), and neither can the Cavs. Oh, and of course, the refs will play a big role. If they let em play, we’re good.

  23. check that… i’m posting from my phone at work so I haven’t been keeping up as quickly as you guys… sounds like he is definitely shut down for the playoffs now? see you at the tobin bridge, FD.

  24. FU BigMck. I told u that crap was gonna come back and bite us in the ass. I hope u realize what u did and decide to maybe think twice before u write some bull next time. It’s all your fault prick! Best thing u can do for all celtics fans is apologize and think about a different profession. Try plumber u seem to be good with shit!

  25. Just shoot him up with cortisone every quarter, he’s near the end of his career anyway.

    Nah, it sucks but this is sports; shit like this is always happening. It hurts a lot and it’s going to make it a hell of lot more difficult to defend the title, but I believe in the other guys and will take it series by series, game by game.

    I hope the legend of Leon Powe is born this year

  26. “The game is on the schedule. We have to play it. We might as well win it.”


    It’s not over. It’s lots harder. But everyone on the team still wants to play and win. So just win it. Against any starting five we win 3 positions to 2. We have talent off the bench like crazy. We have a serious size problems the deeper we go in the playoffs, but didn’t Cowens have size problems his whole career?

    I am just as excited to watch the guys play. Sad that I won’t get to watch KG destroy guys, but excited to watch our TEAM play.

    Go get em guys!!! All the way through June!!!!!

  27. well at least we got Tony Allen back…

    Defend The Title!!

  28. You’re hilarious bigbad&green. I’ve been looking for a valid excuse to ban your lame comments and you just gave me one. Enjoy you tool.

  29. that sucks…. kg is gone, we cant rely on him any longer this season, he aint comin back, the only thing he might be good for is a willis reed like effort maybe in the finals…. but i doubt it

    oh well leon and big baby will have to earn their paychecks

    weird how KG and Big Al got hurt around the same time

  30. KG’s out.

    Time for the role players to make names for themselves on the national level. And not for anything but, I would appreciate it if KG got over his “rather play than watch” mentality and be a presence on the bench to give his teammates an emotional lift. It’s about the team now. It’s time.

    Still a shame we’ll never get to see how these Celtics, old and new, would have performed together completely and 100% healthy and jelled…for shame.

  31. BigMck,
    Is bigbad&green really banned? Please?!
    That might be the only GOOD news today!

  32. Expect a flock of troll creepers entering soon

    I am not surprised by this news at all. Get KG in surgery now and stop wasting time. They’ve already wasted time since the all star break so get KG in now and then he can be 100% for next year. He might risk blowing out his knee and end his career if he plays in these playoffs. Why risk it….

    It’s a lot to ask for these guys to defend the title without KG. Can they do it? I don’t know. We have no choice but to wait and see……

  33. Great point NineSevenEight – they could really use KG on the bench.

    Yes – he’s banned…chilling in the moderation queue. If he kisses my ass just right…he might return.

  34. Thank you, BigMck.

  35. We havent seen Leon and the NEW and improved Big Baby in a game together yet. I don’t kno about any1 else but I had high hopes for the both of them going into the playoffs and now they need to meet those standards if we wanna have any shot at winning this whole thing.

  36. and when i meant we havent seen them in a game, I meant a meaningful game.

  37. I already knew this for a while now…and I saw it coming…I mean guys, he was averaging 16/7 and limping up and down the court even when he was playing…I dont know if this is something that happened in training camp, offseason work outs, the finals or what…but he wasnt right the entire season and tried to play through it until he just couldnt and cant

  38. Baron,
    That is 100% correct. He’s had some good games this season, but he’s never REALLY looked like 100% KG. Who knows when it actually happened. He’s a warrior, and I think he played as long as he could stand it.

    I selfishly would love to see him back in the later rounds, but I don’t want him to blow it out and risk his career. We just have to hope for a miracle run, like DRJ said.

  39. I might be in the minority but I think we can still hang with anybody in this league. I watched this team handle the cavs in Boston without kg a month ago, if the guys get hot we could still win it all. If pierce can carry us thru the hard times it will not only be one of the best things I’ve ever seen but maybe givehim the respect he deserves

  40. As a Laker fan, I do NOT wanna see KG sit out. The Lakers can beat Boston WITH him, which happened twice this season. I fear that we’ll hear a lot of talk like, “We would have won it all if we had KG,” which is simply untrue.

  41. Well, well, well. You finally have an excuse for not making to LA in June. And if you do, you have an excuse for losing. Maybe your wierd leprechaun can do some kind of dance and make everything better. Too bad, it could have been a fun series. There’s always next year….or is there?

  42. I’m THE diehard Celtics fan, BUT lets go Cavs! I hate the Flakers that much. If we don’t have KG, the Cavs are the only team that WILL beat the Fuckers.

  43. Guys, little Larry (O’Brian) hates the weather in beantown, he’s already booked his trip to Los Angeles for the summer, where he belongs!

  44. Well theres only one thing to do now… Cheer our ass’s off for OUR CELTICS!! We still have two future HOF, the C’s can pull this off especially with the way Big Baby has been playing the last 2 months plus Powe & marbury playing better! PERK needs to take it up a notch!!


    p.s. how much does not landing Joe Smith really sting now.

  45. Maybe the leprechaun can as Paul Puss if KG can borrow his wheelchair!

  46. This years playoffs could go a long way in determining the “legacies” of a lot of guys around the league

    none more so than pierce if he can carry this team to a championship without kg; then he would elevate himself into that next level of guys, and as one of the best clutch players of all time

    other guys that could shape their legacy could be:

    D wade
    tim D or tony

  47. Ha! All I’ve heard from Lakers fans all year was “We would’ve beaten you if Bynam had been healthy, so your win was a fluke.”

    Now you don’t want to hear KG’s injury as an excuse?


  48. If anything this will help out those looking to get great odds on the Celtics winning the Championship. KG will come back for the second series and the defending champs will somehow be HEAVY underdogs.

  49. In times like these, all you can do is turn to the Lord.

    I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there” and it will move.

    -Matthew 17:20

    We can move this mountain. We can beat Cleveland and LA

    The truth shall make you free.

    -John 8:32

  50. But didn’t we beat you WITH KG and WITHOUT Bynum? What exactly were the excuses then?

  51. joe the lakers fan- isnt that what the majority of lakers fans were saying last year…. about Andrew Bynum????

    Bynum my friend is no KG and it is not a forgone conclusion that LA will win this year wihtout kg playing, and it definitely wouldnt be one if kg was healthy

    but that being said injuries happen, no excuses from C’s fans

    i believe we had a great chance to win with a healthy KG, and i still believe we can win without him…. it just wont be as easy

  52. But didn’t we beat you WITH KG and WITHOUT Bynum? What exactly were the excuses then?
    Chamberlain13 – April 16, 2009 at 11:10 am

    IT was a regular season game, not a championship.

    Not an excuse, just reality.

  53. Idiot lakers fans worried about excuses?


    fucking morons

  54. Lakers fans are scumbags with very low basketball IQ and low intelligence in general

    er drrr, we beat you twice in the regular seasons, uh drrrrr..duh doo drrrrr



  55. I still believe! Ubuntu!

  56. You’re all so upset about the way the Cavs were celebrating after they torched you on Sunday. Remember the gatorade being spilt on the hardwood before game 6 was even over? Trust me. We do.

  57. As a Laker fan this is bad news for me now that we won´t see the best of the celtics and the lakers come june but hey this things happens just look at what happend with Bynum last season,Shit happens.

  58. shush laker pricks.

  59. Not over? Even Odom was crying about how how hard the Celtics were playing in the 4th quarter of that game because the result was determined. If a 30+ lead with a few minutes left in the game isn’t over what is (certainly not a 24 point lead in the 3rd quarter as we all well know).

  60. You’re all so upset about the way the Cavs were celebrating after they torched you on Sunday. Remember the gatorade being spilt on the hardwood before game 6 was even over? Trust me. We do.

    Chamberlain13 – April 16, 2009 at 11:24 am

    You remember when we torched the Lakers that it was the game that decided the CHAMPIONSHIP for the Celtics, right? Not a regular season game.

  61. Relax. This summer KG can drive down to Kobe’s house and visit little Larry. Hell, he can say Hi to the other 3 as well!

  62. Relax. This summer KG can drive down to Kobe’s house and visit little Larry. Hell, he can say Hi to the other 3 as well!
    Chamberlain13 – April 16, 2009 at 11:38 am

    when the Cs win that is. Hell, he’ll drive over to YOUR place. and say hi to the other trolls.

  63. Wow, All the faker trolls are out! hahaha…

    man, i could not believe the larry O’brian trophy is being carried by a rapist!

    such a disgrace for an honorable item… tsk tsk tsk!

  64. This sucks, though everyone could see it coming. I think the Cs can go to the conference finals, but it’ll be tough to get by the Cavs without KG in there disrupting the middle.

  65. This is BS i want the celtics at full strength in the playoffs, as a laker fan it wont feel right without them in there if/when we win.Ill admit last year i said that it was the celtics year long before they won, and I did not make excuses that we lost we were out played in the finals that simple. Whether bynum was there are not.

    I also dont agree with the fact that all laker fans are unintellegent i feel i am so dont lump us all in there please.

    Also i know bynum is no kg but he is our defensive anchor like garnett is yours, he doesent do all garnet does but we still made it through the arguably the toughest conference in nba history last year, you all can make it through the east this year.


    ps sorry for the poor grammar holding my one year old

  66. it wont matter gasoft will fold in the playoffs like he always does, kobe will get outplayed and outclassed by the truth, odem will continue to be a detriment to the lakers, and bynum might not even show up to the games if theirs a party at the mansion

    the team the C’s are worried about is the cavs, the ones with the best player on the planet, and guys around him that actually like him

    no C’s fan is fretting whether we can beat the lakers, yall are soft-everyone knows it

  67. At the moment it’s being carried by Academy Award-winning actor Paul Puss.
    “Little Larry, little Larry
    Where are you? Where are you?
    Drinking beer with Kobe,
    Drinking beer with Kobe,
    Boston sucks, Boston SUCKS!

  68. I think he will be back. Doc keeps saying “he’s not ready” and “I don’t think he’ll be ready.” But being ready and playing through it are two different things. KG is going to suit up in the postseason, in my opinion. It may not be in the first round, but some time shortly after, I think we’ll be seeing #5 on the court again.

    With that said, this is still a big punch to the gut. I feel sick to my stomach.

  69. Kg out for the playoffs, geez, even God hates Boston this year.

  70. This sucks but……I refuse to hang my head….DRJ is right, lets win it anyway and write one for the history books. GO CELTICS.

    And remember all you Celtic haters..its Paul motherf*ckin Pierce who has buried your overhyped teams over and over, and he looks pretty healthy to me.

  71. its time for paul pierce to prove that he is one of the greatest basketball players to ever step on the face of this earth. Its the truth time, add to that a little jesus, some big baby, and before you know, everyone is gonna get ronndoed!!! just watch!

  72. don’t forget about starbury, this will be the ressurection of the the man they used to call stephon! He will become a man amongst men, and sometimes he will play the 2 alongside ronndo, and watch out. From the ashes he shall rise, just like the Celtics! Never underestimate the heart of champion, and Lebron, and Dwight haven’t won jack shit. We are gonna win the motha, just have faith, because everyone will step up for KG. GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Noooooooooo!!!!!! Come on BBD and Powe!!!! I see Powe putting up some big games but will be a struggle gettin past the Cavs….

    Sounds like the Lakers have got it won reading some of this crap…..

  74. All I need to say to C’s fans is good luck.

  75. c’mon! its not an excuse if KG is injured and definitely you are not underdogs without KG. just look at your team, full of all-stars. its still LA – Boston in the finals 100%. cavs are nothing. they’re only good against not good and not so good teams but against boston, la, orlando, c’mon. lebron folds.

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