“There’s No Way”

The news continues to trickle out on KG.  I’m holding out hope for a Willis Reed moment… but Doc is not instilling any confidence.  The first video on Celtics.com’s website (to the right) is Doc talking about KG’s injury.  This is pretty definitive:

It’s not official if he’s out for the playoffs, but it’s official as far as I’m concerned.

Doc goes on to say “There’s no way” when asked if he anticipates KG coming back… but then he also sounds like the door is, in fact open for a return.  Then, Frank Dell’Apa says there are TWO injuries KG is dealing with.

Kevin Garnett will miss the NBA playoffs and likely have surgery on his right knee during the offseason, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said today.

The surgery will be to remove a spur in Garnett’s knee. But a strained popliteus tendon — and not the spur — has affected Garnett’s inability to return from a Feb. 19 injury. The tendon strain must heal naturally, and has taken longer than anticipated.

This is driving me nuts.  And I’m not really talking about the injury anymore.  It’s just the various reports… and the confusion.  Over on CSN, The Duke is begging Doc to be more Belichickian. I hope he listens, and stops talking about this… just for our sanity’s sake.


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  1. Where is our team doctor DRJ – Paging DRJ to break this down for us.

  2. What a crazy day.

  3. DRJ has explained the loose cartilage (which is now a bone spur- same concept). A floating foreign object that could lock up the knee.

    The Popliteus assists in knee flexion. The muscle originates at the back of the tibia (shinbone) and the tendon runs upward around the lateral side of the knee capsule to the posterior lateral meniscus. Popliteus Tendonitis is an overuse injury and usually heals with RICE in a couple weeks.

    Everybody’s different, but as relatively injury resistant KG has been his entire career, I find it hard to believe this strain has kept him MIA for this long….

  4. Alright. He is clearly not playing for a WHILE. Lets just think about the fact that Powe is back, Baby has been money on the back end of the season, and the fact that we have Sugar Ray Allen and The Mother F-IN TRUTH (not to mention a STELLAR point guard and a backup point guard that is finding rhythm). I just can’t talk about or listen to this stuff anymore. KG is OUT. MAYBE he could come back in a month. Right now I all I want to think about is grabbing eggs and beer Saturday morning before I head to the Garden for a showdown with the Bulls.

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  6. What’s bothering me is that Doc is talking out of both sides of his mouth in the same SENTENCES. “It’s not official if he’s out for the playoffs, but it’s official as far as I’m concerned. There’s no way.”
    Earlier when someone asked about whether KG would play in the playoffs he said, “I think so,” said Rivers, before pausing briefly and adding, “I don’t know, honestly.” AND THIS IS ALL IN 24 HOURS!


  7. Yeah…Doc isn’t doing us any favors. But he’s just speaking from the heart and is clearly frustrated.

    Finally its clear, bone spur (which we knew) and strained tendon which for some reason is refusing to heal.

  8. What Nickels said. +…
    Bone spur is a bit different from loose body (it’s attached, not floating), but the overall effect is the same. KG’s just not going to be there this year, barring some miraculous Willis Reed moment (as noted).

    And even that fabled Willis Reed moment was more emotional than real… The Captain scored just 2 baskets, hobbled as he was, and left soon thereafter, but it was such a deeply noble and emotional moment that the Knicks went on to destroy the Lakers in that Finals’ Game 7.

    The thing that makes this so fascinating is that it’s about heart, after all. The Lakers were the stronger team in 1970, but the Knicks had the bigger heart. With the Cs, and with KG, it’s also about heart, and about your fellow player. Like soldiers in battle, they fight for each other as much as for themselves. The Cavs have great chemistry, but to me they look like a bunch of guys just having fun together. Not the level of heart that the ’70 Knicks had, and not the determination and guts and ubuntu that the Cs have today.

    That’s what KG brings, even on the bench. His unique fire, in addition to the calls he can make… I can see it now, he and Thib, calling out the D from the bench. What a sight.

    This may turn out to be the most dramatic year we’ll ever witness.

  9. A word about the technicalities…
    KG could easily have both a loose body and a bone spur. The loose body MUST be removed surgically, as it will never go away otherwise. Bone spurs are usually treated non-surgically. And I agree with Nickels about the tendinitis… That was also reported by KG’s agent along with the loose cartilage story, but it’s hard to believe that it did not heal after 2 months+ of rest and treatment. The main story is the loose cartilage. The bone spur story, if true, is another, less worrisome matter.

    Sounds like KG could use some better nutritional support. I’ll write him a note :)

  10. espn just said ainge had a heart attack this morning

  11. Most bone spurs are attached, but they can be fragmented; which is why I compared it to the loose piece of cartilage. I figured whomever leaked the story first had the right idea, but was off in some details (such as cartilage vs. bone). Very plausible it’s all of the above though, in which case I am flabbergasted as to why the parties involved passed on the surgery to remove or whatever the real story may be.

  12. Ainge recovering “comfortably” in the hospital from heart attack.

    WTF is going on?!?

  13. Also Boston’s WCVB channel 5 is reporting on their website that Danny Ainge had a heart attack. My thoughts are with you and your family, Danny.

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