Big Baby Ready For The Leap

Mike Petraglia has some primo quotes from Big Baby after today’s practice.

“I thrive at situations like that, being the underdog,” Davis began. “No, I’m not KG, I’m not at all. I’m Big Baby from LSU, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m not the Big Ticket, I’m the Ticket Stub.”

“Don’t count the Ticket Stub out,” he added. “You might need the ticket to get into the game but you leave with the ticket stub because you’ll never forget this game. You’ll need it as a souvenir.”

It’s hard not to love this guy.

Look… We’re gonna miss KG.  There’s no doubt about that.  But Glen Davis can actually provide a little bit of what KG did… at least on offense.  You have to guard him with a big guy, and you have to respect the jumper.  If that opens even a tiny bit of space, it’s enough for Rajon Rondo to slice his way into the heart of the defense.

He’s not the shot-blocker KG is… no where near close.  That’s gonna hurt on D.  Part of the KG effect on D is having him and Perk just flat denying any easy buckets.  So Baby, and Leon, will have to do it another way… by getting in the lane and taking charges.

Don’t count this kid out.  People nationally will… but we know better.

I’m telling you… this is going to be a great story come mid-June.


10 Responses

  1. “Ticket Stub” just classic

  2. Davis should not be trying to get that nickname to stick…the word “stub” brings attention to the fact that he’s short, fat, has short arms, and can’t jump…bad choice, dude!

  3. Stubby? That’s only one ‘s’ away from what we all thought about him coming out of LSU. You gotta love his personality and the way he hustles. Powe was somewhat of a force last year in the Playoffs, as the Fakers know. I’m more than interested to see what they bring to the table. Bucher made a good point over @ espn about fouls per minute…Moore and Powe are going to have to watch it…

  4. BD – That’s how he likes it… He thrives to be the underdog remember.

  5. Idaho – Mikki might set some NBA playoff record for fouls… I hope not.

  6. I agree, Fsantos. This is the guy that also seems fine with the nickname of ‘Big Baby’ which is not exactly complimentary either. LOL

  7. Is there any doubt these guys are gonna win it all… well not from me

  8. LOL, Nora took the words off my keyboard. If the man can embrace being called “Baby” almost exclusively, he can probably embrace being the ticket stub, too.

    Classic line. Can’t wait for him to have a classic series!

  9. Baby is ready are you?


  10. I heard the interview on WEEI

    Just brilliant, well done Baby…Hilarious

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