Chills Coming In 3… 2…

(via CelticsHub)

Playoffs start tomorrow.  Get hyped!

As a special treat, we’ll do a pre-game call in show tomorrow at noon… and THEN a live chat at 12:30


8 Responses

  1. Nice highlights but the song? Too bad 2pac is gone he would crush weak a** K. West… Pac rolling over his grave… don’t understand why people enjoy his songs not feeling it at all.

  2. Awful R & B crap like this does nothing for me. you might as well set it to country music or the theme from Sesame Street.

  3. Agreed Danno.. K. West thinks he is so Hardcore too, please.

  4. He’s a gayfish.

  5. He used to be nice. Not anymore.

    But overall, the NBA does the best job with these promos compared to other sports. Some of the commercials literally bring tears to my eyes.

  6. Haha @ Dre. I was going to say the same thing.

  7. Just heard on WEEI that there is a decent chance of a KG return in the Eastern Conference Finals.

    Praise the Lord.

  8. I will not believe anything else I hear about KG even if it comes from the damn Surgeon General. When you see him over at the stanchion tying his shorts and banging his head off the padding, then tell me he’s coming back.

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