Time To Stop Bitchin’, And Start Playin’

The reaction has been almost unanimous… at least from everything I’ve seen and read out there:  Without Kevin Garnett, the Celtics have no chance of repeating as NBA chance.  Goodbye Banner 18 is a headline that pretty much sums up everyone’s reaction.

I understand it.  I know why people might say that.  I just don’t believe it.

You say goodbye Banner 18… I say hello to it.

Quite honestly, I’ve had enough of the doomsday, “woe-is-us” sentiment that exists all too much on the Celtics internets today.  Accuse me of being the eternal optimist if you will.  I see this as a hurdle, not a death sentence.

I know goddam well what KG means to this team.  I also know goddam well that the Celtics, more than any other recent champion, are built on a TEAM concept.  They are more than just one player.  They run on more than KG’s intensity.  They have a defensive system that is built to run whether KG is in or out of the game.  It runs on rotations and help.  KG makes those rotations better and the help easier… but he doesn’t make it happen by himself.   They have an offensive system that doesn’t rely on any one player to score.  KG make scoring easier and the passing better… but he doesn’t run the offense by himself.

Glen Davis and Leon Powe will be asked to step up and maybe do things they haven’t done before.  Paul Pierce and Ray Allen will have to shoulder a little more of the load.  Rajon Rondo will have to be at his best every night.  The second unit is going to have to out play every other team’s second unit.

Is it a tall order?  Maybe.  Can you see those things happening?  Absolutely.

Don’t get sucked into all the hype over Cleveland and Los Angeles.  They are great teams, but they are not immortal.  They have their flaws.  And they’re not the Champ.  That 2008 banner hangs in Boston.  And the Celtics… and we fans… aren’t just going to hand it over, are we?

Hell no we’re not.  We’re going to play our role too.  We’re going to make up for KG’s intensity by making that building impossible for the other team.  We’ll be loud without the Garden jumbotron.  When our team is down, we won’t sit on our hands…. we’ll get up and cheer louder.

Everyone is writing the Celtics off… which means we’re going to be proving a lot of people wrong.  I’m not sitting here and pulling the same crap Lakers fans pulled last year with the “if we only had Bynum.”  We’re better than that.  We’re Celtics fans!

So follow Red’s Army… follow Red’s Army to freedom Banner 18.

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30 Responses

  1. Hells yes! That’s the spirit! I’m feeling every triumphant sports cliche there is (Vince Lombardi reading the war speech from Henry IV to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries) as I pump up for tomorrow. Backs against the wall, give 110%, that’s why they play the games. I predict KG will be this year’s Scal, no minutes played, but the best post-championship press conference.

  2. Well said…I feel like slicing open a member of the King’s royal army right now.

    Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Heard that

  4. The Garnett “injury” is this year’s version of Paul Pierce in the wheelchair, just that much better. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

  5. Amen! If you quit before the games are even played, it’s definitely over. So FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!

  6. Leon Powe says:

    “We’ve got other players, man.”

    I looked at the roster, and it turns out he’s right!

  7. OK, from here on out…NO NEGATIVE POSTS, from anyone. Including me.

    We now have NO PRESSURE, so let’s go out and play hard and have fun. This could be an awesome post-season.

  8. Agreed with all the optimism…

    Some things that have made me absolutely furious that Ive read though

    1. Cavs blog reported KG being out for the playoffs, and the first comment from a low life cleveland fan was “lol @ pathetic celtics fan”

    2. Lakers fans saying we’re getting a taste of our own medicine…what?, now its our fault bynum was injured?, and comparing KGs importance to the celtics to bynums to the lakers. Oh god how pitifully stupid do you have to be? anyone with half a brain can figure out, losing KG would be like the lakers losing Gasol, and losing Bynum would be like us losing Perkings (yeah thats right you fuckhead assholes from LA, Perkins is every bit the player bynum is, except hes no flash and all substance and bynum is all flash and no substance)

    3. People writing articlels thanking this team for playing hard but coming up short, before they actually fucking lose.

    I could go on, but thats just a few

    Lets go C’s

  9. Oh yeah, a cavs fan said “its now even, we dont have ben wallace” and then actually argued ben wallace is as important to the cavs as KG is to the celtics

  10. I’m looking forward to beating Cleveland in Game 7 in Cleveland and then having our team pose for a “fake picture” on the court…with KG as the “photographer”.


  11. (I know our team is much too classy to do the fake picture…but God I would love it.)

  12. Absolutely.
    When Doc said last year “There’s gonna come a moment when you face unreal adversity and you must play together, play with ubuntu” — what the hell was he talking about, if not this?

    I absolutely HATE HATE Bob Ryan’s piece about how the “Cs are already winners” because they won last year so don’t expect them to win this year (link above). Ryan strikes me as the kind of writer who would be a Lakers fan if he lived in LA. I don’t think he has any concept of what makes this team special, of the pride and heart that is its core.

    Most top tier basketball teams are, from a talent perspective, roughly equal. You can make player-by-player comparisons, but it’s pointless. Teams win championships by coming back from 24 down in the 3rd quarter. By never giving up. By having a bigger heart than the other guy.

    And remember, last year LA looked like the better team too. 131-92.

    Whether you basically give up like Ryan, or fight your heart out, either way you will be dying in your bed some years from now (one of my favorite movie speeches ever). How do you want to remember this moment in time? Did you cut and run to hide behind your excuses? Or did you stand and fight the good fight?

    Winners win. Losers make excuses. By definition, the naysaying media are already losers.

    I know what the Cs are going to do. They’ve said it a million times: No excuses. And they’ve already proven that they’re winners.

  13. Say what you want but I’m kinda liking the underdog mentality!!

    C’s Baby!!

  14. I’ll just say that I CANT WAIT for the playoffs to start!

    Just so you guys know, the Bruins are also in the playoffs. Even though I havnt watched a single regular season game of hockey, I’m giving them my support too.

  15. Agreed DRJ about Bob Ryans piece…its a patetic mess and a slap into the face of all the players that are still going to suit up…absolutely slimy and disgusting article..

    Oh, the celtics already won, even though theyre going to lose, before they ever even play a game. would you shut the fuck up ryan? save the appreciation for this team coming up short until they ACTUALLY FUCKING LOSE, huh?

    I also wasnt to suprised to see some of the viewers os celticsblog heap praise on the article…what is it with some of the idiotic celtics fans over there? not to smack talk our own fan base, but anyone who likes that article is an asshole

  16. I do feel better this morning. I feel good knowing that at the very least, Paul, Ray, Rajon, and Perk will be mentally ready. I doubt this news is a shock to them… I think on a weei interview Pierce has been thinking about the playoffs without KG for weeks now. I remember weeks ago, Rondo caused a stir with those “career ending” comments about KG.. so I’m sure he must have been thinking about the possibilities. Rondo especially, it’s all mental – we’ve seen what he can do defensively when he wants to. When he has his mind set on it, he’s not going to let any point guard outplay him. And Ray is our most consistent player – no reason to think that’s going to change. I think Perk knows what he needs to do.. he’s said repeatedly in interviews about needing to be more vocal, being the leader of the defense. I think that sense of urgency is there.

    But a lot of the team’s mental state probably depends on how KG goes about this. Is he going to mope around like what me,you, and any normal person would do following such a devastating blow, or is he going to be live up to ubuntu and be the team player we know him to be? I think he knows what’s at stake.

  17. Yeah Bob Ryan’s article is pretty ballsy.

    “You know the deal up front. The Celtics will not become the 2009 NBA champions.”

    What a joke. They should deny him access for the rest of the playoffs.

    Way to go out on a limb and predict an outcome that’s probable so he can pull the “I told you so” or the “OMG what a miracle” no matter what happens.

  18. Baron– I don’t know why, but I was trying to be nice and rein in my disgust with Ryan in my earlier post. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Total asshole.

  19. beatles video nice, It’s in the all time top ten things I though I would never see on Redsarmy. Number 1 being a photo John and Chuck Kissing Scallie on the cheak, a beatles video was around 9 though.

  20. I try with all myself to be optimistic but I just can’t. I think that we could beat anyone without KG, even the Lakers if we play 110%, BUT the Cavs. The reason is, Lebron is simply superior. You take him out, and you have a team good for 6th seed at best, but with him on the floor, the team is unstoppable, especially at home.

    We’ll regret badly the losses against Warriors, Clippers, Bobcats, Knicks and Bucks. They were all winnable games and they cost us home advantage in the end.

  21. I cannot wait to see the fight the C’s will put up each game knowing that so many have given up on them before the games have even happened.

    I cannot wait to see KG standing, coaching, calling out plays, screaming from the bench on every defensive play, motivating the team and the crowd.

    I expect to see the Garden to rock like it’s never rocked before which makes me more excited than ever for these playoffs to start. It would be even more awesome if the crowd just stood and cheered like crazy for EVERY play, EVERY game….THE ENTIRE GAME. Sitting should be OUTLAWED! (Unless it’s physically not possible for some fans of course)

    And I would like to see Perkins fully in “beast mode” getting down into the Cobra stance for KG :). I know he’s not as agile, but we can all dream, can’t we?


  22. I hated when ESPN brought in Bob Ryan to discuss the KG situation yesterday. Everything statement he made was the general consensus and nothing important yet ESPN called him the guy who knows everything about this team. That was maybe the case 20 years ago.

  23. I see Bob Ryan managed to make his usual snide comment about Pierce in that article, too. It wouldn’t be a Bob Ryan column if he didn’t.

  24. It has been so long, I’ve forgotten how important KG is. If any team can pull it off…raise 18!

  25. UBUNTU!

    I hope Rondo kills in the playoffs. No one can guard him and he’s easily the best defensive point guard in the league.

  26. Shh…do you hear that…? “Anything’s possibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbble..!”

  27. Bring it-just bring it.

  28. that guy over the ocean- Lebron is only superior because he averages 1 foul in 40 minutes of play, and he gets to the line almost the most times in the league

    the guy gets every efffing call, its a lot easier to be good that way than when you have to play on an even playing field

  29. I know papa irish, but I think he would be a freak of nature even without the constant help of refs. Hell, he is a PG in the body of a PF, and it’s incredible how he gets better year after year… his only weakness is shooting, but it’s not that easy to exploit. It’ll be very hard to win the game we need in Cleveland.

    That said, the officiating in general in the league is freakin’ horrible, I agree on that.

  30. Big Baby is ready to become a legend in this town….

    “Don’t count the Ticket Stub out,” he added. “You might need the ticket to get into the game but you leave with the ticket stub because you’ll never forget this game. You’ll need it as a souvenir.”

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