We Gotta Win Something Today

So the Celtics sucked.  We Celtics fans can still flex our muscles….

…. by voting for Red’s Army in the second round of PeteMarasmitch’s Basketblog header contest.

We beat Blaze of Love… now we’ve got to take out Piston’s blog Need4Sheed.   C’mon soldiers… you did a great job pushing into the second round… let’s show them what we’re made of again.


9 Responses

  1. Done-my vote is in….

  2. You guys are gonna smoke the Bulls when it’s all said and done. Even w/o KG, you’re damn near tops in the east. But I wish he was around so I could see LA get revenge. Oh well, I guess a ring’s a ring.

  3. The only ring LA will have this year is a ring in the tub as their playoff dreams go down the drain. Utah in 6.

  4. Utah in 6? lol, thats funny…

    cmon now, we all know thats not happening

  5. So assuming the Celts don’t make it, who do you want to take it, Lakers or Cavs? Do you really want another Eastern team to be better than you?

  6. It’s a weird thing, but I’ve found quite a few Lakers fans that seem to feel as I do, which is a kind of wistful affection for our erstwhile opponents from the opposite coast. It’s like Vietnam vets who go back decades later and become fast friends with their former enemies. The Lakers are, in some ways, our old friends almost as much as they are our enemies. I would much rather face the Lakers than any other West team, and it seems many Lakers fans feel the same way about the Celtics. (Trolls excluded, of course.) Strange thing, that.

    Two scarred and wounded warriors who want to meet one more time on the field of battle.

    There’s that, and the fact that Kobe has worked his ass off to get the ring. He is a warrior… also wounded of late… and tough as they come. Plus, he is, like our Big 3, a lot closer now to the end of his career than to its beginning. Lebron, on the other hand, is the young gun looking to make his mark. And he will. But he can wait.

    I would root for the Lakers. If we cannot grasp the ring this year, let them hold it for us. Till next year.

    But remember, it’s not over by a long shot. We haven’t yet heard the fat lady sing, so we still have our eyes fixed on that field where we expect to hand our frenemies the Lakers yet another whoopin’.

  7. Little Larry O has been away from for way too long, he’s already booked his flight to LA for the summer!

  8. from rotoworld:

    Report: Garnett prepared to set surgery date

    Kevin Garnett is close to setting a date to have surgery on his right knee.

    “The knee is hurting him too bad right now,” one source said. “He just can’t play.” According to another source close to the situation, Garnett sought advice from non-Celtic medical sources on remedies that could allow him to play in the playoffs. But it now looks like he will opt for surgery in the near future, eliminating the chance for him to play for the Celtics in the postseason. Apr. 19 – 1:52 am et

    I also sent a vote your way.

  9. @Baron-I couldn’t let a troll just come here and talk ish without firing back! And yes-I really think Utah can beat L.A….

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