Is KG Teasing Us, Or What?

The Herald has this little tidbit from today:

Just a short time ago, Garnett walked onto the Celtic practice floor with strength coach Bryan Doo. While trainer Ed Lacerte sat at the far end of the court, Garnett, in practice gear, dribbled as he walked around the perimeter of the court.

The entire visible process took less than four minutes, after which Garnett, Doo and Lacerte walked through a door that leads to the weight room here at the team’s facility.

Though none of the involved was offering any comment, the simple exercise came after Doc Rivers commented to the Herald today that he and the Celtics would like Garnett to hold off on surgery to his right knee.

I don’t know what to make of this.  I just don’t know anymore.

(Thanks to Mike for the tip)


34 Responses

  1. The most mysterious injury of all-time.

    I feel like there should be a True Hollywood Story on this injury.

  2. What the hell???

  3. Here we go again!!

  4. Philly just beat orlando. Awesome

  5. GOOOOOOOO PHILLLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right people, the Orlando Magic SUCK! They played their type of basketball and this time, somebody finally finished the job! Way to give a well-needed reality check! The Philly victory makes me feel a little better about yesterday, and I hope it makes everyone else a little happy.

    BTW, there was a report today that Doc doesn’t want KG to have surgery, that could also mean that he’s not done.

  6. Not so mysterious. KG has this loose cartilage in his knee. It comes and goes. They figure maybe he will be able to contribute sometime, if/when the other bigs are down. So why not wait on the surgery, just in case. But forget about big minutes from him… that’s not gonna happen.

    Btw, to anyone who was sorry we got Chicago instead of Philly, they just beat the Magic in the opener after being down 18. All these young, hungry teams are going to be tough outs. They will hustle and fight, and if you don’t bring that same (or better) energy, you will lose.

    It sounds corny, but it really is not about talent in the playoffs. It’s about energy, desire, focus, sacrifice, teamwork, heart… all those intangibles. The team with the highest level of those wins.

  7. Orlando just proved they are exactly what we think they are. Ok…. exactly what Mr. RedsArmy said they were.

    BTW, I still say


  8. I’m convinced he will take the court in a game at some point in the playoffs. Even if he’s limping around a bit…he will play.

  9. sigh, i just dont have the strength to deal with this, is he in or out? …. im not sure what to think anymore… cant they just be straight with us so i can deal with it and move on?

  10. I wish KG would just tell us what’s going on.

  11. I think so too, bigmck. And it would be a great moment. But I expect the effect will be of the Willis Reed/rally-the-troops variety, not any major minutes.

    But who knows, right? So long as his knee doesn’t lock up, he probably would not be doing any significant additional damage. So anything could happen.

  12. If They don’t think he can further injure himself they may clear him to play if we make it to the conference finals. IF and I say IF we make it, I can pretty much expect to see some of KG playing. and that would be a great thing for the team! This is all so weird, every day a new report. You all have to realize that this must be absolutely killing KG not being able to play, he realizes the window is closing on him and the team and he is going to give it a go if he can I’m sure.

  13. Why did Lucky get fired??? We need to play as if KG is not on this team, if he comes back great but forget about him lets play like were a 60 win team. Why is it that the same thing happened last year during the playoffs, we get tight and forget how to play ball. Lossen up guys your better than that!!!!

  14. Really tired of this Cat and Mouse shit! KG should come out to address the Fans – He has time to cash in his $23 Million Dollar Check then he should have time to come out and tell the truth.

  15. Please make it to the Finals! We want you! Payback time!

  16. What exactly is KG going to say? Do you really think he will say anything different that has already been said? I guess I don’t see KG saying anything as really changing the situation at all.

  17. Forget about KG. We had to forget about Bynum last year. We still made it to the finals. Enough with the excuses! MAN UP!

  18. Yeah, Bynum is just like KG. Idiot, try losing KoMe or maybe even Gasoft (also nowhere near as good as KG). If he’s out for the playoffs fine, no excuses needed-unlike flaker fans last year. We just want to know whats going on?

  19. Wow, chamberlain.

    Comparing Bynum to Garnett????

    Before I die I want to meet just one intelligent Laker fan. I’m not too confident though.

  20. Dear Chamberlain13 how long have you been Lakers fan? Was your daddy a Wilt fan? You’ve been all over the board with cute comments trying to rattle the Celtics fans. How badly did it hurt you when the Celtics took your manhood last year? Gatorade poured on Doc Rivers with 5 minutes left in the game? House and Ray Pouring it on with 3’s when we were up by 30 + points? Sorry man, must have hurt really bad. We wouldn’t know the feeling. We are down and out a bit cause of KG’s absence and we know winning it this year without him is bleak. Lakers have a good team and if they stay healthy they can win it all. But man, how badly would it hurt if you guys lose to the Cavs? Celtics fans wouldn’t care if you win or lose but that would be three finals in a roll you lose. That’s embarrassing. Love Celtics

  21. Hey Chamberlain, anytime you can compare a 21 year old injury prone center and a 14 year veteran/first ballot hall of famer you have to do it.

  22. tim(fd): let me give it a try..i’m old enough to remember chamberlain as a kid (from only ’70 on thankfully, just drove by his old house today in bel air where he bagged a chunk of his 20k)

    i’m not sure he was saying bynum is the equivalent of garnett right now, just that not having him last year was the difference for us against the celtics. his shot blocking, rebounding, size, and strength would have made the series much more competitive than it was. in 2 or 3 years bynum will obviously be better than kg, as kg ages and bynum gains experience (if he can avoid injuries, and stay out of trouble at heff’s)

    fsantos33: what’s really embarrassing is not making it to the finals & winning the title for 22 years, considering the celtics history. you haven’t repeated since russell/ woodstock / first landing on the moon, so it’s just par for the course for boston. was really hoping you would make it back this year to meet us if we make it, but seems like it’s gonna be the cavs coming out of the east. happy you’re at least back in the mix though for rivalry sakes

  23. Good Point sanandreas – 22 Years was a long time eating $1 menu from Mcdonalds but gold rained on us last year 17th Banner. Bad luck or maybe we were cursed when our number one draft pick died in 86 and our franchise player Reggie Lewis suddenly died in early 90’s and bad management during the mid 90’s.. That was our last 22 years… It’s not embarrassing shit happens. Losing in the finals 3 straight times would be pitiful. L.A. (Buffalo Bills) Lakers. Have a good night.

  24. You know what is embarrassing? Losing a finals game in an elimination game by 39 points. That is embarrassing.

  25. I don’t think I’m the only one who hopes to see the Lakers in the Finals again. So for now, we’re all on the same side. Most of us would like to face the Lakers in the Finals again, and you Lakers fans are apparently hoping the Cs will win in the East. There is peace on Earth.

    Until June, that is. When we start kicking your butts again.

  26. William Felton “Bill” Russell owned Chamberlain sorry ass…

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  28. Why are some people rooting for philli? doesnt phase me one way or another. our team lost. our team choked. bad. I cant stand philli or igudola, so why would I be happy?

    as far as this story…its ridicolous..So if KG is seen for like 4 seconds with a basketball, all of a sudden he could comeback? what the hell arent you listening to? doc has said hes out for the playoffs, period.
    Boston media has also said they dont care if they ever talk to KG again, the egomaniac, mentally unstable guy that he is. this is a guy who gets paid 24 million a year and gets praised for being something he isnt. hes not this great teammate, its been proven. his team asked him to sit on the bench, he wont…doc asks him to talk to the media about his injury..he wont…danny and doc both say its up to him if he wants to play, he could play…he isnt…wake up and smell the beggining of bas chemistry

  29. Didn’t you read tha KG tried to mask the pain on his last practise? And Doc shut him down despite his willingness to play? You don’t need much time to start ripping guy you loved

  30. I’m available if you need me.

  31. Baron, I’m not rooting for Philly because I like their team. I’m rooting for them so that they can prove to the entire media that Orlando is not at all a contending team.

    Wow, I really don’t see you as a Celtics fan. In fact, you seem like depressed cynical hater who can’t help but write about how everything is going to go wrong for the Celtics. Even if you are right, you could atleast try to lighten the hell up.

  32. Plus, the Celtics never had control of the game on Saturday, the Magic did on Sunday.

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  34. Like sanandreas said, I’m only comparing KG to Bynum as an integral piece to your squad, not career stats, so chill. You need him, we needed Bynum last year, but we still at least made it to the finals, even if we lost. IF by chance you do make it, do you really believe you can beat a better, stronger, and healthier Lakers squad than last year, with or without KG? If you want it to be a rivaly, you have to at least get there!

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