These Are Shank’s Glory Days

He’s like the mother that finds that one line that pisses you off at every family dinner.  You know the one… “if you had just gone to law school like I said, you wouldn’t be wasting all that time on the internet”.  Or something like that.

It cuts through you.  You walk in knowing its coming, and you swear you’re going to laugh it off, but then when it happens you just want to throw an ottoman through the bay windows.

Yes, Shank is basking in the glory of Boston failure… or at least the hint of it. Check out how he starts today’s pile of dung.

The Celtics’ playoff quest is just getting started, and it feels like it’s already over.

The Celtics don’t have Kevin Garnett and they are not going to repeat. They are in for a bloody death and it’s just a matter of who plays the executioner.

One game into a 7 game series, a 2 point OT loss in which one team played its absolute best and the other played pretty close to its absolute worst, and there’s Shank smirking as he needles people like us into talking about him.  But he’s not alone.  A lot of people are jumping off the bandwagon.  To them I say good riddance.  We don’t want you around.  And don’t come back when the C’s handle the Bulls the rest of this series.

First of all, there’s no way Derrick Rose is going to hit shots like thisor this… for an entire series.  He’s good.  Damn good.  He showed he’s got balls and he’s not afraid of the Celtics.  But even for a great player, those shots are total BS.

But Rajon Rondo’s got to ease back on the gambling when he’s defending Rose straight up.  Rose is too damn quick for that.  His crossover is too good.  His first step is too fast.  If you go for the steal, you’d better get it.  And yesterday, Rondo didn’t get it.  And because Rose is so fast, going for the steal at the top of the key means by the time your help realized you’ve been burned, Rose is already in the middle of the lane.  They can’t take the charge because there’s no way to get out of the circle… and there’s no one else who’s remotely quick enough to steer him away from the hoop.

So the best way for Rondo to defend Rose is to just defend him straight up.  Don’t reach, just move your feet.  If a pick comes, go under it and turn him into a jump shooter.  If he’s in the lane, he’s scoring and passing.  I don’t care if he scores 30 again.  If he gets them all on jump shots and he’s not distributing, the Celtics will be in a great position.

The second problem for the C’s is Ray Allen.  It’s not really a huge problem.  He had one horrible game.  But he’s gotten away from his most successful formula this season:  Open the game driving and taking mid-range jumpers… and then start bombing away when the defender backs-off.  Ray is one of the best pure shooters the game has ever seen, but sometimes he falls in love with the 3.

I think early on, he needs to pass up the 3, take a dribble or two, and take that middle jumper to get going.  The defender will be flying past him expecting the shot, so chances are good he’ll get some really good looks.  That will force some help to step up, and it might lead to some easy baskets under the basket for someone like Perk or Leon.  It will force the defense to move, which is something the Bulls defense didn’t have to do yesterday.

And that’s the third problem the Celtics have.  If Rondo didn’t take over in spurts, the Celtics would have had no offense at all.  There was one play where Rondo was beyond the 3 point line on the right side, and he skipped the ball to Paul Pierce, who was posting his guy up above the left block.  It’s the first time I’ve EVER seen that.  NORMALLY, the ball would get swung around and Pierce would get a little entry pass.  For some reason yesterday, ball movement disappeared.  I’m all for Paul Pierce putting the cape on and taking over, but it’s always been most successful when the offense is run for most of the game.

The Bulls are young and athletic.  They rely on their physical skills to win.  If you make them move around, they’ll make mistakes, and it will lead to easy baskets.  If you take away what they want to do, they’ll try to force it, and they’ll turn the ball over.  They’re a .500 team for a reason.  Make them play like it.

I’ll start the links with this:  KG eyes surgery date.  It might eliminate any shot of KG coming back.  I didn’t want to make the whole post about it, because I’m sick of talking about KG.  If he’s not here, he’s not here… let’s move on.

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18 Responses

  1. Now that the C’s know that the bulls are not happy just to be in the playoffs, the C’s will bounce back. I can guarantee that. Celtic Pride!

  2. Hope they won’t give up making Rose jump shooter after this game. He isn’t that good, just one game. Absolutely right on RR, he gambled too much yesterday and Rose made him pay. KG isn’t there anymore to block shots so we can’t let him penetrate because he shows no fear of Big baby and Leon. Stephon looked like in first games, was afraid to shoot even when Rose was 3-4 feet away. Good thing: Pierce is pissed – “Now that we got hit in the mouth, it’s a series”. Looking foward to next game

  3. Rondo gambles way too much…its ok to gamble on guys like Anthony Johnson or Derek Fisher (insert gratuitous Lakers jab here) but he must stay in front of guys like Rose. You don’t always need a steal to have a successful defensive trip.

  4. As for Shank…I’m sure he’s under pressure to write columns that illicit response/comments. The Globe is imploding.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures…

  5. everyone other then rondo and perk should be ashamed of themselves after that choke job…and thats exactly what it was guys, whether they bounce back to win the series or not, shaugnessy is dead on about them not going anywhere in the long run. theyre doomed, period.

    KG being officially announced out was like a punch to the gut to everyone else on that team, and their morale, spirit, motivation looked like shit. they might just be ready for vacation.

    kevin garnotonthebench

  6. Also, what the fuck is wrong with the celtics? they just “show up” with absolutely no respect for the bulls? god damnit, I couldnt have been anymore dissapointed in ray allen, paul pierce was bad, but ray allen was so freaking bad it made PP look pretty damn good. that missed ft? what a fucking joke paul…seriously.
    missed dunk, brick after brick, forgetting how to dribble or defend, 1-12 shooting….what the fuck is that ray?

    from what I watched yesterday, the celtics learned absolutely nothing from last postseason, I mean how the fuck do you underestimate a team after what happened last season in the first round? you actually believe that couldnt happen again? you gotta actually stop it from happening..

    And, who else still questions whether or not the Bulls tanked there last game of the year in order to play us? they certainly looked like they got what they wanted. confident as shit. and we looked like the bulls shouldve. unnacceptable.

    also, why would you have a problem with someone saying we arent going anywhere? did you not see Joke Noah look like a dwight howard replica yesterday? what the fuck would dwight howard do?

  7. The Bulls used to be strictly a jumpshot shooting team. When they were hot they were cable of competing with teams much better then them. With the addition of Rose who drives and scores as compared to drive and kick, they are much better then in years past. That being said they stand little chance of winning this series, unless the Celtics play flat and depressed. Too much pride and talent for that to happen, can’t wait for game 2.

  8. I’m with Baron – it’s hard to believe and be positive when PP and Ray play like they’ve already lost.

  9. Some alternative views:
    RONDO – He went for a steal here and there, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem in guarding Rose was that he can easily get by Rondo. Just like Rondo can easily get by Rose. That’s the thing about guarding top-tier guards one-on-one. IT CAN’T BE DONE. Not without fouling anyway. Reason: the offensive guy decides when to take his first step. It’s physically impossible for the defensive guy to move as quickly, especially since he’s moving backwards/sideways. I.e., ANY quick guard can get by any other quick guard when he sets his mind to it. The way you stop these guys is with your backup, of course. You GUIDE them to your help, KNOWING they’re probably going to get by you, but get stopped thereafter. When you see Rondo or Rose give up on their offensive drive to the hoop, it’s not because their guardian is “so good”… it’s because they can see that the help is there behind him.

    The most important thing they have to do today is strengthen the help defense on Rose. No big deal, they’ve done it a thousand times. Just apply what you know. (Hard to believe this wasn’t done before Game 1.)

    RAY – obviously had a horrible game. We flat out lost because of him. Ok, guys have bad games, it happens. Maybe he didn’t sleep well. We hope for better next time. But, he didn’t put himself in the game. Which leads to…

    DOC – Here is the crux of the problem. Doc has many great qualities, chief among them the unique ability to communicate with and motivate the troops. But…
    (1) Lately he’s been saying “I don’t know” a lot in answer to questions about how his players are feeling. Bad sign. He’s supposed to know… that’s his job. And more to the point, that’s his forte, the thing that makes him great in the first place.
    (2) Doc has no imagination. He’s a straight shooter, likable, personable, direct kind of guy. He just could not imagine that Ray could have such a dungheap of a game. So he kept him in the game throughout almost the entire 4th, reinserting him with ~0:30 left in regulation, and then for the entire OT. What did Ray do during that time? Absolutely nothing, unless you count losing the ball, fouling a jump shooter and missing every shot he took ‘something’.
    (3) Doc should have removed Ray from the game, in favor of TA (who was playing with tremendous energy, the little he played), or Eddie, or Gabe. Or Walker. We lost this game because Doc could not bring himself to take Ray out when he should have.

    STEPHON – played with no fire, no aggression. He was useless. If that’s the level of play he’s going to contribute, sit him down and stop using him. Gabe would give you a lot more. Doc needs to shake the cobwebs from his brain and look at things anew. See the reality and act accordingly. Players’ REPUTATIONS don’t win games. It’s how they’re playing in the game at hand that counts, not what they’ve done in games and years past. That’s your JOB, Doc. Do it.

  10. for those who have jumped off the bandwagon, i agree 100000000 %
    get the fuck out of here. I don’t need you, RedsArmy doesn’t need you! This team has more heart then any of you know. will show the world, and for those whose faith never wavered, then in the reward shall be all the more sweet.

  11. yesterday may have been the worst day of my life (exluding any deaths or when the fat boys broke-up) I missed the call in show, was watching the game and the live Chat when my cable goes out. so I drive to the bar with 120 bucks. I saw the C’s get out husslled, out played, ray-ray had no jumper or dunk for that matter. Perk looked good, and the rondo rose thing was epic, I kind kept waiting for steph to take over, odd thought I know. Well the game was good the outcome bad needless to say. So ,I watched the CAVS game next I realize they are real good. maybe tough to judge a team when 1 they are playing the pistons and B you have a 12-15 beers in you. to make long story short I came home with 3 dollars, passed out in my Basement where I soiled myself or spilled a beer,all over my pants, I can’t tell which. But I woke up and realized There is no way the bulls can beat us in a 7 game series and that loss actully helped us, yes i said helped us. we will beat them by 20 next game. and win in 6

  12. The Celtics are down 1-0 after playing a bad game yesterday. I’m disappointed, but it’s definitely not a reason to turn on them. To those who are are predicting doom – did you watch game 4 of the finals last year? How about the 2004 ALCS? The Celtics still have a shot at repeating and will fight to the end ubuntu-style. Fans that turning on them are worse than Lakers fans. The Celtics need support from real fans, not a bunch of negativity from fair-weather fans.

  13. Globe says the Celtics’ scrimmage today ended with Ray making a 3 pointer.

    Apparently that one game wasn’t proof that he’ll never, ever hit a shot again? (Not that anyone here has said that, but I’ve heard comments elsewhere that came close.)

    Back on track tomorrow, Cs!

  14. […] Red’s Army: These Are Shank’s Glory Days […]

  15. Nice to see the lakers are getting a few calls for once today…

  16. Thank you, DRJ, for pointing out the fact that it wasn’t entirely Rondo’s fault that Rose went off. The help defense was awful, and that was more than half the problem. With guys that quick, its impossible to guard either of them one on one. Could Rondo have done a better job? Hell yes; but he made Rose pay on the other end too, and nearly canceled his epic performance out by putting up an amazing offensive game himself. Ray on the other hand, got outscored by about 20 points by Ben Gordon, and Paul didn’t play much better than an injured Salmons. That was the difference in the game.

  17. Rose is a good player, who is going to be a great player-plain and simple. It’s not RR’s fault. The Bulls were simply a hungrier team yesterday. A bunch of young guys in the Garden vs the world champs…of course they were full of piss & vinegar and the C’s were not-it’s really that easy. The C’s, who have really been a 2nd half team the last 2 years, started to get some motivation towards the end, but it was simply too late. I really believe the Celtics 2009 playoff destiny is not in the hands of KG, Doc, Rondo, SugarRay, Perk, Leon, Baby or anyone else. The Celtics 2009 playoff destiny is in the hand of the Celtics TEAM. They live by Ubuntu, and will die by it if they continue to look at things as individuals. IT’S THAT F’ING SIMPLE. 11 rings and who da guy, said it well-if you’re not a fair-weather fan, it’s going to get real now-you may want to focus on the Sox or something…

  18. i’m joining the club on not being worried about this series because of the game yesterday. Everything in the vein of ‘their best, our worst’ has already been said.

    I am a little worried about Ray not playing well at the beginning of the playoffs, but I’m hoping that was just one game. And we need to get back to running our offense. I’m going to chalk game one up to thinking that we could just beat them without needing to play celtics basketball – help defense, moving, passing on offense, etc.

    and I don’t think you can fault Doc (too much) for leaving Ray Allen in. Shooters need to shoot through their slumps, and I swear there’s been like 20 games where RA has shot like 10% and then hit a game-winner.

    finally, in a thread the other day someone suggested that Baron might be some sort of lakers fan ‘in disguise’ (TimFD, I think?) and I’m starting to believe. Dude, if you want unbridled negativity, drop the 50 cents and read the globe. Or you could lock yourself in that bombshelter you made for the world’s end because of Y2K and skip the playoffs.

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