Tough Talk


Kendrick Perkins had this to say about Derrick Rose:

“He’ll never have another game like that against us again.”

I wanna believe Perk. But after watching (or in my case – listening) to the C’s come out inexplicably flat in the home opener of a playoff series, I’m not sure what to believe.

Hey Perk: You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

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10 Responses

  1. Why would you publically say that? to motivate him?

  2. Or to motivate yourself and your teammates, so that your own team is pressured to walk the walk?

  3. The C’s destiny is in their own hands….

  4. I love this team

  5. I wish he had not of said that; Derrick Rose scares me now, so Perk better show up tomorrow and make sure Rose doesn’t do that again, or Perk can insert foot in mouth.

  6. Derrick Rose>Kendrick PerkFins

    Nuff said

  7. thanks for filtering the foul mouths.

  8. Really lazlo? “Perkfins” is the best you can do?


  9. What a dhead…

  10. You should never say something like that unless you want to give the other team something to motivate them even more…but Perkins is still right. :D

    Anyway, it’s his job to think that way no matter what. If he would be like “yeah, Rose will beat us again” he should better stay at home.

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