Danny’s Back

The Globe has this update from the morning shoot around:

Celtics president Danny Ainge was at the team’s practice facility in Waltham during the team’s shootaround today and received a warm greeting from the players.

While Ainge was not available for comment, coach Doc Rivers said Ainge might attend Game 2 of the Celtics’ first-round series against the Bulls tonight.

Ainge suffered a minor heart attack last Thursday and wasn’t allowed to watch the Celtics’ Game 1 loss Saturday from his hospital room. He was released from the hospital last night.

Even though he said he wouldn’t speak about KG anymore, Doc had this to say:

While Rivers still seemed doubtful, he did hint there was a slight chance that injured Celtics forward Kevin Garnett could return to action in this postseason. Garnett, however, seemed a long way away as he walked with a noticeable limp at shootaround this morning.

“If he gets healthy, he gets healthy,” Rivers said. “But I don’t see it. If he does, it will be phenomenal. But that’s not anything I’m focused on at all.”


4 Responses

  1. Ainge is back and all is okay with the world.

  2. Ainge to Team: What happened? You guys couldn’t win without me? Now, get out there kick some ass and stop F’in around. This is the playoffs baby!

  3. Some other stuff to help kill the 2 hours before the game:


  4. Welcome back #44. God I hope powe lays the wood to Noah again tonight.

    Go Celtics!

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