Is KG Scared?

Anyone who listened to WEEI this morning got an annoying dose of Michael Felger and Jon Metaparel questioning KG’s threshold for pain.

They insinuated that Garnett might be  scared to play on the injured knee because of the fear of further injury. He’s been relatively healthy his entire career and never had to play through major knee pain. Make sense?

Felger kept coming back to this quote by Ainge early last week:

“When Kevin plays is his decision,” Ainge said. “But I think Kevin plays once the playoffs start. Ultimately, it’s just his decision.”

Is it possible? Maybe (how’s that for straddling the fence?).

This theory could explain the latest revelation that the Celtics want Garnett to hold off on surgery.

FYI – We plan on having an in-game live chat for tonight’s battle.


18 Responses

  1. Cool (chat tonight) about a pregame call in show again..? I missed the last one…Anyways, Felger doesn’t even like basketball-he admits that regularly, so pay him no mind. KG is a warrior-I haven’t believed much lately about the status of his injury, but I DO believe that if he could play, he would. I think that either his leg just won’t let him do it, or a doctor has told him that if he tries to come back to quickly, he could really put his career in jeopardy. I am getting to my wit’s end with this crap though-enough is enough. Let’s just play ball and address the KG stuff when the season is over. It is becoming a DISTRACTION!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. why if it was up to kg would doc come out so adamantly with multiple statements that kg is out for the playoffs

    the way the c’s have handled the situation obviously leaves room for speculation, thats why we have a million different stories and everyone sporting there own opinion


  4. Ridiculous.

    Chuck you should be ashamed of posting this garbage.

    Michael Felger might be the worst sports personality in New England, especially with regards to the Celtics.

  5. If it’s KG’s decision and he doesn’t want to play with pain, for what the hell he tried to mask this pain during the practise before the playoffs? Why did he try to cheat Doc simulating that his healthy and he can play, and why did he go mad when Doc shut him down? It doesn’t make sense

  6. He’s a psycho and a bad teammate and selfish and not-“jell”ing with the Celtics and a poor sport and…. now a pansy.

    As much as I would like KG to come back in the playoffs, I just want him to be alright.

  7. Count me among the group who’s tired of talking/reading/speculating about Kevin Garnett.

    I’d like to hear more about the guys who are playing in this series and how they match up against the Chicago Bulls.

  8. THANK you Dave. My sentiments exactly.

  9. distraction
    1. something that diverts the attention
    2. something that serves as an entertainment
    3. mental turmoil

  10. …and I don’t mean KG-I mean the attention everyone else is paying him/his situation. My last post on this..I promise.

  11. KWAPT – for someone who doesn’t wanna read or think about KG’s injury, you sure post a lot about it.

  12. Yep, it has gotten ridiculous. ‘Course, that’s because the Cs were never forthright about any of it, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. (Fyi, I think KG was probably playing with some pain for most of the first half of the season… but whatever.)

    Main thing is he’s not playing TONIGHT… and if they don’t step up tonight, it’s pretty much over.

    (Thx for pointing out the jel v gel thing :))

  13. Tim – Felger has a point, ainge said it was up to KG if he could play, and KG isnt playing

  14. I actually like Felger. With that being said he is alittle annoying & knows nothing about basketball but he’s very objective & doesn’t act like a Homer. I’ll take him over Dickerson every day of the week.

  15. Thx for that dose of unequivocal truth BigMck

  16. we are still playing in june with or without him. if he comes back great. if he doesnt well deal with it. game 1 was a wake up call. everything they did all year. they did none of saturday

  17. for someone with no basketball background and stands at most a whopping six feet tall to question kg’s fortitude is ludicrous. I only bring up the height factor because playin on a bummed knee is twice as hard on a 7 foot 250 pound monster. the stress is like nothing that pussy felger could imagine. not to mention im pretty sure the knee is pretty important last time i checked in basketball considering the running/jumping. doesn’t even take a basketball fan to figure that one out. All KG cares about is going out and playing to win a championship. The man couldn’t even sleep after his dreadful end to game 5 last year. so what did he do he came out on a mission the next night droppin i beleive it was 28 and oh yea the celts demolished a heavily favored lakers team. the man eat sleeps and breathes basketball, i highly doubt this MAN is afraid of that little boy Joakim Noah and the rest of the Chicago bulls.

  18. Felger is horrible. I repeat Felger is horrible. I hardly ever post on websites, but I had to chime in on how much I think he sucks. He tries to play the devils advocate and/or be the controversial guy on all topics, but its never backed up on much evidence and is never funny or inciteful, just annoying.

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