“Prediction: Pain” In Game Blog

No way we go down 2-0 to this Bulls team.

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7 Responses

  1. Love the title! that is exactly what i was thinking…someone needs to put Rose on his back and make him play scared, cause he isn’t right now.

    what happened to no easy layups in the playoffs? we are letting them do what they want, we need to take it to them!

    anyone know why KG was on the bench for the first half and not the second?

    go c’s!

  2. love the hard fould by perk! thats what i’m talkin about!!!

  3. The Celtics are playing fuckin’ embarrassing in the second quarter. Benchwise, Moore should retire, and Marbury has absolutely no confidence whatsoever.

  4. Pierce has no hustle, even after a 5 min rest on the bench. Not getting back on defense at all. FRUSTRATING!!

  5. lol @ KG grabbing his nuts at the end

  6. I LOVE YOU RAY ALLEN!!!!!!![As a basketball player]!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a serious note, I hope the Celtics and the Bulls bring the great games into Chicago. I’m enjoying every second in this series.

    On another note, Chicago is a future contender pending on if they keep all the players, all they need is a post presence, and that’s it.

  7. good clip. but guess what happens in that movie? THE UNDERDOGS WIN!!!! sorry celtics fans.

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