Ray Ray!!!!!

Check out Noahs reaction to Rays game winner.

Check out Noah's reaction to Ray's game winner.

Ray’s three with 2 seconds left gives the Celtics a 118-115 win over the Bulls. It was the final shot in a magnificent duel between Ray (30 pts, 28 in the 2nd half) and Ben Gordon (42 pts, 6-11 3FG).

Ray’s three pointer with 25 seconds gave the Celtics a 115-113 lead, but a Gordon jumper tied it back up with :12 left.

What a ballsy effort/performance by the kids. Rajon Rondo (19 pts, 16 assists, 12 reb, 5 stls), Kendrick Perkins (16 pts, 12 reb, 2 blks and Big Baby Davis (26 pts, 9 reb) all played great games.

The Bulls blocked 14 shots and it seemed like 12 of those were on Paul Pierce. The Truth (18 pts, 8-19 FG, 8 reb) did not play well tonight. In the postgame presser, Doc said it appears as if Paul is looking for a double team that isn’t coming and that is making him tentative.

The Celtics just can’t shake the injury bug. Leon Powe sprained his left knee (it was the right knee that kept him out for several weeks) in the first half and did not return in the 2nd half. He went to the hospital for an MRI. Rondo took a nasty fall in the first half and sprained his ankle.

Perk and Noah (13 pts, 8 reb) mixed it up several times tonight. Noah caught a T for yapping at Perk in the 3rd quarter. It’s clear to me Noah is trying to make his bones as a “tough guy” in this series.

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49 Responses

  1. o f**ck thank God it’s over what a game

  2. thank… god…. im so happy

  3. Finally. That was some hell of a game!

  4. I love how every time the Bulls scored 2 baskets in a row little orphan Collins wet himself and every time the Celtics made a run he said not word one.

  5. I’m in my early 30’s and almost had a heart attack… I hope Danny wasn’t watching…

  6. Great game despite Ben Jordan… yeah thats right JORDAN.

  7. http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/water-cooler/151583-official-2009-nba-playoffs-thread-19.html

    Look at all the Celtic HATERS. Not even fans of the opposing team, just hating the Celtics.

  8. NOW THAT WAS NICE!!!!!!!!!!!! this game got me hyped!!!

    love KG on the bench 2day so intense he was like THIS IS MY HOUSE BIATCH!

  9. Jesus saved us!!!

  10. All the Ray-haters, GTFO.

  11. Collins had a mini-orgasm everytime Gordon his a shot. Ray, Rondo and KG need to kick Paul in the butt to wake him up. PAUL, its the playoffs, we kind of need you right now.

  12. Thank good that was a hell of a game. Celtics need to step it up on defense if we want to win in chicago.

  13. I’m playing… Jesus Walks by Kanye West. I thought it would be fitting!

  14. First, we must acknowledge that Chicago is an excellent team, destined to be great soon… probably by next year (if not already). If it’s not Rose, it’s Gordon. They hit some tough, tough shots today, and it looks like they can keep doing it. Plus their D is superb, no question about it.

    Second, things do not look good for the Cs this year.
    – Without Rondo, they’re hopeless. So if he gets injured, it’ll be total lights out. This game was in hand till he got injured. Luckily he fought it off. Rondo right now is more valuable to this team than anybody else. He is their sine qua non.

    – We definitely will not go far in these playoffs is we get one half with NEITHER Paul nor Ray, and the other half with only one of them (as was the case in both games so far). We are going to need BOTH Paul and Ray to show up to every game, every quarter. It’s the playoffs. If you’re not gonna bring it now, just go home and quit wasting our time. Paul sucked, the whole game. No energy. Nothing. Ray was invisible in the first half. Perk, Baby… no problem.

    – I sure hope that last play was not the one called in the huddle. Because it was ridiculous… when you need a 2 for the lead, you don’t shoot a low percentage 3 under pressure. I can only assume that it was a busted play, and Ray was the 3rd, 4th or 5th option.

    – That’s two games now where Marbury has been useless. He tried a bit harder today, had a little more energy, but still came up with almost nothing. We have no backup PG. The entire fate of this team now rests on Rondo’s shoulders.

    We were lucky to squeeze this one out, against a very good team playing inspired ball. Nevertheless, we may not get out of the first round. We may not get out of the 2nd round, if we get there. Hard to imagine us getting out of the ECF. Really, really hard, the way these 2 games have gone.

    Still… anything’s possible. (Good to see KG in non-zombie mode.)

  15. (Sorry guys… playingitout is me. ‘Puter being weird again.)

  16. Great shooters always bounce back!!!!! Glen Davis the work on your jumper has paid off big time!! Rondo is the man!!

  17. Doc should have quit on Ray after his cold first half with only 2 points.

  18. Great game, and great game chat tonight. Bravo RedsArmy, Bravo…

  19. how come no tony allen? is he hurt?

  20. i agree.. that chat was great

  21. Just got back from the Garden… unbelievable game.

    It’s time that people start recognizing Kendrick Perkins. His effort tonight was absolutely sensational. When we get him the ball in the post, he converts 75% of time. He had several key offensive boards late in the game. But the fight inside #43’s jersey was what most impressed me. He never gets any credit, but that’s the guy I think most represents Celtics basketball.

    KG’s barking match with Lindsay Hunter was also quite entertaining.

    Hats off to Ben Gordon, too.

  22. Someone’s gotta get a screen grab of KG’s lip/chin action after that shot. Ooo wee!

  23. chat was awesome

    that punk bitch noah’s expression in that picture is even more awesome

  24. wow its very hard not to be proud of the guys that started this game

    rondo? wow
    Ray? wow
    BBD? wow
    Perk? wow
    Pierce? eh

    And even though pierce isnt playing great, when he has a bad game he still gets 20, not like when ray allen has a bad game and gets 2….Theres no doubt paul will have a great game in this series..hes too good.

    Anyone think Jim Calhoun was out there somwhere tonight with a grin on his face? what a duel betwen the uconn boys…unbelievable

    with that said, the bulls are playing ridicolous, just completly out of their minds, and like a more mentally tough team then we faced all of last year in the playoffs….I mean who was the last team you saw play this good against 2 games in a row, nevermind in boston.
    gonna be verrry interesting in chitown

  25. What was up with Miller locking up Baby’s legs and rolling, taking him down? TNT showed the replay. At least Baby paid him back by landing on him.

  26. I’m happy this series is exciting and not a blow out; even if the Celtics lose in the next round, or even in this round, at least we get to see some epic performances; no yawning in this series (hopefully Danny’s heart rate wasn’t going as fast as mine at the end of this game, though). Nobody can ever doubt Ray Allen again, its just a matter of him getting good looks throughout the entire game. And Rondo is climbing the ladder of elite point guards faster than a Derron Williams crossover. BBD and Perk were beasts. This is fun.

  27. Thank God Ray Ray showed up today, dont worry pierce will show up before the end of the series. remember last year he had a horrible start to the cavs series, we all know how he finished it though

    Pierce will figure out how they are playing him, they will keep doing it because it has been so effective this far, and he will absolutely tear them up… its happened before it will happen again

    great chat tonight

  28. doc rivers was gushing in postgame he was so proud of rondo

    what a game for him…what heart to come back out and play the way he did on that bum ankle(thats gonna big how that heels in the next few days)

    something else I dont like it the mentality of both teams

    for example:
    In Ben Gordons Postgame, he was asked if he and the bulls were happy to get the split in boston, any other team or player says yes…Gordon says no we wanted to go back to chicago up 2-0.

    When Paul Pierce was asked the same question he said, yes hes happy with where the series is (what!?!?) and is very confident, because they “have been playing their c game”

    Doc rivers even let it slip ;;we’ve won 2 games and havent even played good” only to be corrected by the bulls reporter “uh youve only won 1 game” doc responds with something like “maybe im seeing the future”

    huh? i dont know, it just seems like the celtics are content and the bulls are not

    its fine to make these overconfident statements if you go and back them up, but these types of things could also be used for bulletin board

  29. Well, I think Paul’s right. Cs haven’t brought their A game yet. When they do… when Paul AND Ray show up for, you know, a WHOLE GAME, and when the D is cooking smoothly, it’ll be blowout time.

    Plus really Chicago in both these games has been making some RIDICULOUS shots… first Rose then Gordon. Hard to imagine that will happen game after game… but it could. And we still haven’t heard much from Salmons. (This is a GOOD team.)

    Bottom line: if Cs bring their A game, no problem. Otherwise, could be big problems.

  30. Was at the game again… unbelievable. The crowd was into it as much as it ever has been, we (me and the people I was with) went crazy all game long, game was full of emotion… Ray Allen came through. Rondo was unreal. Baby stepped up. Perk did all the dirty work. Ball movement was much better than it was in Game 1. The Celtics hustled their asses off and got every “50/50 play” down the stretch (especially the offensive boards). We did a much better job on Rose.

    What an energetic night.

    Time to go on the road and take care of business.

  31. the problem is we simply aren’t getting it done on the defensive end

    yes i know Rose went off and played great in the first game, but a lot of his points could have been taken away by rondo staying at home and better rotations defensively

    and tonight it was inexplicable that doc didnt try to at least throw tony at gordon tonight, he has had success shutting him down before

    Rondo baby and perk have all stepped up huge on the offensive end the past two games, i think part of that is taking away from their defensive focus and energy

    hopefully pierce and ray will get back to form and our other guys can move their main focus back to defense and take less of the scoring burden

    and another thing, if scal could get back healthy and playing the way he was that would be huge, esoecially with powe now questionable, i like the fact that scal would force either noah or thomas out to the perimiter to guard him…. take away one of those shot blockers

  32. I don’t think the C’s went after it as they normally do. The bulls were out hustling the C’s for every lose ball. Even when Rondo had a break away Rose tried his best to catch him. A couple times Pierce just gave up. I understand he was tired but wtf, it could be the difference. Big baby was great not sure if we are going to have Rondo for game 3, I think his ankle is going to be f-up. Powe might also mis the game. I hink they need to go small ball with Pierce at the 4.

  33. Good points, Papa Irish.

    Scal would be a huge addition. I actually talked to him before Saturday’s game and he said he should be back Thursday.

  34. i hope so we could really use him

  35. anyone else notice the dramatic improvement in rondo’s jump shot, his three to beat the shot clock was huge in this game

    its gotten to the point where i dont even cringe when he puts up a jumper, and gulp, even expect it to go in….. amazing considering where he was at the beginning of this year

    who would have believed that big baby and rondo would be carrying us through the first round wayyyyy back in december….. well i would have, just that they were carrying us to 50 point blowouts, not…… this

  36. it really has been amazing seeing the growth of rondo, and big baby, too bad it is gonna really hurt us this offseason


  38. Best series of the playoffs so far, by a longshot. Most likely going to seven games.

    Finals seem more out of reach for these guys after a game like this though.

  39. Rondo had his tripple dub by the end of the third quarter.

  40. yea it was talked about in the chat quite a bit

    The most impressive thing about rondo is how far his jumpshot has come since the begining of the year, the 3 he made to beat the shot clock in the 4th was as big as any shot in the game

    at the beginning of the year everyone cringes when he takes that shot, even him, but the confidence that he has gained in his jump shot is increasingl impressive

  41. Rondo,Perk and the Ticket stub! are the future big 3! Man, what a game… ray allen is a beast!

    Go Celtics!

  42. I hope this takes some pressure off the guys and they can go into Chicago relaxed.

  43. im not sure relaxed is how they need to be, i understand what your saying but i think they need to be more on edge and play sort of a reckless abandon that chicago has been playing with,

    to win in chicago is going to be tough they are going to need to play with 10x the energy of a young and hungry bulls team on their home floor.

    id rather them be focesed with a chip on there shoulder going into the game with the attitude of its us against the world

  44. this is not looking good as far as defense

  45. Guys, the defense really wasnt that bad last night, Ben gordon was just ridicolous, if hes going to make every shot he takes with 2 guys draped all over him……..um so be it

  46. Oh, and to put Ben Gordons performance into perspective.

    It was every bit the best scoring performance ive seen against the celtics in a while, better then anything the supposed greatest player in basketball could muster against us.

    amazing. and it actually made me a fan of his…. kid has balls

  47. Is perkins the smartest shotblocker in the league?

    When he blocks a shot, he doesnt knock into the 3rd row and then pound his chest, he taps it softly to a teammate or to himself…sorry but even KG is a dumb shot blocker…when you block a shot into the 5th row, the team gets the ball right back, and more times then not…scores


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