Calling All Lip Readers

Anyone know what the hell KG said after Ray’s game winner? And how about that snarl?

(Courtesy’s Extra Mustard)


48 Responses

  1. You can clearly make out him dropping “Motherfugger” from the balcony all game.

  2. but first he clearly says yea, thats right… you mother….i caught it live, it was so clear the first time i saw it.

  3. Love KG, looks like something along the lines of calling the bulls assholes telling them to fuck off.

    That being said, this is exactlty the reason he doesnt sit on the bench. hes a distraction. if anyone really think hes helping by being on the bench? youre crazy. I like that hes there, but I cant stand how the camera is on him more then it is anyone else in the building and he isnt even playing

  4. Can’t see the clip on your site (computer sucks), but I saw it on youtube. The eloquent and articulate Garnett appears to be shouting…..”That’s my dude you MFer!”


  5. He looked like a dog sniffing out some new ass

  6. By the way…I love docs fist pump

  7. No Baron, it’s not that he’s a distraction with his language. That’s not why he doesn’t normally sit on the bench when he’s injured.

    It’s that certain refs will give the Celtics techs for his vocabulary – like they did to Sam Cassell last year.

    those refs would be:

    Bennett Salvatore
    Joey Crawford
    Bob Delaney
    Eddie Rush
    Violet Palmer

    they just don’t want to risk a close game because the crooked refs are looking for any and all means of penalizing teams for their behavior, rather than for what happens on the court.

  8. Dude, when the camera is on him more then it is any other player who IS playing, and theyre constantly talking about him. thats what I call a distraction, I dont know what you call it.

  9. They DID have the cams on KG a bit much last night but come one guys, its the FIRST time since he was hurt that he was on the bench for the entire game. I think it will die down.

  10. “I told you all muthafukcas…”

  11. What I am worried about going forward is Rondo. So he got a sprain last night. Sprains usually swell up real bad a day or two after the initial injury. I just hope he will be alright for Thursday. Anyone have any updates on him?

  12. A distraction to you – maybe.

    The players on the bench aren’t watching it on TV.

  13. The players do not watch television during the game. How is it possibly a distraction. Don’t you think maybe he would be a distraction if he was NOT on the bench? Every other injured player sits on the bench. Why should KG be any different?

  14. I have it: “That’s what I’m talkin’ about mot#&r fu(}er!!”
    No doubt in my mind.

  15. KG drops more M’fer bombs than anybody in sports

    Celtics ran that last play perfectly. Rondo saw it developed, Noah and Hinrich switched, Rondo with a perfect chest pass to Ray and Noah was 2mm (Finger Tip) away from blocking it but Ray Rained it on Mr. Frenchy. Excellent

  16. Here you go:

    They’re saying Scal will practice with team and maybe play Thursday. Hard to believe, given the 3 concussions (which is supposed to end your season)… but who the hell knows. This is one crazy year.

    Also…Rondo seems like he’ll be ok. But for sure, he’ll still be swollen in 2 days… but that probably won’t stop him.

  17. Don’t do it Scal – We are cursed with injuries and re-injuries this season. Last thing Scal needs is Noah knocking him on the head and then his career will be officially over.

  18. I go back and forth about having KG on the bench.

    At first I thought he should be there because he seems to be able to push some of the younger players to better performances just by being there.

    Then I thought maybe not, because he turned into a zombie, and if it causes him so much pain that he can’t help… then there’s no reason to cause him that pain.

    Then I turned back to thinking he should be there because just flickering a live picture of him on the jumbotron for a split second whips the crowd up even more than it’s already whipped up. (They may have overdone the KG reactions on television– I didn’t watch it on TV, so I wouldn’t know– but they only used live shots of him for a few seconds total in the arena, and the crowd responded nicely. Yeah, I know, the crowd should already be worked up and it was. But if he provides extra energy to the “sixth man,” why not take advantage?)

  19. O shit.
    Just got a glimpse of the next horror to befall us… Scal. Oh boy, oh boy.

    Sometimes you gotta use the better part of valor. Do not tempt the gods. Let him sit this one out, like ALL the guidelines say… and live to play next season.

  20. OMG!!!!! KG CURSES!!!! Let’s wait until KG actually gets T’d up before we label him a distraction and complain about how much of a liability having him on the bench is….after all, people we’re complaining just two days ago because he didn’t return in the 2nd half and acted as a zombie for the first half.

    Perk, and especially Big Baby seem to benefit and feed off KG’s energy. Motivation by proxy??

  21. *were

  22. Baron, the players don’t care whether the cameras on them or not when they are out on the court. They don’t even realize it; only the fans notice that stuff.

  23. Okay, so I realize the players arent watching the game on TV.

    Im saying Kevin Garnett just sitting on the bench takes away from the game and the players who are playing, this is why he doesnt do it normally, because the announcers and camerman cant get enough of talking about him or showing him

    the distraction that effects the players is obviously the non stop questioning about KGs health – will he, wont he play.
    why do you think the celtics came out so flat in game 1? they were emotionally spent from finding out KG wasnt coming back afer all along thinking he was coming back…one way or another its been a distraction guys, cmon

  24. Got a headline for you, if you like:
    “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”

    This team has nothing left to lose. We’re free… to play any way we like, no pressure… just let loose, have fun, whatever happens happens.

    And don’t risk further injury.

  25. So treat KG like the NYGiants did Shockey and tell him to just stay at home, just be prepared for the reports of him being a prima donna… all because… the cameraman focuses on KG’s reaction during key plays???

  26. I am the #1 celtic fan in Indiana besides Bird it pumps me up more when KG is out there so I a would imagine it could only do more for the actual players. I really thing my heart stopped beating for a few seconds late in that game but go celtics and the truth will be told thursday

  27. If the players were emotionally spent in game 1, I’d like to think it was more from Danny Ainge’s heart attack and Doc’s subsequent very obvious stressed out reaction more than from the KG saga.

    The will he/won’t he has been badly handled and has been a distraction in its own right. But what’s that got to do with whether he’s on the bench?

  28. You guys just dont get it


    why? because he doesnt want to be a distraction and turn it into the KG on the bench show instead of a basketball game

    If he isnt a distraction, what the hell is the excuse for not always being out there when injured? ….?

    Is the camera constantly over on the bulls luol deng? no, but hes there….Im just saying I can see why KG doesnt normally sit out on the bench, the camermen are obnoxious, anytime anything happens they show Garnett…I dont care but thats taking away from whats relevant …a basketball game

    and you dont think youd be deflated finding out youre going into to defend your title without your emotional leader and best defender? yeah that wasnt a distraction…please…the will he/ wont he saga and the day before finding out he wont be WAS A DISTRACTION and an emotional punch in the gut

  29. When KG was with the timberwolves, during the 2005-2006 season, he definitely sat on the bench as he sat out the last 5 games of the season.

  30. I look at the KG on/off the bench this way; KG is a vocal and emotional leader of this team especially for the big men. Clifford Ray my be the big men technique coach but KG drives them and leads them. I liken it to those games where the Celtics were blowing teams out and KG is on the bench for the 4th quarter. if you watch BBG and Perk you can tell that they know KG is there and want to prove their worth. I think this is especially important for BBG, KG is like his mentor (he named him self the “ticket STUB”!!) and if Powe is out then all the more reason.

    if by having KG there can feed even a little bit of energy, intensity and motivation to the back court defense then it is worth it.

  31. @Baron-Fuck off and go away troll

    KG is not a distraction…but he does motivate the young bigs and his intensity does find its way to the floor through perk and baby.

  32. Of course will he/ won’t he was a distraction, but they knew “he won’t” was a very real possibility long before it became a reality. If they were, as you say, “emotionally spent,” it can’t be entirely attributable to that. I’m sure it was an emotional hit, but hardly a determinative one.

    But even though will he/ won’t he was a distraction, KG being on the bench isn’t necessarily a distraction in its own right– and certainly not necessarily enough of a distraction to take away the good he can do by being on the bench.

    Whether KG’s reason for not being on the bench is not liking cameras in his face (I would speculate that that’s pretty far down his list of things he doesn’t like about being on the bench), he can still help his teammates by being there. The camera focusing on KG, Loul Deng, or the man in the moon might be a distraction for TV viewers, but it isn’t for the players.

  33. If you rewatch the game, KG and hunter were going back and forth the whole second half

  34. Idaho Jim, you sad sack of shit homer.

    Oh no, noone can express an opinion that the almighty garnett is a distraction. Im not saying its his fault because it isnt, but youre a complete and utter moron if you think otherwise. He has it right, when hes injured its no wonder he does not want to sit on the bench. Props to him for doing it, but the camermen are obnoxious, the journalists are obnoxious. KG is done for the season, if the camera is on him and the announcers talking about him more then neccesary – what the fuck do you call that?

  35. Yeah its I told you so Motha Fu….

  36. how bout the execution of that last play?
    great screen by big baby to get ray a decent look

  37. Poor behavior in the comments today guys…I know we are all heated, but can we clean it up?

  38. I don’t know if they showed it on TV, but KG was talking directly to Lindsey Hunter all night. Hunter was talking back just as much. That’s who KG was yelling at in this clip.

    By the way, I had that story on Scal about four days ago but I guess it has more credibility coming from Oh well.

    We sure need him though.

  39. BTW Wyc publicly stated that he wants Garnett on the bench during the playoffs. And Baron, how many times are you going to say that cameras and journalists focusing on Garnett during the game is a distraction for the players? It’s not like the journalists run into the huddle during timeouts to ask Garnett questions. You are entitled to your opinion, but please don’t just keep repeating it mindlessly.

  40. Lotta love out here today…I can feel it-can you?

  41. BBD=Most Valuable Screener

    WE NEED YOU SCAL! And where’s TA?

  42. hey does anyone know who the guy with the walker is at the end of the charles barkley, dwane wade, magic johnson, julus erving t mobile commercial?

    get off the phone bahkley im taking you to the whole

    is it a legend? or just some random old guy

  43. Fuck anybody that has anything bad to say about KG, you would love for him to be on your team and if he was on your team you would love for him to do what he does!! Fuck all you haters!!

  44. Shady I feel the same way but calm down brother

  45. LOL, I just can understand why people hate the Celtics so much. Is it because we have such a rich tradition? Is it because we have more titles than any other team? I don’t get it. I don’t follow Baseball but do people hate the Yankees? Help me out here haters what do we do that makes you hate us so much…

  46. Thanks Fsanto33

  47. Yup people hate the Celtics, Yankees and Lakers. You are too caught up with media and stuff you read. Media penis licking and hating at the same time. They love winning tradition franchises so they can bring them up and slam them down. They love underdog teams like the Cubs and Warriors where they can do no wrong cause they haven’t won shit. I was like you once but I learned my lesson and don’t watch as much sports center and read internet sports as much. EXCEPT my boys from REDS F”IN ARMY!!! That’s my only daily sports news.

  48. Welcome Shady35 (R. Lewis RIP) Loved that guy

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