New Public Enemy #1

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Man, Joakim Noah is one really hate-able guy.  Part of it is because of his histrionics out on the court.  Part of it is, well, he’s REALLY ugly.  And part of it is his histrionics on the court (those REALLY bother me). I mean, what’s he doing here… is he really going after Kendrick Perkins?

It makes it easier to hate him when he plays well for Chicago… and he’s playing well.  He’s blocking shots and rebounding… making him very annoying for a Celtics fan.  There’s nothing more infuriating than playing good defense and then having someone like Noah come in and get the tip back.

The big talk for Chicago has been Derrick Rose’s game 1 and Ben Gordon’s game 2.  But it’s really been guys like Noah, and Tyrus Thomas, that have been killers for the C’s.  Every time the C’s started to make a little run, one of those guys would step up and do something that kept the Celtics from shaking the Bulls (Thomas and Noah combined for 10 blocks).

So some of this might be bitterness.  And maybe I’d like him if he played for me.  But right now, I hate Joakim Noah.


11 Responses

  1. Ya know, I was never a fan of Joakim Noah, but Im not gonna dislike him more just because hes playing solid basketball against the team I root for. thats his job. I wouldnt mind him playing like that off our bench right now.

    More important news: Leon Powe to have surgery, out for playoffs.

    man, poor leon…cant stay healthy and now is having his 4-5 serious knee problem and not his first surgey on them…this will effect his offseason, and unless someone blows BBD away, i think its pretty clear who we should keep

  2. I don’t have a problem with Noah – Every team needs an irritator like him for energy and play mind games. I wish Mikki Moore would be a little like him. Noah can’t be more annoying than Verajunk on the Cavs. I couldn’t believe he stepped up to the beast. Noah is like the little terrier barking behind the fence. Don’t get me wrong I am not starting a fan club for him and yes he is ugly.

  3. Goddamit!!!!!! Powe out for season!!! This is bad news for the Celtics and for Powe’s career. This might hurt Powe’s chances to land a big contract.

  4. Yup, to me complaing about Noah is just like every other fan complaing about Perkins.

  5. nah, he is ok (Noah)

  6. he shows alot of emotion thats all but he can get angry…Bulls fans can say the same thing about Garnett who was dropping the mf*cka word everytime he was shown lol

  7. Been a Noah hater since ’06. Unlike wine, it gets more bitter with each year

  8. he is really hard to like I think i may have thrown as many or more mf bombs in his direction last night than an average kg night lol

  9. It think most of you are just jealous cuz he has a lot of hair :P

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