Powe Done For Season

Marc J. Spears reports

According to an NBA source, Celtics forward Leon Powe is expected to have surgery on his injured left knee and will miss the remainder of the playoffs.

Powe had an MRI after injuring the knee in the second quarter of the Celtics’ 118-115 victory over the Bulls in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series Monday night. The injury was originally diagnosed as a sprain. It is uncertain whether further damage was found in the knee.

Awww…. dammit.

UPDATE from the Celtics:

Leon has acl tear and is out for playoffs


20 Responses

  1. Get it fixed and get well Leon!!!

    Small ball time!! Hire Don Nelson now for small ball offense with no defense being played.

  2. damn.

  3. Jesus christ…the hits keep coming.

    Leon is a restricted free-agent right? these injuries will cost him some money.

  4. Well, that’s it then. All she wrote.
    With no reasonable backup big or PG… you can’t fight the universe, which seems to have it in for us this year.


    this hurts bad…… real bad

    in terms of next year though if he is able to get healthy this might be a blessing in disguise, we could get one or two more years of leon for dirt cheap because of injury concerns, still resign big baby, and mabe have some money to spend when all the money is off the books

    but right now… it sucks, huge blow

  6. Yup Chuck, this will cost Powe big time.

  7. This is bad for leon, and leon will be lucky to get even a decent contract offer after all these knee injuries.

    but this isnt going to effect this playoff run any, powe wasnt going to be the difference in a championship or not without KG, or even with KG for that matter.

    We might get Powe for real cheap now actually, but I think its a no brainer we need to keep Big Baby

  8. David Stern snuck up on Leon while Leon was asleep and tore his ACL to guarantee a Kobe-LeBron finals! It’s fixed!

    Or not.

    Get well, Leon. Enjoy the big money, Baby.

  9. How does this not affect our playoff chances? We are down so many bigs it is killing us

  10. This blows man. I root for Leon more than any player in any sport.

  11. I’m not gonna say that’s all she wrote… but this sure as hell doesn’t help.

    Basically, we need big minutes out of Perk. He’s got to figure out how to stay out of foul trouble….

    …. hoo boy.

  12. Poor guy! Think about all he’s been through, and now this right before his contracts up. I feel for the big guy.

  13. Well Dave, Powe hasnt been giving us a whole lot this season, I know hes a fan favorite, but he played good for 1 month this season, other then he was bad and or injured.

    Obviously id rather him not be hurt and contribute, but what Im saying is our chances were slim to none as it is, I dont think this changes that, its still slim to none.

    If we dont sign Baby that would be a dumb move, hes becoming a solid NBA player, and is only going to get better after this run one way or another.

  14. Curse of Marbury lives on. :(

  15. Well, with Leon our chances were less slim… there was a chance… a good chance… that he would step up. Now we are truly decimated. We have one, just ONE backup big for both the 4 and 5 spots. That would be Mikki Moore. I like the guy, but he ain’t no franchise player in this universe.

    What do you do? You can’t play Perk and Baby 48 minutes in every game. You have to use Walker, there’s literally no other choice. (That’ll be fun, anyway.)

    On point, you can’t let Rajon play 48 every game either. But Marbury has been very weak. Who do you use? Gabe? S’ok with me, but you’re not gonna win a lot of games that way.

    Even if Paul and Ray step up in every game from now on… which is far from certain… we just don’t have enough bodies left.

    And I have this sinking feeling… that more horrors await us. The next guy to feel the wrath of the gods will be……..

  16. I feel bad for Leon, as he’s one of the only Celts I can stomach (as a Pistons fan), so I do feel bad for him.

    But your coffin was sealed long before Powe went down… without KG, you might beat the Bulls, but you would struggle beyond that anyway.

    This just means Cleveland has a cakewalk to the Finals, really.

  17. I know DRJ I feel the same way too but didn’t want to write it into words.

    Ainge better not let Big Baby slip away into the free agent market. Danny must give Big baby an extension and Powe’s knee problems will hurt him big time during negotiations we can probably sign him with a big discount. I feel for Powe.

  18. Okay, so yes this injury effects whether or not we get out of the first round – it doesn effect whether or not we win a championship …and no DRJ, I dont think leon wouldve been capable of stepping up and filling the void of Kevin Garnett…this is a guy who cant win more minutes over glen davis.

    the only way we win the championship is if theres a miracle with KGs knee, and he comes back 100% and mysteriously in game shape.. otherwise leon powe healthy or not has no bearing on # 18

    Scalabrine should be available to come back thursday…maybe you start him to spread the floor even more, and bring Davis off the bench, im not sure.

  19. Yeah, this sucks more for Leon than it does for the fans.

    He had a chance to cash-in in a big way this off-season. Reminds me of when TA went down.

    Really sucks for a guy like Leon who could use every single dollar he gets…. given the fact that he’s got about 7 younger siblings that he has to look after.

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